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1. Slaying Grace

Lacerated slumbering ancients,
Stirred from rest they clamor
Calling forth the vehement storms
That shall thrash the earth

Taste the scorn of thy father's lips
Pestilential subjugation
Raging winds shall dispense your fate
Behold the frailty of god's creation

Slaying grace
Beautify through annihilation
Quenching Parasites
Purging waves of decay

Verminize-insects infest
Creation - destruction
Beset by dens of disease
Desecrated flesh is set to frenzy

Swarmed by gods feeble children
Witness the broken hands of creation
Humanity undone
Verification of recoiling wrath

Behold the frailty of god's creation

Explanation - Some would see mankind as an infestation upon the earth.
More or less the earth is attacking its unwanted inhabitants, casting from its surface humanity and its blight.
Its disposal for attack is more of the natural phenomena: rampant disease, weather altercations, earthquakes, etc.
Almost as if the earth is rejecting gods image:

2. God Defamer

Coldness of heart, when I hear them lying
Coldness of mind, when I see them laughing
They know he steals the weakest souls
They know Jesus guzzles them all

Feed Jesus with the souls of children
Feed the bastard with the flesh of believers
Let him drink the blood from their veins
Let him quench his bloodthirstiness

God defamer - take my sacrifice
Master of lies - create eternal ways of life
God defamer - never mind their blood
Author of grotesque script - kill the nasty Jesus Christ

Their wicked words once read in the Bible
Their wicked deeds once committed on man
The ridiculous attempt of sacramental bastards
Will never endanger the mighty sons of defamers

We defame the belief in Christ
We defame the lies spread in name of Christ
We fight for the truth and freedom
We celebrate the victory when Jesus lies in blood

3. The Mighty Evil

I wanna be your master
I wanna be your king
I am coming through the fire
With iron fist I govern

Through the piece I strike
Through the suffering I reign
Once called as evil
Once seen as devil
Master Jesus Christ

You can not win over me
Your weapons are too weak
Better believe in me
Before the fire burns your souls

I praise your blindness
That makes me supreme
I praise you for being naïve
Bow down, worship me and bless me!

I am the son of god
I am Jesus Christ
I am the mighty evil
Worship me or die!

4. My Ally Anger

All the hate I feel
All the anger filling me from within
Makes my thoughts weak and slack
And weakness always tends to hurt

Anger accompanies me
And I feel its presence
I hate my ally anger
But I can not find defence

Christian is not worthy of being my enemy
He is less than the stone I trample on
I still can not find the point
Why I waste so much time on hating you

Their belief leads them down
I do not need to help them to die
Their extinction is about to come
All their lies are fading down forever

Now I am summoning the darkness
And send my ally to lead you down
No more mercy in my heart
No more anger in my eyes

5. Devilish Obsession

Do not expect lies from my mouth
Do not wait for betray
Your heart will not be broken again
And my love will never fade out

Your blood flows through my veins
We inhale the same air into our lungs
I hear through your ears
Speak words through your lips

Devilish obsession
Fully filled with love
Give me a permission
To store it in my heart

We will stay together despite evil spread by man
We will stay together despite malevolence round about
No wicked angels separate us through our love
No nasty deeds make us leave it all behind

Do not mind people screaming
Do not mind the weak ones praying
Our love is strengthen by freedom
Our feelings are cleansed by devoutness

I do not feel pain neither loneliness
When we share the universe
It is like devilish obsession
That makes me beg for more and more

6. Harvester Of Christian Souls

Believers of the holy lie
Mindless sheeps , followers
Feel hell's wrath upon you
Time to die!!

Losing faith , seeing clearer
Christ's words you did mirror
Now in death you realize
The holy book is full of lies

"said your prayers?"
You had better start!!
Clutch your cross as you're ripped apart
Impaled bodies - gaping holes
The harvest is just beginning
- We need more Christian souls!!!

No reply ? no surprise!!
Art thou the god of lies??
Pathetic follower - yes he still may have you
As only the strong are wanted in hell

7. Power Of Crucifixion

Crucify me bastards for being strong
Crucify me for saying my own words
Confute me, punch over my hands
Stand my cross beside your god

Jesus that loves verminized killers
God that praises for wars
All the evil he represents
Is embodied in each of you - christians!

Power of crucifixion - hang up all your sins
Power of crucifixion - hang up your conscience

Now he silently hangs with no power inside
Behold that helpless body
Watch suffering the one who promised salvation
The saviour - the master of lies

Before I die
Let my dreams come true
Before I drop dead
Let me see your god in pain

Now I contently die
Seeing the evil goes down with me
All the filth of world is gonna be taken
No reason for further lies

8. To Taste Divinity

I have seen times sands bleed black
I have tasted the bliss of a Gods failure
I am he the father of betrayal
I am he who would condemn Christ

Fear - Upon their dying lips
Scorn - Upon their withering faith
Flames - Invade a kingdom golden
Destruction - Feasts upon Gods deception

Three nails shall seal you fate
Splatter blood upon your face
You are the sum of gods disgrace

At sunset the sands shift
Terror infects his heart as he hangs
Approaching from below
Earths rightful inhabitants arise

They have come to taste divinity
A sacrifice of mortal treachery
Shimmering his blood runs thick
And we shall feast upon this broken lamb

Three nails and your kingdom is thine

Explanation - This song is about Judas' betrayal of Jesus, however the twist is that he betrayed
Jesus to perform a sacrifice to the gods of darkness.
Upon arriving at the site of the crucifixion the lords of hell commence a feast
upon Christ's broken body in blatant defiance of god and Christianity.
This is intended to imply that they have destroyed god's heavenly dynasty and retaken what was rightfully theirs, earth!

9. Unholy Hordes Of Rot

The foul stench empowers you
as centuries of hatred wash over your soul
What was once pure and hopeful
has been murdered in a blinding fury
Simple mortal you cannot
fathom the gift that you are to receive::.
To murder without feeling,
to hate each abomination equally.

The smell of burning blood engulfs your senses
At last the weak shall be vanquished
once and for all!!!
To cleanse this world of all disease,
beginning with it's cancer
Total annihilation of earth
and man is Belial's final answer::.

Gouge & Tear at the flesh
that boasts of 'vanity'
Following an ancient belief
once known as Christianity

Soldiers of a higher cause,
you have been chosen by Belial
To cleanse this foul world
of the vermin known as man

Destroy without prejudice
care not the color of skin
Damned to always repeat themselves
condemned eternally by sin

Thanks to kamil_slayer for sending these lyrics.

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