Dark Lyrics


1. Rursumque Alucarda


2. Behold, The Daughter

child born, blessed by the goat
her reign will be unrelenting
ascent to a throne of darkness
centuries of sin

a mother warns of the evil unveiled
false prayers uttered to the heavens
his grasp closes in around her
answered from below

behold, the daughter
invoke, the father

disguised in a holy cloth
they pushed her away
can’t know yet what is her path
now awakening

rest easy now child this is your home
life must go on and forget the old
hiding behind purity, it is her veil
but truth in her eyes tells a different tale

dark thoughts of ruin
disguised with a smile
no one will believe
what is within this child

bound to the father
with blood and bone
queen of the abyss
awaiting her throne

now the year of 15 has arrived
the end begins
darkness falls, unto this house of light
the end begins!

watch her rise from below
noble heiress, welcome to her kingdom

3. I Am Haunted

I hear their call
out from the past
I recognize
its tortured cry

you know we’ve been
been here before
we can always be
instead of dust

don’t be afraid
death’s not the end
I live in you
would you die for me?

my body is a graveyard
and I am haunted

innocence is a blessing
easily tarnished
impossible to maintain
slips right through your fingers

I was once wounded here
and very near dying
if it pleases you my dear
we can go together

my body is a graveyard
and I am haunted

by the black of the night
and the bend of the trees
their boughs will crack
when we sleep beneath

if you are afraid
to bleed for our love
let us swear by the grave
the shelter of our souls

avoid the moans, give me your time
what we swear is not of light
for we will die, in the marsh
beyond the grove

it feels so cold and awful here
but I know I am back
the meadows we leave behind
we will die together

4. Gypsy Curse

enter the covenant
lips adorned with blood
blend into each other
then blend into he

giver of all fruitfulness
leaf, flower, and fruit
behold, thy new servant
we call unto you

we beseech the arianrhod
we beseech the silunus
we beseech the arianrhod
we beseech the silunus

contorted dance of flesh
indulgence of excess
they lie within a trance
sacrificing innocence

visions of the dark taking over
they can’t be saved, Samaritan
futile, are the prayers of the sister
the left hand path has chosen them

with this bond we shall always be
our evil lives on eternally
if one is torn away, avenge
we shall show no mercy, repent

bow down before your Gods
the new angels of light

5. Deny The Savior

this is what the devil does
fulfills desires
now feel the warm embrace
from the kingdom of fire

the sacred adversary
no longer denied
a promise that we have sworn to you
to bring down the sky

we made a pact
sealed it with our blood
father, we made a pact
now the deed is done

you call yourself blessed
and deny the presence of the dark
you worship death
I worship life

I call the lord of earth
to curse this holy place
come forth from the abyss
strike down this sacred space

6. Mark Of Jubilee

somewhere upon her skin is the mark
the mark of Jubilee
my love Justine now hangs crucified
you will all die soon

her last breath lingers in the air
the ambience of sorrow entombs, closing
stillness glares out from her eyes
reflection of our future gleams
from the pool of her cold blood

the primal sense of losing all
echoing through the caverns of my marrow
monument of despair
this emptiness will soon be filled
with the wrath of my vengeance

I swear here and now by the one called Belphegor
her spilled blood will not go unanswered or ignored
this night will be your last, for our pact must be seen through
my curse, strengthened by the deaths of all of you

heed my call
to Aamon
heed my call
to Astaroth

penance for holy sinners
your deaths shall be merciless

and by the glory of the morning Star
pray for Justine

7. Rursumque Adracula


8. Raped By The Serpent

once of beauty, now she sleeps
in a coffin of blood
rises now to bleed the world
raped by the serpent
now the Babylon whore
Dracula of the convent
a tormented disgrace
blackened by the flames

rip the throats of the pure at heart
turned into the phantom’s shadow
scratching eyes, happiness derailed
this love brings death

curse these words
I speak unto you
one by one
they fall to a scream

oh hear how they burn
tears of vile and black
no one is spared
their lives are cast away

together they ripped out their eyes
for the times that they looked away
tore out the tongues from their mouths
for each time that they spoke her name

they snatched the hearts from their chests
for trying to destroy love
removed the hands from their arms
for the times that they prayed to god

nevermore to feel the pain
their hearts connect like fire

Jason Lamb — Bass
Jeremy Brenton — Drums
Phillip Burns — Guitars
Brent Lynch — Guitars
Shanda Fredrick — Vocals

Thanks to 666mirrormirror for sending these lyrics.

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