Dark Lyrics


1. Ortni

2. Shaq Fu

I just wanna bury my head so I can't even see. All these nightmares that have become reality. The line between real and fake is now blurred. Absolute truths seem so absurd. Pick myself up off of this filthy floor. Take life's beating and come back for more and more. I'm growing weary of all these excuses we all have our cuts scrapes scars and bruises. I might bend but this world will never break me. All my demons pull but they could never overtake me. Free will is a gift you don't know how to use until you fight for it. Everyone thinks they're so fucking complicated but we are all the same and vastly overrated. Ohhh I'm so tired let me collapse so many mistakes but no relapse. We are all headed for the same place. These dreams are fleeting to catch them we must chase.

3. Guardian Of Eden

Aimlessly they all fall into line. They have no purpose they keep eating the lies. Helpless drones without any thoughts of their own. Eyes open yet they still seem to sleep. Wake up I yell right in their faces, expressionless my words fall on deaf ears. This epidemic has gone on far too long. Copies of copies our species is doomed to lose all originality. How do they live the life that they lead. (the life that they lead) never thinking to question anything. Everyday they same mundane tasks (same mundane tasks) Creating routines to trick themselves their happy. Like sheep they gather in their flocks. Never breaking away from the herd. Lemmings marching towards their own demise. Robots pre programmed with simple commands. Slaves to a bankrupt government. You became their property once your parents signed your birth certificate. Ignorance is bliss is the motto that rings out. Why not join them and this battle now. I refuse to. (i refuse to) Play my part (play my part) For society. Choosing not to conform to others ideals. Following no footsteps and being the first to walk where no one has is priceless. I could never go back once seeing the truth. Unplugged and aware of the misery. But this life has value and that's enough for me. Being alive is better than just living.

4. Landlocked

Wind up dolls. Let's all smile and greet each other. Why is everybody so afraid to say anything that's real? Quit playing your part and say what's on your mind. Is there any substance out there? Can anyone spark interest in me? What if you quit doing what you were told, and took a step out of line. Following only your instincts. What are morals anyway? What if the thoughts in your head, were made visible to everyone, would they like what they see? I have taken pride in being only myself no matter the situation. When everything is right in front of you you'll see a new world before your eyes x2. I will always be who I am today. I refuse to change because it is the social norm. I live my life by my own rules.

5. Descension

6. Adventure Time

Taking deep breaths to clear my mind x2 My eyes are closed and at once I am floating up and out of my body towards the astral planes I'm looking down at myself and I wonder how I got here eyes searching for the silver cord to get back to where I belong but I'm tempted to stay and leave it all. So tempted to stay and leave it behind Any world I can think of I can go to on a whim x2 My will is my desire too My will Projecting in a place I have never seen before. Pushing farther than I have ever been. Time has no meaning here and anything is possible. Other travelers tell tales of journeys planned and their faces swirl out of focus as i climb. One final dive bomb back to my lifeless vessel. This hell. Waking up to find I am still trapped in this world. Pinned down by this lifeless body. I am trapped in this chair.

7. Omnimodus

Specs of dust we are all specs of dust in the scheme of the universe yet we think the world revolves around us. We all need to wake up and realize that we don’t matter x2 This planet has been here long before us. We have destroyed all that’s precious on it. Vile creatures consuming all the resources there will be no place left to go once we destroy our own home. When will we stop? What is the goal of the human race? Why are we so selfish? Destroying all the habitats. This is our greatest sin. Destroying where we live. There is no turning back. No reversal of fortune. I have seen all the evils dreamed. Our extinction is the only way. For our planet To be saved. Specs of dust we are all specs of dust in the scheme of the universe yet we think the world revolves around us. The ultimate hypocrites Kiss your ass good bye and check the time. We have reached our expiration date. We’ve become our own downfall we have sealed our own fate.

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