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1. 1000 Wolves

I walk alone where nobody can see and where I only know.
I must avoid the flock, they are chasing me like dogs after their bleeding prey.
For a useless entrails they bury their honour
Chasing a worthless moment of glory.
They are many and they cover with one another because it's their only way

- Run! A bunch of wolves is coming with their mouth dripping acid,
Vomited by the cowardice of being lonely.
Your courage isn't worth anything,
You are a thousand wolves

They merge their bleats to make them sound like roars,
But that isn't worth anything,
What are you without your band?
You couldn't even scare a child because
When you are alone you are empty useless boxes
With no emotions to classify you as humans.

You don't scare me now and forever.
You are 1000 but I know you and I know that your strength doesn't exist
You are just 1000 sheep,
Widen your empty eyes and you will see what it means to me!

- Run! Your courage isn't worth anything,
You are a thousand wolves, just sheep

Prepare your stronghold,
Useless illusions you must disappear!

2. Science

Leaves that burn under the sparks of crystal waters,
Rotten by the ones with a goal that's not allowed.
Human clones wander, carved-eyed spirits with no expression.
Fed only with sterile aseptic mixtures.
Empty looks that know nothing only mist in their eyes.
Clonation, reproduction, Genocide, suicide.
Research, speculation, creation, destruction.
Silent experiments and invisible clouds move like ancestral ghosts
Through the paths of men, followed by a synthetic aura
Their eyes stare where everything has the dimension of nothing, tear their flesh,
Stick their syringes where live flows,
Saw tissues to create their race of automa, their own destruction.
Delirium of power, spawning from the ambition of eternity,
Fed by science, manipulated by mindless brains,
Operating like cold Automa in the name of their own God,
In the name of their own being.

3. Delirium 9991

Beginning of life
A new creature of bright light
Is born and lives
Vision of a world that never existed
The only essence of life
Darkness in the mind
Eternal wounds in the flesh
Crystals of pain on my dying face
Food of my present
Death of my tomorrow
You are my DreamSorrow
And now you live with me...

4. ...Inside Me

I awake in the night, lit by the cold light of the open ice,
It's a calling that forces me to run.
I must stare at the sublime beauty of their motionless hands,
Of their dead faces, of their sterile eyes
That don't belong to them anymore, they have become more and more
A possession of mine, cause when I'll end this up they will be me.
I'm like a child in front of the most precious gift,
In front of life belonging to nobody else than me.

I have destroyed.
Lacerated, hit, blinded and regurgitated,
I have made mine what had been given to me for an instant
And now it won't belong to anyone else because
It won't be able to escape from where I've hidden it! Inside me...

I fall asleep listening in my mind an old creaking record,
Playing the music of their voices, their smiles and their fucking fears
I'm all of this, I'm happiness and fear, flesh and dust.
Nothing will be parted, It's all encased inside me.

I must melt with their souls, I must consume myself

I perceive their motions inside me, with eyes bulging with terror
I hear them plead for a useless forgiveness that only now can be offered,
Now that we have become one thing.
A mirror waves
Like a wayfarer and I stop in front of him admiring my ego, my power.

I am one, but not alone, I have begun to grow and I just want to go on,
I want more lymph, more flesh to feed me, other food for my flesh.
I'm dreaming, I hear their voices calling from the depths, now it's them to ask for me,
Them who need to feed their hate with my soul,
They will prey my corpse to make the reckoning perfect.

5. Cyberhuman

Wherever I turn my eyes, any sound I listen to, anything I touch
Everything has lost its true taste, all is artificial, nothing is as
It should be everything is vomited on the earth
Has to be measured and weighed everything has the same form,
Not a variation, a slight alteration
Nothing emane heat

You are just foolish human shaped cyborgs,
You hide your inner void behind a wall of strangeness,
You' ve quitted dreaming, quitted living
Who is leading you to ruin
Making you believe in fairy tales

Neither the faces of those who talk with their ego
Escape all that tastes
Differently to their unworthy normality
Every thought is spelled with the same filthy words,
Evocated from the same language where A equals Z!
Where all words is lie and the color of the page
Is red like the blood spilled from your cianotic eyes

You are foolish human shaped cyborgs,
You hide yourself behind a wall of strangness,
You've quitted dreaming to be guided by the mass
Who is leading you to ruin
Making you believe in fairy tales

Thanks to devilciardo for sending these lyrics.

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