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1. The Wound


2. Thralldom Decree

Today we know The Day has come
when Consternation falls
Today we wait into the Morning
Tear down the Walls!

So, this is The World they couldn't utter
We've been given the Voice of Reason
Now, why did they stutter?

No more! Your Voice is free!

It's a Trial & Tribulation
Years of sorrow and lamentation

Once proud, once unbeaten
The Kings have died, their Hearts were eaten
Sisters scorned, brethren beaten
Put to blame by laws unwritten
Such shame when Truth can't make it's way
It's a Trial & Tribulation
Years of sorrow and lamentation
What we've done for our eyes to see
What we've done to set our Voices free
A Thralldom Decree

Today we stand
Today we cannot fall
Today the Will is strong

3. Raided

Fear and detestation, acute suffering
Tied in exploitation, burning from within

kept away from Retribution
no Equity befell
Time can never heal the wounds
It can't erase this Hell

Loathed, despised by the loved that could not see
The Face and anemic Heart, slain from agony
Dressed in Tears, with Death in Hand
turned and ran away, Confident in Misery
In Darkness did content

Lashed by emotion, harrowed day by day
Spit into the Face of Gods, with thirst for their Decay
Cry upon the decadent, upon the harrowed Life
Clamor loud in discontent, to end this Timeless Strife

4. Paramours In Vain

When our Wind is wild
a glower rests into your eye
I am the Sun, you are the Rain
we're like Paramours in Vain

See, your Dawn is nigh
Wake the Fire, make Dreams alive
See the curing of the falling rain
Know, it is like when Warmth heals the Pain

Fire, My Sun I never shall espy
That Veil is gone
Before the Claws will grasp the Dawn

We wait upon the
brink of Night
as we touch the falling rain
We are Paramours in Vain

The growth abiding
it's here to stay
Our Hearts to cherish
Our Hearts are safe

Our time grants those moments
of Thrill and joy that we need
Hours and hours for our Hearts
to feed with all Emotion that
we breed

Gifts we gave and Thoughts we saved
are Traps we used and
Love we craved
Fire we craved, our Sun in Vain
Paramours in Vain

5. Beautiful Fire

There She stands revered by the Mountains
Praised by my Heart
There She waits for Light to come
To meet her Tongue in Darkness

Such Monument of Bliss
All love turned foul
by the Manifest of Kiss
no doting found
Reaching hands to reconcile
Meeting hands to shield the Fire

There She stood with Eyes peered at Darkness
Her lips wore A Smile
The Flesh so true a vision of allure
A Beauteousness of Fire

Oh, call my Name right into the Morning
a New Day burning before Me...for Me!

Chest wide open
with naked Heart
I assent to You
Take me whole
My Treasured Sun
Be my Lightning Tomb

Burn in Me!

6. Craven

Fears of shallow existence
strayed me toward the Emptiness
Never know the Difference
Never know the Truth
Craven in Wretchedness

Following The Shadow
The unrestrained Darkness

Dwelled in ignorance
until the Mornings of Hate
greeted that vile Face
No treason, no shame
No awful disgrace

Lost among these conclusions
amidst the flesh so craven
Cannot shout "vidim"
Cannot stand beyond this carnal
Beyond earthly, vacant shell

Still I cower, still I beseech,
"Come Redemption!"
Throw me beyond this chasm
of undivided twilight

High Consecration above me
As Illumina's thwarting The Night
This immurement of conception
of existence and reality

Fears of shallow existence
strayed me toward the Emptiness
Never know the Difference
Never know the Truth
craven in Wretchedness

...And Fallen I've taken your Sign,
and Fallen I've taken your Light
of treason and poisoned mind

I'm Fallen, I abandoned my pride
And Fallen I've let out my cries
but never have taken your Side

7. False Endearment

With agony and pain
I realize that all I've struggled for
was all in vain

I've seen the signs, 'stood the facts
Justified my shameful acts
of Prudence and Endearment
that was false

Tried to share the warmth and care
my Passion, my worship
that was false

Heart pains of blood filled with deceit
Affection buried, yet still burns deep
beneath...My Skin

I must be strong
must carry on
must leave it all behind me
tho' can't comprehend it's bitter end

But truly now it's gone
It has been killing me for far too long
For far too long

8. Providential Love

Everyday seclusion
And Providential Love
The emotional intrusion
it's hauling me above
desolation and torture!

We knew we were face to
face, one unto Another
We knew we were true
Disgrace, yeah, we were other
kind of Scullions to
Emotional Alliance
Bound to stray from
the rituals of fatuous,
in Defiance

Beneath the realm
of unawareness we cling
to the Arms of Affection
There is no law
There is no sense
No other form of implication
when facing rejection

Everyday seclusion
and vindictive deeds
The emotional illusion
is casting us beneath

9. Sundays Lament

Bright morning on Dark Sunday
Broke into my Dream
Calm and rapture faded
Your impression dimmed

Wish I'd never wake again, wish You'd never leave
Wish I'd dream until The End, when You would meet me
as that Morning Ray, that brightened,
Revealed my wicked way

I wish I'd never dream again, I wish we'd never met
I wish I could have turned again, I wish this Dream was dead

False were all the Angels, false was The Hope of Light

I have been left to my dismay,
couldn't see that Day coming right my way
Hate came into every word I said,
by Demons been misled and I had wanted that

I had left to your dismay, wished to see that Day
Coming up your way
Hate was in every word you said

10. In Pulchritude Adorned

Sane obsession of Golden Bliss, of Ecstasy
To wash His face, to see it beaten clean

Leave the face of flawed disgrace,
It's hope you need to save
embarrassment, indignity
resides in the hearts of brave

And I do remember I've been here before
standing 'gainst the mountain
of Praise, Admiration and of Scorn

And I know I've been there before
venerating the depraved in pulchritude adorned
And I still remember I've been there before
Took that final step of hell servitude reborn

There's a weakness no requital, no enmity
Frail we've fallen down in utter empathy

11. Trial & Tribulation


12. Day Of Solace

The Sky awaits your Day of Solace
Our day of hands entwined
Your face awaits the Touch of Solace
That calms your restless mind

The scent of dew
I know it's there
It's You

Each passing day
Behind that Wall
It's You

Now what do you feel
when you're far from here
Where is your Heart
Where falls your Tear
Doubt and despair shall
hamper and stew your soul
Rise! Say "No"!
Say "No"! Cry your Denial!
For icons forlorn
must not be reborn

Death to all!

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