Dark Lyrics


1. Never Enough Road

Pure is the stone on the path of this ocean
Treasures are abandoned & the warzones are in welcome
Python eagle man wasted ghost
Torche is in hand the thunder grows

Digesting tip of the sword taking in spit of poison
Gods pigs upon field avalanche of man
Horns fangs are in sight lungs to ear
Never to be tame

Gauntlet on gauntlet the skin whips amok
Bone how it slithers like blade liquid wind
Crimson faces baptismal light
Flawless the damage the flags fly high
Throne & altar hammer of gods

2. Expression Of Immunity To God

Violence addled dislocated drunk
Walking on constricted vital signs
Preying on the health of mortal skull
Lurking vision pale hands wrapped in pain


Crawling through the ground with endless skill
Hunting earth to numb untranquil brains
Broken lungs & rancid oral steam
Through the bone the medication lays

Burn rot want waste

Pale hostage to death
Endless history
Nobody will ever die
Expression of immunity to god

3. Knuckle Eye

Whiskey in eyes never the one with the grace vacant veins
Taking a turn for the worst it just feels right

I'll drink the fear on hand
I'll ride the wolf through hell
My shot in the dark

Without home
Without god

Damage skin No more sleep no rest Burry effects from the cause
I'm always sick & so now it just feels right

Clothed under the road Conscience low Risk aside

4. Leprosaic Belief

Gather all of your thoughts of god
Give yourself a reason for a shot
At riding the nerves of the washed
Life (or) faith decide
Another violence -- slave to comfort
Dragging through your head until exhaust
Condition that is easily lost
Grinding Pointless Endless
Punish Sufferless
Fuck a martyr Take the time
To know your Enemy
The threat is synthetic
Worldwide chemical imbalance
When someone else's god makes you a target

5. Language Of Oblivion

Ride into the bathic sporadic mountain maze
Rise & fall -- vast the fear of legend -- point of no return

Language of Oblivion

Beast of undiscovered Man is minority bottom dwellers
Deep obscure threshold steel bending instincts mystery

6. Tusk And Claw

Taking in thousands of lore -- Raising the anchor embracing the famine
Cross the path unarmored -- Racing into the divide

Symptoms of fate Calling the name

Stone grows inside with the suffering Sight through chest & anointing the fist
-- crawl into the new seer --
Torche of our madness carries on

Chaos is the catalyst medicating time of need
Misery is paying off listen for voice from the grave
Drinking kings blood barking in lively depression
Swelling havoc reflects expression through age

Tentacles of sufferage

Darkness in the corner of my eye & a filthy sheet of flesh
Laying on the coals yet swimming through smoke & the flames
Riding the vine through the gauntlet of danger soaked time
Abandoning the instincts expression of tusk & the claw

Adaptation a rancid faith Halo burns with bible breath
Crunching all that is skull -- slave to the tusk

7. Appreciation For Misery

Bile washing oral drainage skin
These thieves are on the battleground again
Naked is addiction through the nose
Pressures that are lurking w/ the floods
A need to suffer grow the character
Another product of the warning
Embrace intentions of the terror
Condition disorder unstable
Choking down the arteries of breath
Ashes of revenge are on the path
Cavities in cells and nurse the lice
Drowning in insomniatic waves

8. Engineer

Living and dying for no one
Playing god & steering all the bullets
Disregarding vapid is your credit
Never can a leader be believed
Jesus Christ will never be concerned
Bloodless depthless hopeless alive

There is no value - I have no trust
I represent nothing - fuck yourself
There is no common bond
No damage that cannot be done
I have nothing left to feel
Jack off thy public
Dead man no regret
One life all revenge
One man all revenge

Another civil war is on our backs
We'll carry out the stresses through our necks
Unknown visuals -- story has no end
Dragging out the lines in the sand
Pointless the supremacy at best
No confession - causing us to die

9. Celebration Of Damage

Gods are smashed -- motherfucked -- skyline carcass melts to dust
Dancing fire demon thieves pulverizing ecstasy -- hail and kill
Devils kiss Christ piss Behold orcus / perfecting pain
Spine collapse Planet flood Celebration of damage
Shapeshift face Black mid-day -- the 5th season has arrived

10. Acid Lung

Working man Spirit sick as fuck
Marching on Ageless nameless
Reign as acid lung
Going nowhere Disgusting wealth unloading
We are the horsemen of no-collar jobs

Blackened eyes & broken teeth
Socialization is masturbation
One man remains to stand
Acid lung fuck them all

11. Stress Fetish

Nothing left to fight Nothing left to kill One thing left to fuck
Bitter till I die there's a slaughter that's leaning on time
The spiders in my throat A hole is in my sky
I'm dying to fuck off -- You're pissing in my skull
The last thing that I want is the first thing I need
Septic presence all around me And now you're all a fuckin' target
Vomiting the damaged past Revenge use once and destroy
A fuckin' disease Voice of unreason lives in me
Crushing the pillars of their lungs Life won't wait
Burning the flesh Smashing the face Fucking it all

12. Blackish Silver


Metal Blade 2007

Thanks to bbc7 for sending these lyrics.

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