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1. The Flame That Guides Us Home

Sing now seraph, find the calm within your soul
Bring us closer to the flame that guides us home

2. Not I

So now you're suffering the fallacy of what you said
When you uncover the depression from where you've tread
Breathe over the glass you wrote on
Swallow all that you waste your throat on
You wear the mark and wave the banner they made with sin
Revealing every single lie that you've been breeding within
Wash over the skin you've broken
Think over the tone you spoke in

So lost in your affliction / addiction
The solemn comfort of your grave
If you close your eyes the light can't take it away

Not I - I won't conform to what I see in you
Not I - I won't surrender what I am
Not I - And even if it was a part of me
Not I - I'll never be that way again

The blind will follow on the path that you created in vain
No guiding light, but just the shadow of the dead will remain
Dig open the pain you're hiding
Give your hand to the faith you're fighting
The void you suffer is a curse forever bleeding inside
Now you embrace the fatal sickness you should despise
Remember the day you lost that
Where is the shame that will bring your soul back



Reach back behind your pride
And pull the thorn from the burning pain in your side

Sing me a new song
A broken song of redemption and regret
Sing me a new song
And beg for all the mercy you can get


3. Undying

[This song is an anthem for eternal life.
I wrote this song because I love the idea that with everlasting life, we are in essence, untouchable and invincible.
I wanted to convey that concept in a way that made people feel strong and proud.
I remember back in the day when bands like Living Sacrifice and Embodyment made me feel totally proud to be a Christian.
That's the feeling I wanted to give listeners with Undying]

Ever since the day that I was made I've been deciding the end
And I was made of wood and stone and won't diminish or bend
So when the heavy hand of death is here to take me away
I'll be the solid grip of time, forever holding my stay
Nobody ever made a force that took a beating like me
I call the earth and every scum to come and try to fight me
Cause when I made the choice to live beyond the dirt that we tread
I felt the curse of mortal limit fall before it was said

When this season ends

One final heart-break
And blinding lights will guide our way
Free us our blind state
They will call us by our name

Tearing through these days I find
The tolerance to strive and push on
I know what lies beyond this life for me is already won
No one can take away the blood that covers over my fall
Without the blood of perfect life
I know I'm nothing at all
So now I reign forever hallowed in eternity's hand
No man can shake me from the everlasting ground that I stand



We are the ones who will still remain when all is laid to waste
We are the ones who, when angels cry, will see them face to face
We are the ones


4. Relentless Intolerance

These eyes, they will gaze and reflect
And gauge every thought I reject
No sway of stance in changing times
Just a narrow mind commanding respect
We stand on the words of the wise
And languish every call to despise
We know the hollow wound of their lies

No reformed edition
Never losing vision
Now into forever
Only getting better
Ways of now, spiral down
How much more we allow

Keeping sight of the vow we made (Never Changing)
Holding fast to the hope (Never losing ground)
So when we stand in the line of wrath (Never changing)
The true and righteous will know (Never losing ground)

The foundation that we used to uphold
Now regarded as the madness of old
Every alteration made to the standard of truth
Is a nail in the coffin we hold
We embody everything they despise
Because they see us through degenerated eyes
So when they cast you down as intolerant filth
Stand firm, never bow to the lies



See the scorn inside my eyes


5. Deteriorate

Time has had it's way with me.
My broken tired hands cant build a thing.
The wires that have held me still embedded now in flesh to find my will.
The idle of my days is won, the empty I have fed has made me numb,
Despite what you will find in me.

The failures of my past just swirl beneath.

I need a heart that carries on through the pain
When the walls start collapsing again.
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow,
Despite the infection within

Our careless feet leaving trails
Neverminding the fragile dirt we all end in.
Our careless feet leaving trails
Neverminding the fragile dirt we all end in.

This is where I find my fall the cares that held me alive don't work at all.
And every step away from here is closer to the plague I hold so dear.

I need a heart that carries on through the pain,
When the walls start collapsing again.
Give me a soul that never ceases to follow despite the infection within

Awaiting my end breathing in the day that finds me new.
Redemption begins bleeding out the flaws in place of you.
Awaiting my end breathing in the day that finds me new.
Redemption begins Redemption Begins.


6. The Soldier's Song

[For all of our fans fighting in the war overseas, we wrote The Soldier's Song.
This is a song we wrote to give back to them, for their courage and strength in such difficult and unknown circumstances.
We feel that a lot of people, somewhat specifically, bands and a large part of the music industry, has the tendency to make these men and women feel unimportant.
This is not the case in our eyes and we want these soldiers to know that DH supports you with our thoughts, prayers and this song]

Through the clouds of fallen ash,
A lonely mother's cry
Among the fields of broken glass
The loyal few will arise
Faith now regained
Finding strength within the void,
A raging fire ignites
A spark of ever-burning power
And conviction to fight
Pride be your name
They will spit upon the honor that
You guard with your life
And run to hide in selfish fear
When threat of death is in sight
Lay down your shame

Armed with resistance and blind to the cost
The say your purpose is mindless and lost
But we don't adhere to the slander they spill
We mourn with your losses and stand by your will

These tears we spill
They haunt us still
The cries of the weak lie quiet in sleep
Beneath our feet

We are the sons of holy wrath,
A shining light in the dark
The ones who walk amongst despair,
No sign of fear in our hearts
Stand in death's way
Shut out the voice of mindlessness,
Open your eyes to the truth
Believe the words that stand the test
And not the slurs of the youth
You're not what they say



Turn over the tables and watch them run
You'll be the weapon they can't outgun


7. Fire To My Soul

[I wrote this song from an outsiders perspective.
I tried to create a scenario of someone who has shut his life off the possibility of spiritual interaction despite hearing and feeling that it's there.
This person realizes that living life on their own terms, with no spiritual direction, is only making them suffer]

We flow with bitter words that file sharp our teeth
And we bite off our own tongues
We trample any trace of your divinity's hope
And we sacrifice our young
With our eyes sewn shut now the light can't shine
Oh, we'll never wake from dead
And when you beg for us to open up and let you in
Then we'll cut you up instead

You promised you'd give us your word
We never believed it was true
And we pretend that we never heard
Cause we still don't believe in you

I heard you calling, setting fire to my soul
Is this the voice we die for?
We die for life

We built a wall to keep you out
Ignoring every word
And we saw your face behind our thoughts
Apathetic to what we'd heard



Why does it falter? We built it all ourselves
Why does it hurt so bad, forsaking all this help?
Why are we choking on pills designed to heal?
We threw our hearts away cause we're too afraid to feel


8. One Thousand Apologies

There you stood in disbelief,
Trying all you could to see through these lies
And every word that I could breathe,
Would you find more inclined to leave,
But I tried, I tried

And knowing what I've done to you,
With every thought you suffer through
My heart as black as evil can
And everything I could have been,
Erased by what I wanted then
I couldn't think a lesser man

All the delicate ways
That I deepened our graves
My apology pales

Oh, the pain in your eyes
My regrets have never known such sorrow
Oh, the shame that you hide
Resolutions are the same tomorrow

So now I reap what I have sewn,
And any rapture I had shown has bled dry
And I walked the streets alone,
Accepting pain I'd never known,
As you died, you died

Then I hurt myself to see it too,
To feel the knife I put in you
My heart as broken as my ways
I never should've let it pass,
This fall was never meant to last
The reason gone and damage stays



Count the cost of your vile means
Solace comes to less



Oh, the pain in your eyes (the delicate ways)
My regrets have never known such sorrow (I deepened our graves)
Oh, the shame that you hide (the delicate ways)
Resolutions are the same tomorrow (I deepened our graves)

Deepened our graves

9. The Science Of Lies

[Anyone up for Scientology?
Hope not. If you don't know much about it, do some research -- it'll entertain you how comical the thing is.
It's basically a science-fiction novel turned cult.
This song is about the insanity of Scientology and more so, what Scientology isn't -- which is the TRUTH.
Oh, and there are accounts of people who have spoken out negatively about Scientology being killed.
So consider me a marked man]

Bow down - before the god of cash
The philosophy of modern man is leaking fast
No foundation for the frame by which you set your mind
Just a legacy of fiction for the feeble to find
Desperation breeding faith unto a pitiful lie
"Give us your money and we'll open up our gullible eyes"
No redemption, not a reason, but a symbol of why
This digression of surrender is the science of lies

Believe the sacred blasphemy
They feed
That hollow voice inside of your head
Receive the fleeting fallacy
They breathe
Trace every step from where you were led
Look back and tell yourself what they said
(Now flee)

And now you feel it pulling down
How can you buy into a faith that hasn't permanent ground?
Give me blood-soaked, sacrificial worth
Not the artificial product of a fraudulent birth
Give me selfless, consecrated reprise
Not a worthless contribution to the science of lies


Feel it pulling down


10. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

[Written by Theodore B. Parsons and Thomas Michael Victor (C) SONY/ATV Tunes LLC (ASCAP)]

[As a lot of you may know, this is a song that was originally recorded by a band called Prong in 1993.
It was released on an album titled Cleansing and it's always been a favorite of ours.
Back then is when we really heavily got into metal, and this was one band that really influenced us, on a musical level.
We covered this song to pay a sort of tribute to the band, an in essence, dust off an old classic for a new generation of metal-heads]

Nothing breeds more contempt for this world
Than memories now formed
Every moment a new seed
Is grown to no reason, the trouble unfolds
For the trials of today
I'm no jury, really don't care how you feel
The pleasant notion of miraculous change
Drifts into multiple jeers

You want the good life
You break your back
You snap your fingers, you snap your neck

Seconds drip through my hands
Washed of moments unborn
All the spaces between bleed
A tribute to a sacrament never exposed
A message to the forces,
I've no pity, don't know how thankful to feel
Expectations of my daily bread
Gives me the hunger to steal


11. Ribcage

[This song is about getting wrapped up in addiction.
Be it alcohol, drugs, pornography or anything else, these things will eat you alive if you don't put yourself in check.
Ribcage is about the destructive nature of addiction and the fact that it not only hurts the addicted, but those around them as well.
The bottom line is in the lyrics -- if you carry on with these addictions, you may as well "break through the ribcage, and tear the heart out from everyone you love"]

All hail the newborn sin
Reject the boundaries and soak the cancer in
Hope kills the filth you crave
So bleed the truth out and fall into that grave
Uphold the brand new skin
Accept the failure, refuse to rise above
Break through the ribcage
And tear the heart out from everyone that you love

Over and over again
We'll bury the shame underneath the lies we breathe
Over and over again
We'll carry the blame for the hell that we can't leave

Show me - The path that leads into your mind
Release - The thoughts you lock so deep inside
Show me - I'm the one who knew this pain
Release - Before you fall into this again

Behold the loyal slave
His rotting shell now a tomb where death can play
See now his pride caves in
Alone he fights to stop this dark decay
Feed, feed the lust you need
And fainter grows each plea from skies above
Break through the ribcage
And tear the heart out from everyone that you love



Building a life out of all that you hate
We see through the front that you tried to create
The world you had hoped for was only a fake
And just like the maggots that made you this way
I know

12. The Tide Began To Rise

I don't belong here
I never saw this on the path I walk
The blood-stained walls, the lines of chalk on the floor
It's getting so hard
I never saw the backlash when the tide began to rise
I can't remember
The way it was when everything felt right
My mouth held shut and eyes sealed tight with control

So I remember on the inside...

I found a dark, infernal place I don't want to face anymore
Somehow, I won't stop feeding the pain
My heart's just the same as before
I found a dark, infernal place that I don't want to face anymore...

So now I'm stuck here
Between the guilty and the insincere
The words I spoke have left here all alone
I should have known this
Never saw the backlash when the tide began to rise.
I wish it all gone......
I could've burned it when I had that choice
And now I'd die to kill this noise in my head



So I remember on the inside, the inside...

If this is all the love my spirit can give
Just take it back tonight
There is not a reason more to live...

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