Dark Lyrics


1. Legates Of Blackness (Prologue)


2. Path Of Lamentation


3. Last Valediction


4. A Cry Of Revolt

Now, do you hear me
Can you touch my shade
Can you taste the bitterness
Of tears frozen in despair
Now, will you strike upon me
Will you boast of imprecation
There is no cross for me to bear
There is no temple I would step in

Hear me!
This is no retreat,
But a clamor of war!
A cry of unrest and utter revolt
A portent of profanity to be
An eternal irreverence
For the king I had never seen

Be gone!

One moment an era
One graze to kill
One step to candor
This war to win
To the raider of life
To this weakling sanctified
I cry these words of hate
The anthem of denied

Feeble earthlings brought down to the ground
Their dreams shattered
Their hopes extinct
Now isn't it strange to see them begging
Broken down with souls defeated
Craven and woebegone they die

There is no hope
There is no gate out
There is no vision
Or eyes to see the truth
That awaits beyond their lies

A new moment for me to see their fall
At very time that raven calls
With the breath of ny father
Come Deliverance of the Fall

... Such anger to see further
From the lies and deception
For the cost of this pure soul's demise...

5. Covet The Encounter

Do you hear me?
Can you touch my shade?
Do you feel my wretchedness?
My arrant fall of faith

Do you hear me...?
Do you hear...?
Do you feel me...?

"I can hear you
I can feel your shade
Let me ease my passing
and the torment that was made
Let me caress your heart
and disentangle your utter grief
Let me unfetter the dreams
in which you once believed"

6. Breaking The Wall

Now, who leads the way
With all the gods astray
Through this bitter times
of sorrow and dreadful dismay?

Now, shall we never see
else than blinding lights of creed
Is there more than this pestilence,
this appalling decadence?

"We will lead the way
Blow these gods astray
Break our chains
Break this wall
come Deliverance of the Fall"

"With eyes that gape at darkness
one can never see the day,
a day of starvation,
a day of slavery,
a day some wish to see."

7. The Hand Of Truth

With eyes that gape at darkness,
one can never see the day.
Day of starvation.
Years of slavery.
Life of misery.
The day will never see.

Hold the hand of truth
and follow you own light
Heed the words of truth
Trust the path that's right

That will lead you into the safety of the night!

8. Call Of Deliverance

Bring me down,
down to the ground.
There is a kingdom I have found
within the soil, in this turmoil.
To kill the creed.
To make me free.

Souls to save and Lives to save
from their lies that enslave
A final call for freedom
For a better day
As we cut the throat
to these Kings of Treason
For we are the blade that
carves our way through the time.

9. Epilogue


10. The Renaissance Of Purity

[Bonus Track]

My Face in Soil
To Root out the Coil
The Fear out of My Life

Heart has turned to stone
And skin has overgrown
the scars of my given time

It seemed like an every day
Fear seemed to burn away
You came as a friend

By Soil embraced
By Sun set ablaze
Cleansed once more I am set free

These crimson stains are melted by water
Drained by a dead Tree
Dream no Dream
Cares do not seem
To cry out their need

A Sea of Tears comes pouring down your face
Like a true essence of purity that springs of utter grace

My Face in Soil
To Root out the Coil
The Fear out of My Life

See the Eyes of Stone
to the whole world they've been shown
And I did not know

Seemed like an every day
Fear seemed to burn away
You came as a friend

Artur Felicijan - Vocals, Guitars
Botjan Ivancic - Guitars
Andrej Bohnec - Bass
Garghuf - Drums
Alen Felicijan - Keyboards

Thanks to fulhamboi_1993 for sending these lyrics.

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