Dark Lyrics


1. Enslave The Weak

Come to my embrace
son of the death.
You will get a gift
to speed up their decline.

How can you see ?
Blinded by your faith
How can you think ?
Depraved of your mind.

Feel the power entering your body.
Destroy the bonds of the belief in Christ.
Take my scare gift.
Tame the wings of freedom.

Enslave the weak

Blame him for your past.
Blame him for his lies.
Break the holy cross
to show him where the truth is.

Now you are strong enough
to lead your life.
You have the power
to destroy christian lies.

2. Feeding The Fire

Lord of the revenge's
watching the sleep of innocent ones.
Eternal fire's
burning the scorn of the holy cross.

Land of tears
oppressed by the holy legions.
Flag of the red cross
the sign of their greed.
The honest crucified master
and his sinister smile
are the proofs of eternal madness.
Invention of man's demotion.

I will feed the eternal fire.
I will satisfy its need.

Feeding the fire
mighty of this world
Becoming higher
closer to heaven's......... emptiness

Fire devours my hate
and dominates to my anger
This is the way of revolt
and the fall of the holy church

3. Rewrite The Past

The ceremony in the temple of filth
starts the epoch of lies.
Man who knows the bloody past
will never open his mind.
Contrite servant of mythical god
is betraying the truth.
His thoughts must be changed.
He must rewrite the past.

Rewrite the bloody past
but expect the truth.
When the day meets the night
the secret will be revealed.

You must lie to capture the world.
You must create the legend of god.
The story about the master's life.
The legend of crucifiction.

Rewrite the bloody past.

The religion based on lies.
The strongest need to
to protect the kingdom of Christ.
Servants of god live to lie.

4. Death Is Coming

In my mind
A worthless world
Consumed by
My sinful thoughts

Suicide the only way
To release my pain
Knife of power
Suffocate my life

Slash my flesh
Pierce my veins
Fuck my mind
End my life

Death claws my soul
Life slowly leaves
My dying body
All torment gone

Lord of the dead
I ask you
Take me
Kill me

Death Is Coming
My blood flows free
Death Is Coming
No more pain
Death Is Coming
I am set free
Death Is Coming

5. Inverted Darkness

Lust for endlessness
Craving eternity
Vile transgressor
Granted immortality
Take my hand
Unrighteous one
We will reign supreme
In blasphemy
(Inverted Darkness)
Unholy ones
Become one
Hail and praise
The end of Christianity
We crush and burn
The house of god
Invert his cross
Bleed eternal hate
Lust within my darkness
Burn into me
Your sadistic thoughts
I am now your lord
Gods of detest
Join my immortal soul
In hell's flames
(Inverted Darkness)

6. Reborn Again

I gaze into the dark abyss
Full of hate and blasphemy
My soul awaits reality

In a blaze of darkness
My flesh is soaked
In the glory of sin
Lead me down your path
Reborn again.....

Damnation screams
Surrendering to the darkness
I'm consumed with transgression

Hail my pagan misdeeds
My soul is blessed with sin
For now I will rise
Lead me down your path
Reborn again.....

New eternal blood
It flows into me
I can taste the cleansing

As I grasp the inverted cross
My soul is set free
For I am Reborn Again

7. Killing Christians

Revel in impurity
Bow before his alter
Throne of blasphemy
For Satan is lord

Ritual lust
Lust of unholiness
Arise from beneath
Spirit of darkness

Destroy the holy book
Book of Lies
Eternal hordes
Arise from hell

Shun all holiness
Condemn all religion
Smash the pearly gates
Taste the rivers
Of blood and death

Witness the destruction
Of the holy heavens
For the time has come
To kill all christians

Crucify the bastards
Watch them die
The holy ghost is dead
The world set free

All holiness
All christians

8. Follish Believers

Believe us
There is no god
There never has been
There never will be

All your life
They told you lies
Promise eternal life
the time has come
to be set free
and to be your own master

Your god is dead
Foolish Believers
Has never risen
Foolish Believers
Has never existed
Foolish Believers
Your mind now free

Leaving to a new reality
Birth of a new life
Believe the godless truth
For it will set you free

Your god is dead
Foolish Believers
Has never risen
Foolish Believers
Has never existed
Foolish Believers

9. Opposites Beyond Eternity

Now you are looking for Jesus
For the god of destitution
Now when your life ends
When the sins attack your soul

Look for him
Whom nobody has seen
Try to find his kingdom
Hoping it still exists
Infernal power
Will watch your steps
Always ready
To scorn the god of filth

Opposites beyond eternity
Opposites hidden in your mind

It is hard to find the god
It is hard to face your sins
There is no way to forgive
Mythical strife of the opposites
Dies with your mind

Redeem your soul
Forget all gods
Find your identity
Don`t believe in lies

The sun shines for everyone
The wind blows free
There is no Master
Forgiving to the transgressor

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