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1. When The Sun Drank The Weight Of Water

War of elements Water against the Sun The Sun leading a battle of the war
that will never be done Sucking the weight of water Bringing its weakness
back Now possessing an important weapon The weight that all molecules lack
The water gets up to the sky People flying as wind goes by The seeds of
their hate Never die, everything's too late The earth will be gone All
because of the rage of the Sun

2. The 16-th 6-Tooth Son Of 144-Regional Dimensions (Still Unnamed)

You were born by Fourteen Four-regional Dimensions Their milt and spawn gave
your life of various alterations You know there's no god or belial Your
mission's to show the only way is denial Denial... All christians and
satanists you see must be crucified before they flee You're allowed to eat
every soul You avoid it, they are too foul You know there's no god or belial
Your mission's to show the only way is denial Still Unnamed ---

3. Inherited Bowel Levitation - Reduced Without Any Effort

Strange feeling in your stomach
like a pressure from beneath
Stench of vomit - what a feeling
like pungent ecstasy

Almost flying to the toilet
trying to puke something green
But your stomach wants to get inside your mouth with large

You see your bowels in the air
approaching the ceiling like tentacles
Dying like your father when he was young
Flying out of this world to another land...

4. The Echo (Replacement)

The incarnation of Echos A creature from below Your destiny is to be it
After eating of your soul You feel its cold limb It's soon you, you're
sooner him Transformation... Degeneration... Now you're the creature The
incarnation of All Echos Your purpose in life is to imitate sounds and find
your follower

5. The Putrefying Road In The 19th Extremity (...Somewhere Inside The Bowels Of The Endlessness...)

After too many dimensions
arriving to the last one
A road covered with the dying
Shadows masticating them

Walking ahead
Torture spreading on the way
Dismembered human beings
Flying souls fading away

You find no escape
Walking just around and around
Flying shadows slaying and torturing
Will they also rip your soul away...?

6. (Within) The Chamber Of Whispering Eyes

Lie... Walls full of eyes Staring you, whispering lies You're not justified
to die But they want you to eat yourself alive Punished in the Chamber of
Eyes "Show your allegiance. Munch yourself, be our servant forever"
Forever... With tears in your eyes you start to masticate Those whispering
eyes, no more silent, laughing at your fate

7. And You'll Remain... (In Peaces Of Nothingless)

In the backyard
you see a white stain
Nevertheless, looking unreal
like a tiny passage to emptiness

Thinking of touching the thing
you kneel over it
Interest exceeding carefulness
you'll be soon in peaces in nothingness...

The parts of the fingers you put in the hole
are now taken to another dimension
It's enlarging itself with the power you gave
Now a metre wide, you'll be dead in a while


Now you have no feet
The thing has become ten metres wide
You can hear its masticating
and the silent, ironic laughter

Another victim suffering
You pray to god
Your screaming won't stop until your mouth has been
teleported thoroughly

8. Erecshyrinol

9. The Planet That Once Used To Absorb Flesh In Order To Achieve Divinity And Immortality (Suffocated To The Flesh That It Desired...)

A silent forsaken planet Its pores full of flesh It once used to be alive
Now dead, condemned to loneliness Lying in space, completely alone Covered
with tons and tons of piles of bone The former master of the Universe and
its stars The former master died its cover full of scars Its core has gotten
cool, the greed has shown fatality No more absorbing, no consuming, it will
never reach immortality

10. The Cry

From a tangled dream
you awake because of a silent cry
A cry from somewhere outside
your mind and your comprehension

Somehow attractive like the call
of sirens leading you to your death
The cry makes you leave your home
and walk towards your painful end

All people gathered around
the monument of endlessness
The flying tears and the sound
detach your mind and flesh

Without warning the tears turn into blood
and crying stops, ear-ripping screaming starts
You feel only pain like everyone else
until your head and brain blow away...

11. Raped Embalmed Beauty Sleep

Cleft on a pyramid
has shown you a secret passage
You carelessly force your way in
Smell of death frightens ruthlessly

A sentence of cipher
An unknown, forgotten language
You decipher it as a name
but don't know it welcomes you to death

You are damned...

Many dangers
have wounded you and your friends
Some embalmed corpses
have blinked their eyes - no, that's an illusion

But you feel there's something wrong
You've seen too many corpses
Maybe this is a mass tomb
If not you know you'll never be back

You are doomed...

More and more corpses
Some of them dismembered
and every member embalmed
Now you are horrified to death...

You are doomed...

You enter a hall
Thousands of corpses lying there
Stench smarting your nose
Horror paralyzing all the thoughts

Suddenly all the corpses awake
You're trying to escape
But soon you'll be one of them
Sleeping embalmed beauty sleep...

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Thanks to magister_of_tenebrosity for sending tracks #3, #5, #7, #10, #11 lyrics.
Thanks to sadisticpenetrator for correcting track #7 lyrics.

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