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1. Theatrophy

[feat. Dan Watson / Dave Simonich]

Spineless felons no means grief stricken and crushed dreams. Inflated egos mindless fiends crumbling pillars and rotting beams.


The product of a broken culture driven by a consuming greed.
Our only purpose is to acquire all these things we do not need.

The human race a malignant disease bringing earth to its knees. Antennas and towers in place of the trees, of the trees.

We are the reason entire species have gone extinct.
The reason some people have nothing to eat or drink.
It's time to make a change before it's all to fucking late.
It seems we were born to destroy as much as we were to create.

A product of a broken culture
Extinction lies in our hands (in our hands)
The sands of time are progressively falling
We are the fucking disease.
We all live in corruption
we feast until we bleed.
Harvesting the death of our land.
We are the annihilation of man.

Nations of fools
Generations dumbed down in schools
Billions enslaved money rules
Billions enslaved money rules.

2. Megalon

This world is abandoned, no gods smile down on us.
We've betrayed our origins discard your material lust.
I kneel for no man I am my own master.
Realize your potential, we have everything we need.

Unlock what's been there all along.

There are those in power that fear what were capable of
Once we realize the hidden secret
That we are more than mere mortals
Destined for a greater future because
We are all gods trapped on this planet
Repeating cycles until we learn all the lessons
Needed to move on and ascend to the point of the universes birth.

We can change our reality it is our destiny.

3. Spawn Of Sagan

This way of life cannot last.
Conversations are a thing of the past.
Reality is easy to forget
When you're someone else on the Internet.

Like uhm so what's up?
Being bored nothing much.
What do you expect
When people talk just how they text?

Life wasn't meant to be seen
Behind your computer screen.
I need a new stimulation
Everyone's minds on vacation.

There's one problem I just can't ignore
We are on this earth for so much more.
Than hiding behind a roof four walls and a door
We were made to invent adventure and explore.

Imagine all that you could do and see if you just turned off your TV.
Imagine all that you could do and see if you just turned off your TV.

Everyone feels so out of place
When they try to talk face to face.
Reality is easy to forget
When you're someone else on the Internet.

4. Ghostman

How many of us live each day as our own true self?
This world has taught us to put our feelings upon a shelf.
I just want to always be me and no one else.

Everyday I look up to the sky
And ponder when and where and how and why.
Secretly wishing that I could fly
Thoughts of existence and the day that I will die.
What could any of this even mean?
How can I be sure its not just a dream?
Going to bed is such a fight
When I stare at my ceiling every single night
As my mind races at the speed of light
Retrace my steps am I wrong or right? Wrong or right?

I want to figure out why we are here
Are we alone on this blue and green sphere?
The meaning of life is a lie
We're here to eat sleep fuck and die.

It's in the nature of my very being
To question each and everything.
I do not believe in a god up above
So I put my faith in the ones I trust and love.

Feeling helpless sometimes I just sit and stare
Happy days have become so rare.
How come no one else even seems to care
Our mind and its thoughts are our burden to bare.

Save me from this self defeating state
Am I the only one that thinks existence isn't great?

5. Reclamation

We have the power it's all in our hands
Stand up tall and make our demands.
Reclamation the time is now
I'd rather die than be their cow.
They divided us to always be sure
We'd never realize we are the cure.
To all of the problems that they've manufactured
We are all one race but somehow got fractured.

They view us as cattle
Will you be prepared for this final battle?

We will never be free
Until the citizens of earth unite globally.
Then you all will see
That we can coexist happily.
We pay their salaries
While they commit atrocities.
Destroying all economies
Neglecting broken families.

How can we sit idly
By allowing so many of our own to die.
Defending our humanity
Is our greatest responsibility.

We took back our power reclaimed our lands
Now every last human understands.
All of the lies that we were told
To mask how our lives were being controlled.
A greater threat than all natural disasters
We've purged the earth from our evil masters.
No need to hide no need to run
We're all connected we are all

Thanks to demi.riggs for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to kevinbenwadawadawada for correcting track #3 lyrics.

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