Dark Lyrics


1. Repentagram

Trample onto the voyage - travel as forest fire.
Through the wreckage down the spine - facing your utmost obscene.
Inner earthquake running amok as the seasons drip through the skin.
Cold you are - one foot in the coals - the sight demands your sight.
First impressions's paralyzing the sight of one's own soul.
Poisoning depressing mouth with epidemic smile.
The past is present - death ballad setting abortion like tones.
Scabs of your impurities presented for your review.
A nightmare colored vulture falls - It Falls!! - it wraps you in its sleep.
Prosthetic words are spit listen - Listen!! - you are your own worst enemy.
Castrate callous ideas - mercy like no other is the medicine - medicate!!
Your very own civil war right before your eyes - possessed by your own revenge.
Wearing the badge of the asshole.
Misery is unrestrained - nausea exploding - carrion peeling back - Brain is turning inside out.
Pissing Blood - wreaking shit.
So on with the disaster.

2. Withdrawal Divine

Assassins unscavenge.
Aesthetic trauma.
Bringer of the rising tide of low-carb soiled suicide.
Naturally unnatural the satisfaction on its knees.
The arsenal of chemicals is riding shotgun underneath.
The setting sun of ashy skin achieving catastrophic dreams.
Deploy the decline.
Feeding vice through abscess.
Death beyond dishonor.
Laying cells to rest.
Find out what it meant to love to death.
Purgatoric beauty.
Putrefactious allies.
Wrinkles rise infesting bliss from toxic means ingest the curse.
A caustic vice that licks the lips it fills the void a parasite.
The cauterized the dialogue it crippled lungs eclipsed a life.
The verdict is a blistered soul that never sleeps and breathes regret.
Eternal withdrawal.

3. Vagrant Idol

Blessed with a broken home and affliction - a bulls eye for prostration.
The upper hand is outta reach and he's starving - this trip may never end.
Live like a human vulture born without his wings - your trash his golden treasure.
Goddamn he's fucking low but in my mind - he's got the upper hand.
Vagrant all-star on a rampage.
Dig deep in the trash can goldmines - comfort found in an asphalt pillow.
Vagrant all-star on a rampage - trooper fully loaded from the gutter .
Life like a human vulture born without his wings - your trash his golden treasure.
Goddamn he's fuckin' low but in my mind - he's got the upper hand.
Vagrant all-star on a rampage.
Born in a burden no time for god one concern to stay alive.
Daily war to find the fix to find the camp to find the will to live in hell and suffer over everyday's necessities.
Armed with purest rational and kevlar skin and shattered ego.

4. Beyond Obscene

Rot like the casket in your chest.
The sludge flood rapes your face.
Blood suck it swims through the open wound.
Parasite of God.
Time is your poison and your prison.
(it's a) caustic thorn in side.
Clots disgust flies through your teeth.
Nature's own surgery.
Discord embraces the beating engine.
Explosive breakdown.
Spinal derail - a fucking hostage to the nerves - have you been cheated by God? Riot - running rancid through the brain - sentenced to 3 years of age.
Decaying warzone - a landfill full of vile reproduction.
The body will reject it's own weapons - we're obscene - the walking crass.

5. Perfection And The Infection

Storming the bodily warzone - the masterpiece is toxic.
Scarlet lined veins constricting - blood piss of fire.
Caustic fixations orchestration of decay.
Feeding disposing erosion of the engine.
Vile discharge.
Curse of perfection and (the) infection.
Dusk drunk habits fuse to early closure.
Breathing carcass scars us marks us.
Perfecting misleading infecting.
Strapping and dominating the machine is Godly divine.
Whores and racists depression and wars rapists and suicide.
Volcanic and pressure inside mankind to purify.
We took perfection and grew infection - we're so divine.
Contagious obsessions.

6. Heathen Up (Out For Blood)

Sink that fucker down - unplug it - inherit a brand new weapon.
Whiskey casket exploding - Fuck it there is no warning.
Goddamn - drag disfear disrupt.
Wreck shit - unrestrain blow up.
Run with the wolves.
Out for blood.
Pull back cold cock two fisted - unwiding on the target.
Spit threat into their faces - fuck them we are the aces.
Goddamn - midnight heathen martyrs.
Fuck yeah - hellraising till death.

7. Cheat the Leader

White knuckles wrap the trigger.
Your eyes like wide open caskets.
One mission engage revenge.
Emaciate regardless.
Casting ruination.
Tear it down and reinvent.
Acting on inbreed ideas.
Turn your back on the fuckin' world.
Traitor!! Metastasizing third world.
Infections cleansing of the earth.
You use a man once then destroy.
Cashed in.
Fucked up.
Cheat the leader.
What the fuck have you done? My title makes me a traitor.
My pleasure to cheat the leader.
My whole hearted fuck you.

8. Matador

Passion - the longing of a burning man - domination cannot be contained.
Bleeding from the horns of the bull - callous as his history - anchorless.
Severed from surrender - revolting martyr - the contender to the tentacles of filth.
Oblivious to mercy - chasing down behemoth.
Matador - Ride the knife through the flesh.
Matador - Lungs of the war.
Badge the worm - Bomb the Gods - Sleep with the lions.
Matador - Lungs of the war.
Manifest effects of the dawn destiny delivered through the chest.
Lionheart obsession like a mouthful of fire - a well fed mass abortion.
Those who die will be the lucky ones - aftermath eternally perverted.
Forever prosthetic - ill stabled for life - forced into extinction.

9. To Serve Is To Destroy

Pissing Blood, a fractured pledge, enter vein - this warzone.
Conviction folding and derail.
Dying proof is revving up - rifled fangs are sinking, down.
Snorting toward supremacy.
To serve satisfaction.
(is to) Destroy perseverance.
Behind the wheel of compulsive bullets.
Burn in the wake of the oblivion.
Digging for the whiskey fix - bitter and acidic itch.
Chemicals - the cells of misery.
Dissecting dependency - wasted - the relentless seeds.
Opening the ulceration.

10. Ironsides

Fuck the politics.
Don't mean shit anymore.
Reverence to irreverent social outlaws.
No holds barred...there never were.
Hostage anthems - bastard pride - rancid puritan.
No surrender - ride dark horse - sail your ironsides.
Beating down untraveled ground.
Python nomad.
One up the mother fucking plague.
Law of the outcast.
Fire is marching onward, setting bullets assail.
What the fuck are you? Septic God whore.
The paid for path is dead - mission derail.
Regret - passive and bitter.
Damage done to the lamb of cash.

11. I Am Weapon

Fuck This.
I am weapon.
Compromise is.
A blueprint for disaster.
A modern ethic.
The recipe.
To learn to fear.
What the fuck? Are you buying? Acceptance ticket? Wreak of coward.
Fuck off.
Model swine.
(I'm an) Apathetic bomb.
Buy in herded fuck.
Bastard Trojan.
2-fisted fuck you's my gift.
Draw back and explode - drop the man of the badge.
Wear your threat with pride - scream the pledge of the punks.
Every war starts with you and me motherfucker.

12. Hellraisers

Discard your halo (fucker).
Tonight we ride like venom.
Dispersed as pills in the 11th hour.
We run like a vomit firework.
Impale your ego (fucker).
We thrive in filth and sinking ships.
Daytime blood takers.
Night time train wreckers.

Thanks to dblegend for sending these lyrics.

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