Dark Lyrics


1. Rising Sun


2. Silent Symphony

What’s mankind becoming day by day?
I don’t know the answer,
maybe it’s too late to understand.
Why don’t you open your eyes and realize?
Is this really the way, we want to take
or we want to live?

Riding the wings of insanity,
Feeding the beast with our words.
Searching the way to be free again,
we need a sign to survive!

Sing the silent symphony.
To reborn from this world of madness.
Feel how you fly, leave the ashes behind
And you will be free for a while.

3. Behind The Fog

Lost in the silence you try to return
from the rising fears.
Behind the fog lives the chaos of your mind…
Now there’s no escape!
Open your eyes and wait…
The end will come.
Look for the answers, don’t lay down.

Run to the edge before the strong winds come again,
to the oceans of calm.
Forever you will find the way.
Fight with pride and stand in victory.

Oh! I’m running out from deep within,
to the oceans of calm.
Forever I will find the way.
I fight with pride and stand in victory.

4. Return To Serenity

Greetings! My name’s “Your Conscience”,
your world’s upon my shoulders
falling into the chasm.
I suffer your decisions
and each one of your visions
What are you doing this time?

Heading for the good times
without any place to go,
They fly so far from me
and I don’t know what to do.

I know there’s a solution.
Be quiet it’s going so quick,
clean up the tears from your eyes.
You have many things to change
without disturb and tease them,
try to do a great thing tonight.

I’ll return to serenity and calm
to forget all this misery and pain.
Now I must go,
good by my friend don’t cry for me.
Now I must go forever more.

I was not talking about this,
you have misunderstood me.
Hold all those shadows behind.
Submit to no idea
but the unchained illusions.
Stay with the winners to win.

5. Life Through A Broken Mirror

Emerged from chaos you were born.
The watcher of my life.
I’m running down the mountains.
I wonder how long it lasts?
Could we all see you die?

Why! Just tell me why.
Why the sands of time
reflect the nightmares of my life,
rising from my eyes.

My eyes are covered with lies.
Blindness must entwine.
Like the fog over the Tyne,
ignorance cracks my mind.

Time’s passing by.
It takes what before the light was mine,
but now I understand.

I’ve seen my life through a broken mirror.
I’m not myself,
I’m a shadow of a broken dream / dying soul.
Beyond the walls of reality
The choirs of glory will sing on and on.

You have return from the depths of yourself
and now you are running to victory.

6. The Light Of Your Eyes

In a moment between the midnight
and the beginning of the dawn.
I heard for thousand stars
whispering your name.
Towards world end.
In solitude I stand.
The night's so cold
when you are not by my side.

I miss you, I need you, you are my guide.
Without you the way is over
and there’s no more else to discover.

I saw your face and for one moment in time,
I thought my dreams come true.
Eternity has just stopped to see you
once more time.
So don’t hide the light of your eyes.

7. Interlude


8. Take Me Away

Shadows follow my path taking my desires away,
hiding all my thoughts of love, life and wrath.
Dusk hell for my relief.
Two minds merged forever always walking to nowhere
with nothing to achieve.

Your heart reminds inviolate, guideless where your hands
enticing to sin, enthralled by you.

Wreathed in mist we were.
You can’t leave me here
in fire and brimstone.
Without you I’m all alone,
all alone in this world
so please, take me away!

Shadows are writhing at the sound of my footsteps.
I've started my way to you and I trust in finding you.

Uncoil your mind to me and show me who you really are.
Possess my heart and my body;
mesmerize me with your eyes.

9. Delirion

Smoking dreams in black and white
surrounds your walls and say you,
-the curtains fall when you really want to.
You wonder how, you wonder why
the signals flew away
unseen before you discovered who you are.

You are the one.
Your fears left trying to fade away
through the blackness’ gates.
Your smile appears so shy.
A vision guides you in the journey
to the hiding glory.

Delirion! Wait for the day,
when lost horizons rise again
to show you the way.
Delirion! Majestic veils of light
caress your skin to reach
Infinity’s delight.

10. I Lose Control

Forgotten wasps torment your mind
drawing chains around my head.
A sweet madness guides you through the shade
in search for sin and misery.

There’s no surrender, so dismal and so tender.
Pain bites my patience from deep within the howling stains.
I can’t hear whatever you say,
go away and let me stay.

Cause’ I lose control,
I don’t know what to do.
Something’s wrong, I’m crying for you.
At Lord Why’s domains sun is going down,
Rest your mind and try to forget.

Now I’m looking through your eyes and I see hopeless filth.
Damned by your own insane blind hate
can you hear angel’s cry?

11. Save My Soul

I have spent all my life on you.
Trying to follow the way of truth,
But now you have leave me at the gates of misery
And I disown your spell

Save my soul from the sorrow
Tell me why I can’t believe.
I’m far away from my faith,
I just want to see you again
to carry on.

I have shed blood and tears for you,
holding your banner so high to show them.
You are the one,
you are the sacred king of kings,
you are the bringer of light.

What is my faith for?
My life’s just a lie.
Give me another sign.
Keep me free from misery.
Nothing worst can come!

Rafa Carmona — Bass
Sergio Sáez — Guitars
Ana de Miguel — Keyboards
Christopher Ripoll — Vocals
Román Planelles — Drums

Thanks to deliriontheband for sending these lyrics.

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