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1. Revelation Of A Sinner

The light conquers the darkness
Where the divine blood flows
This is the source of the Truth
And the Eternal Glory

It awakes in my mind...everyday...
I try to lull it..I try to pray...
neverending fight with myself...
... I try to redeem myself...

Waterfall of light
Your name
Livid walls of rain
Your name
Suffering and fear
Your name
Desire from rightly dream
Your name
Faith hope love
The name of Sole God

In the simplicity of these words the Truth is hidden

Your name

It awakes in my mind...suddenly I try to hide it in depth of
memory...It is so difficult to forget...
that I still remember.

In the net of illusion
Suddenly you lose your faith
Life doesn't make sense
Just one step to betray
To stray somewhere
Between the dark and the dusk.
And the night is too short
To find yourself at last!

[written by P. Maslanka]

2. Plenitude Is A Perfect Vacancy

'Words move, music moves
Only in time [...]"

In the labyrinth of soul
The internal voice roams
He burns the flowers of dreams
The time is his alley
To destroy the youth and arduor
With the words of old man
They ruin souls of artist
With unnecessary criticism

Let the song fly to the sky
Let the cold walls cry
Let the melody dance with the crowd
Let the song sound through the night
Let Salome dance tonight
We will pay the biggest price
Our souls will reach salvation
Our sound will reach destination

Trying to touch the Plenitude in vain
We create new ideas
There won't be full satisfaction
"Plenitude is a perfect Vacancy"
"Words move, music moves
Only in time, but that which is only living
Can only die.
Words, after speech, reach into the silence.
Only by the form, the pattern
Can words or music reach
The stillness (...)"

[written by P. Maslanka except the last part - a fragment of. T.S. Eliot's poem "Neither plenitude nor vacancy"]

3. The Last Temptation

You breath so quietly
While you sleep
I wont to feel every breath of yours
I am not here
Silver smoke from your mouth
Flies away to the sky
It grows like ivy
Straining your hair
I want to be like it
Touch you and fly away...
My skin burns in fever
it is thirsty for your cold hands
Open your eyes, see me now...
The last temptation...
When you breathe so quietly
While you sleep
I catch each breath of yours

[written by P. Maslanka]

4. Dajmonion

The scent of roses
Embraces me
And the Thorn Bird is singing
United in suffering
Blood trickles from my wounds
The stigma of my greed
The artificial rose never dies
But I'm ravished by the wild rose
It smells most beautiful
When it's dying

My private Heaven
My private Lake of Tears
My private Temple
Of Crystal Ice

At the Edge Of Sanity
I've built the Castle Of Sand

Trying to hide
In depth of soul
I shred of mortality
Is unavailing
Fear will find it
Bitter rain falls down
From the clouds of my eyes
I've found purpose in life
To be always in motion

The rose my wither
But you cannot keep its smell

Please put one red wild rose on my grave...

[written by P.Maslanka]

5. Time Of Revenge

Mother Earth is stained by the blood of her children
Hostile whine of wind announces Death
Dead silence in forests instead of birds songs
Knights of the Wild Eagle will take revenge!

Time of revenge
Fire and sword
Time of revenge

In the battlefield
Knights are asleep
The moon has started the journey
In the fields of death
The moon is relpected in the puddles of blood

Time of revenge

[written by P. Maslanka]

6. Farewell

Feel my hands
Touch my pale face
My touch is vulnerable like a dust
It brings you lust
He came on wings of the wind
His vision in mortal mistress dream
He returned from the Shadow's Land
He was waiting for his bride
She was floating on the ware of delight
In his eyes she saw the depth of might
His kisses like wild wine
She saw candles of boundless right

Hold me tight
The sun is falling away
This fear every night
Every night I die

You can feel the body's heat
You don't know what it is
The frost of death
Hidden inside my vains

Hold me tight
Stop the time
Fly before it's not too late
I will be waiting till the End

When the clock struck midnight hour
They were dancing with desire
Those cursed words he said
His whispers: "Keep the faith"
In vain, it was too late
She forgot the love they've made
Fallen angel dying with teh starry night
Mystic preparation to eternal sleep

[written by P.Maslanka]

7. Sator

8. Eyes That Last I Saw In Tears

Eyes that last I saw in tears
Through division
Here in death's dream kingdom
The golden vision reappers

I saw the eyes but not the tears

This is my affliction
Eyes I shall not see again
Eyes of decision
At the door of death's other kingdom
Where, as in this
The eyes outlast, the tears
And hold us in decision.

[written by T.S. Eliot]

9. The Shapes And Shadows

The time was a dispassionate observer
The frost was penetrating his thoughts
It saw what was hidden inside
His cold kisses made her blind
It was better to pretend that
She didn't know the truth
Even Though she knew

Beyond the shell of her body
She hides her bloody tears
She has hnown the taste of grief
She knows what it is like
When the world falls to pieces

The shapes and shadows
Of their trembling bodies
Plaited in love embrace
This view is engraved in her soul

Her love sleep in the cold ground

The shapes and shadows
Of their trembling bodies
Plaited in love embrace
This view is engraved in her soul

The pain is a painter of artificial smiles

[written by P. Maslanka]

10. The Lamentable Monument Of Stone

I am young but I feel old age
I am at the Beginning but I feel the End
Here I am the lamentable monument of pride
On the monument of world standing on the top of this
I won't fly I've lost my wings
Free at last I hear the whisper of the wind
But I cannot find you in his eyes

Today a new monument of stone
Wind won't pull me down
Fire won't burn me
Only the drops of rain
Are hollowing our small clefts in my soul
These tears of Heaven will ruin the stone into dust

[written by P. Maslanka]

All music by DELIGHT

Delight are:
Paulina Maslanka - vocals
Jaroslaw Baran - guitars, some keybords and drums
Sebastian Wojtowicz - guitars
Piotr Szymanski - bass

additional musicians:
Tomasz Polczyk - keyboards
Daniel Kaczmarczyk - drums and male vocals

Thanks to mortycja for sending these lyrics.

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