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1. The Dreams Without End

All that cannot be named the sweeping pest of dreams feverish yet so real
Sill never to flesh again
I know you know it that familiar dread I know you fear it
It comes to you in dreams and make you shiver
That sick which has no point which only dwells inside to wreak its twisted havoc
Upon your trembling soul
These dreams without end that last forevermore
These dreams without end starts this night
The depths of utter hell, inside your very being
Aeons countless converging into your soul

2. Flesh Festival

What's dead should dead still be not breeding the soil
Commanding spineless beings to do its abhorrent bidding

At the flesh festival, where death and vermin breed

Soulless creatures at the beck and call of filth
Atrocious are the caverns where souls and maggots merge
A swarming pool of wet the breeding ground of death
Not still as the dust but crawling with sickened lust

Creations subterranean awaiting the end of man
Rising from the filth to enthrone their sickened reign

3. City Of Ib

For aeons countless in the city of Ib what dwelt and bred, in the city of Ib
Since aeons countless in the city of Ib what was slain and bled, in the city of Ib

A breed descending, as old as moon and air
Channelled by a vortex radiant as any star
On shores unwalked unparallelled through aeons perfecting its unknown ways
Indifference will conjure death upon the shores of Ib

Carnal beings semimasters inhabitants of knowledge vast
In their stone and towers the unknown still grows below
Beneath the monolith giving head to the waning moon
This breed of beings sprung from a world afar

And then came death
Atrocious destruction
The filth of human hate
And carnage stain

4. Monolithany

The shedding never came from larva to nothing more
Embryonic pains remain to struggle all too soon

The eulogy of nothing more than waste

Caught inside the wheel and the wheel never stops
Monotonous reprisal of all that never was but pain
Such squandered hours all gone just like the years
Such misery building up to feed the insanity

5. The Primitive Machinery

Indifferent to the process it still creates indifferent to the outcome it sill
Operates this wheel of doom and perpetual sickness turn

I deem you demiurg lord of abominations

And through forever it spews its sick the primitive machinery
Perpetual breeding ground of disease the primitive machinery

6. Orbiting A Dead Sun

A new discovery upon the darkened waste above
Something fare beyond something dead and cold awakened
I am so afraid this I knew before anyone else

Such dead abhorrence raging through the ether
Something far beyond will soon descend upon us
The last planet at the end of existence

7. Scorn Empire

What's built will soon be gone destroyed by the scorndogs
The creations withered like sand they scatter for the wind
No thing will ever last downfall arise
So feeble in your quest all is vain forever

Scorn empire live these last days in pain

They will not last your creations will all die
They cannot ever be more than a dream of forever
Such scorned labour the one of creation

8. Monolithany Pt. II

It's just the same again the same boring refrain
Awaken not, dream of a hell all new
There's no end to reprisal
Remain in hell
It's not the shedding hour it never comes
This is only life on infernal repeat
Vultures have more past than we will ever have
They rip and tear the dead we just throw them away

9. The Doom That Came To...

A thousand years has passed such wealth and golden reign
A time of growth and no pain a thousand years has gone
Such wealth and golden lies that time of growth amount to nothing but doom

In towers once so stern upholding wisdom
Where knowledge was enthroned they laugh as jesters

A thousand years did pass and then came doom
To sweep away the filth festering the soil
Weeded from the ground torn away to give place for life
Slaughtered no lays man cast to death for conjuring only spew

10. Sarnath (City Of Ib Pt. II)

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