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1. A Suicide Speech to Persuade

[Music: Jason Williams, Scott Mota]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Pity the plague
Pity not the sufferer
You will pray you were never chosen

This is a suicide speech to persuade
Scour the surface of divinity
Fame dismisses you who feigningly cast out for your god as it rips the soul from your frame

I am the enemy butchering both sides
Changing lives by ending yours
Descry no message of hope in my eyes
Find in me a fortified tower destroyed
All-seeing obsidian
Find the shadowed heart driven into the sun

This is a suicide speech to persuade

2. Devout Magisterial Form

[Music: Jason Williams]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Speak to yourself
Call the answer someone else
Kneel entwine
Imminence summon up a grave for bodies of peculiar invention
Hand as follower
Shade arrive

Aspirant slave
Hostage to the rhetoric of revelation
Hymns whisper down the slick
Strive to suffer

Tithe withered
Bribe unborn
Die, nothing awaits you
Lie, lament and fall
Enucleate the form

Whispering figures comb through splinters of sky for a hint of their dawn

Surreal the fall
The illiterate’s image markers carry on

Crown of disdain truly made more a master
Recite vagueness moralized as self recoils reciprocal
Waste no more time on the first draft form

Bribed offering plates collide
May the mind of the veiled mockery now adorn the wall
Destroyer be destroyed

May he allow daughter and son to go a whoring after their gods
Here the gaps wander themselves refusing to bow before the father of the son of the original lore

Drink deeply from the well of horror
Dead worship never born again
The vehicle of death outweighs life here
Ever faintly, I hear the rotten creak of a separator swaying in the breath of its myth

3. Drip Me Toward the Ground

[Music: Jason Williams]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Warning suppression
Harrowing unknown
Conductive counter
Seductive the allure of doom

Divide the false imbibed across human folds
Drive finite beyond rebirth into the ever-beckoning core

Cast out to the warring core for whom it may devour
Adversary upon the tongue
Stark, successive repetition
Cascading coils of disdain circumvallate lurid corridors
Arise amidst arcane
Bathe in aggregating gone

Backward bent body, speak
Bending foul winds
Cloven end, scent my rot
Envenomation, awaken my name

Newborn nemesis,
Curl forth from the dark dripping passages obscure
Resident of the original half
Relic of the midnight sun
Point more so riddle as sovereign seconds forever file away
Rigid sponsor,
Neighbor in the head that is not there,
Lay claim to the inner most circle
From head to heart,
Take aim at the sky
Rayless dawn,
Send rippling the tides devouring unknown

Gnarl about coarse to float the tenth alone
Myriad mimic to none, so find the guide likewise
The utterance wholly burns
Dead in a dream
As was born
As at the end
All I say

Seductive the allure of doom

Summon and you will know me
By corridored beckonings I abide
Drip my name toward the ground and feel again the knockings
Envenomation awaken my name

4. Speaking with the Shadows

[Music: Jason Williams]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Sodden head on a shovel
Another dark deed is done for the day
Disinter guilt from the ground and enable one’s fears to take him away

I yearn to shuttle the dead to the void
Speaking with the shadows
Reeling me ever further into beyond

Meet the other side of living
Please, check your faith at the door

I yearn to shuttle the dead to the void
Speaking with the shadows
Reeling me ever further into beyond

Cast out mine eyes
Still a temple of sight

5. How I Long for the Oort Cloud

[Music: Jason Williams]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Sneering extends from the collective face of people who write their own reviews
Serve oneself at a table owned and desire to have died
Existential mime

Life, how you come crippling me
Core for the course
Claustrophobia, curl between the toes
Vacuous hum, elongate the steady stare
Sleep here and dream no more

Quite a bore on which to be gnawed
Behind the cure, but behind the cause
Name maladies
Recite them in the darkness
Burrow the frontier

Five alive
Conscious in three
Considered in two
These non-thinking in three soon shall come to four and four to five

How fitting for a bore to be surrounded by this
To be allowed to work in the killing weather

Intermittent discourse flourishes in the howling
Sleep here and not dream again in the howling

All gets on without you

6. Somnambulant Foregoer

[Music: Jason Williams]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

In dread, stalk suspicion
Hollow head, mimic the eyes
I associate not with myself
I commune with that which is not there
I murmur definitively of dyings
I drip truth

Vacant presence
Sponsor to be
Statuesque in sleep
Penchant paint this portrait of death so tenebrous the first responder tastes the iron in the air

Disrupt ever-souring slumber
Wither the myth of afterlife
Trace not suspension between cords
In somnambulance go forth

Peel away as another in dark dissolve
Long-lacerated rind, ripple the remnants about the walls
Hollow head, mimic the eyes
Fault asleep
Mind alive
Penchant paint this portrait of death so tenebrous the first responder tastes the iron in the air

Carve among the unobserved
A bastard bastes the walls
Rip the fuck so dark his kin cannot identify the unknown
Force-feed finality with intermittent stab wound succession

Fault asleep
Mind alive
Efface motive from man
Somnambulist, go forth
Rigidly rip the eternity myth from us all
Corroded nerve, entangle
Consciousness, unwind
Betray the beckoning end
Mockery complete
Solipsistic death hunt the walled within, absorbed
Raise high the rotten mind of humankind gazing skyward from its pole

7. Meanwhile, More Polemics with Kurt Gurkillis and Scud Moothers

[Music: Jason Williams, Scott Mota]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Berate the modeling mind
Forever flay permutation wide asunder
Body about the floor
Murder in the art
Outearn the pain that is coming

Horror in the head, come murdering me
Ululating thunder over mastery

Born without light
Allegiance left gagged on fiction through defining the synthetic line
Arcane, arise
Ash, pour downward from the cracks of the eyes

Churn cold names in solemnity
Old, weaponized oratory worms the core

Stillborn without light
Allegiance left gagged on fiction
Riddle myopic man
As I am, soon you will be
Arcane, arise
Ash, pour downward from the cracks of the eyes

Hate has woven its tapestry through me
Every conversation shares a clinic in pain

Haste’s recoiled offense fails a point’s plangent roar
Revoke the voice from rotten lips
Replicating fodder
Irreverence revoking regard

Yours, yours is real

8. Idolatry

[Music: Jason Williams]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Gaptual liar
Transiting mythical carcass
Say personality
It does not go on
Alter Christus, Father?
There was never a first one

You come forward only when forced

What I loathe is the way you child fuckers always hide

Hierarchy, a lie
Selection, a lie
A cunt believes he is chosen to lead
Apocryphal elect
Best talents abhorred
Autonomous throng, order the rayless rock repent and scatter

All corridors to finality call
All said disguised
Eucharist transubstantiation
"Not man's member throbbing through the family
It is God's"

Jesus never wept
Salvation is eternity in a hole

9. Dimensions Disassociated

[Music: Jason Williams, Scott Mota]
[Lyrics: Matthew Williams]

Peering into dimensions disassociated
I yearn for the darkest days
Never-lifting noir
I find myself vehemently weighing for legitimate recoil to wipe us all away

The dream is dead
Tap the vein
Bloodlet the dawn's intentions away

Swine-weary eye of the waning moon
Swiftly reassemble the rubble of the nightmare in ruin
Prepare with cruelty unmatched for a design defiled eyes cannot see coming

Wipe us all away
The dream is dead
Tap the vein
Bloodlet the dawn's intentions away

Dead American Dream
Place the survivors on suicide watch
Is it bitter to know you will leave this rock by your own doing?

Summons to destroy those most deserving now outweighs the will to love
Dismantled prayer
Inaudible now
No reactionary call can choke off the limitless deletion

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