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1. My Last Cry

The storm ends up
The last drop falls
I remember the pain
Of my thought...

My hair is wet with each
Drop of that farewell

Without remorse
That it's the last
And my void nobody can fill

When storm begins
I won't be here
You are waiting for me
I won't return

My last cry
My last tear
My last feeling
My last life

My last fucking life...

2. As We Die For...

The time to consumed
The forces to live
Living each and every day
And I don't know...
(What's the meaning of life)

My heart and my thoughts
Are stronger than this existence
Without something believe in
Just in me...

"As we die in the rain
That runs out of my eyes
As we die in the dark
That comes out of my heart"

3. A Dream Story

The image of an artist
Agony in the air...

The sigh in your ear,
Of somebody that you don't know
It's the most melancholic thing
That could happen [to] you

The music didn't alleviate my pain
Only your memory kept me alive

A poem, a thought, an idea
A captured feeling in a paper
It's the only thing that I have

Perhaps I won't feel
The rose of a strange skin
And the worst thing is
That the time never stops

The euphoria and the sadness
One after another, death
I'll close my eyes and
I allow to run the time...

4. Tears Of Blood Pt. I

The melancholy comes with me
My heart just keeps on crying
Crying tears of blood
In my heart...

I remember everything
Her eyes, her mouth, her scent
A silence on the air
I remember melancholy
Her trembling body
And her empty hands

The clock continues its course

I never knew why,
Why you take her away

Everyday is endless
My tears are sorrow
I won't be without you
Tears of blood in my heart

I'm alone in my room
Listening to this song
Trying to forget you

I remember that day
You told me a pact of love
Will close our love

My only one love,
I want to see you again
To be together
And never fall apart

5. Mexican Rules

"A pure race of warriors and wises
Together in soul mind and heart"

Prepared for war
With arms in our hands
And the truth in our worlds
Covering the land
With the enemy's blood

Warriors are prepared
Prepared for war...
The warriors are screaming
Screaming revenge... War!!

Priest come true
The divine sacrifice
Drinking your blood
Eating your heart

The heads of the enemy
Are in field of the battle
We want your blood,
Blood and pain...

The warriors are waiting
Waiting for revenge
And screaming together

This is Mexican fucking rules!!

6. Dying Whore

When I see the light,
I wake up and I begin to feel

It's the pain on my flesh
By all pleasure I gave
They're the entrails inside of me
Which lodge a thousand men

I sometimes think
That this is not happening,
Hoping to wake up of this dream
My life is shit,
An eternal dream of pain

Confused solitude

There's nobody around me
My body is bleeding...

Pain! Pleasure!
The dying whore!

A shadow at the door
I start to bleed again
It's coming, it's coming

The shadow is over me
I can't move,
The shadow inside,
Inside of me...

7. Remember

"Life is just a moment..."

8. Silent Art


9. In My Heart (Tears Of Blood II)

Every sight in thine
Makes my love fall
In the deepest feelings of my soul

(Thy beauty face full of grace
Thy soft and white skin
Thy sorrow and tenderness
Thy beauty is seems like an angel)

If only thou could be mine
I engrave my ire on the ice
And I shall wait the sunset
And I would shade my tears
On the roses of thy heart
Just to feel the pain of thy thorns
And the inwounded kiss of thy petals

(Oh, if only thou know it...
The evil love which I shade to thee
It's martiryum that embrace me
All the nights and days)

(The consolation, is the delicious
One poison which I taste of thee
That makes my dreams so ethereal and celestial)

The rain appears on my eyes
Because I know I've fallen from the Paradise
The Paradise thou brought me
With thy sights, with thy smile,
With thy evilness and... with thy pain!

I tear the stars because they shine my tragedy
Because thou don't lie with me...

All the silence and all the pain
Is carven in my heart...

10. A Day After Die...

I feel get my feelings rid
Of my me slowly...
The rain fall down from the faces
Filling up my heart with grief

Waiting to heal my wounds
With the passing of time

Like the withered leaf
Which fall from the autumn trees
One second is too much
For the instinct of love

Freezing, waiting the cold wind
Tear it up slowly
Freezing, alone,
Feel now the time fade

Every second in this winter place
It's a crevice in my heart
All that surrounds me has become so sad
The reason to live just has gone off my mind
My empty hands are waiting you...

The time is going on
The life too and I just lie,
Alone in my grave
To me, the world just
Becomes so heavy, so sad

Now, I just have to close
My eyes and forget that...
I lived a tale who nobody wrote

And I die...

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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