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1. Noname

Something from nothing how can it be. An all powerful deity. Religion on one hand science on the other. some think we are controlled by big brother.

We know absolutely nothing. But what our perceptions allow. We claim to have the facts but they are misleading human beings are full of themselves.

Time is fake numbers aren't real, we played the hand we're dealt cant fold if its a bad deal. Our choices seem free will but its all an illusion unfathomable knowledge helps to fuel this confusion.

Reality is misleading. There's is a spirit trapped in every human being. There aren't truths in what your seeing. Global consciousness is slowly depleting.

A new age of enlightenment we surpassed all experiments .

Will the ancient astronauts return. Will all the religious books and temples burn. History repeats itself but we never seem to learn. When the books and temples are done it shall be our turn.

Why do we live this way. Trapped by our own devices in technological decay. Your god wont save you no use to pray. Take advantage of what your given and just live for each day.

2. Humdinger

I am so sick of every ones excuses of why they cant be a decent fucking human being. It really isn't that hard to tell the truth and keep your word. Or else just keep to yourself. You will live and die in hell.

Why cant you take the blame for anything wrong that happens in your life.

You need a scapegoat for all of the problems you've created. Man up and take responsibility for your own actions no ones taking the fall for you.

Stand on your own two feet because we are separating from you right now.

We are all coming to an understanding of what will happen if this trend continues there will be no good people left on this earth.

Your pathological lies have become your own reality you cant distinguish whats made up and what is real. [2x]

Everybody better here my warning now we're on the path to a downward spiral. look in the mirror if you like what you see quit lying to yourself that we are truly free.

Quit lying to yourself [4x]

3. Quantum

I’ve seen the rise and fall, and I don't even understand it all. That we’ve got nothing to show, for all the time we spent trying to grow. They’ve wrecked all that I've worked for, yet still ask us to sacrifice more.

It is time to take a stand for everything. They have it all and we are left with nothing. When did our species get so insecure. Why don't any recognize truth anymore.

If you stand for nothing then you'll fall for anything.

Standing scared of your life. Gutless nothing inside. Fucking tear in your eye. No man is willing to cry [2x]

There is nothing inside.

This world does not care who you are at all.


This is where we chose our countries outcome in the war for your mind. [2x]

There are unseen forces in power they are controlling all and everything in this world.

4. Dan

I am so numb I cannot feel. Reality just doesn't seem real. There's no past there's no future just the present stuck in constant stupor.

I do not know where ill end up or where ill go.

Get out get out of my way moving through time in space with no account of the day [2x]

What have we become How are the parts greater than the sum.

When will we finally understand that we were left here a species named man. There is not after life not even a plan. In the end we are all so damned.

Look at the stars and realize that universes exist within our eyes.
Gifts and natures surprise. Blindfolds on our heads constructed of corrupt lies.

I am so numb I cannot feel. Reality just doesn't seem real. There's no past. There's no future. Just the present stuck in constant stupor.

5. Hibernation

No morals and criminal intent. They have it all and turned this country into shit.

A revolution rises.

Will you stand by. Or will you be a part of it.

This is our only chance. To break away.

And I will do my part. To make sure that they can never induce. Their new world order.

Sickened by your actions. You think of only money. They have lying eyes. They have lying eyes.

They have lying eyes. They have lying eyes.

With a smile and a gleam they killed the American Dream. As they lie. Sinners die they killed our future, they killed the American Dream.

6. The Pretty Song

All though the path was never clear, this vessels now harder to steer. They have tried to control us with fear, time for the elite masters to disappear. No one said that this life was fair but I'm sick of the stress and despair. Feel the winds of change in the air. Stop pretending like you don't care.

Just what will it take. For all of you to awake. Do not let your will break. The media stories are fake.

Why do you trust your government. They take joy in your discontent.

Now we all have seen the truth. All you needed was your proof. Now this once great country shall fall with the blame falling on us all. A time of basic survival is near. Plans for a new world order now clear. All we can do now is prepare. Food land ammo and guns. Shall replace all your worthless funds.

Thanks to demi.riggs for sending these lyrics.

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