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1. A Gathering Of Memories

Within the bleak walls of this great castle, i
shield my eyes and hide from the light
Tears of blood fall from my face, as i cast my
mind back through ancient times
It must have been centuries since i took my
last supper in anothers company
I feel the loneliness even more without my
beloved who shared it all with me
For she died three hundred years ago, her
lifeblood drained as much as mine
Yet she never drank from that others vein, the
nectar that brought eternal life
Through all the years i left a trial of blood,
but failed to quell the loss inside
Oh yes! this story is about my bride

Yes it is possible to know "pain" without a
That night of August though centuries ago
Has left me lonely

No life! No light
No love! I truly died

Now i found someone who cared for me, should i
promise her eternal life?
For i don't believe i can forget, meeting in
these cold december nights
I awoke to realise that love is real, but
should i tell her all? I couldn't decide
Only later i found that she had already gone,
too late now to change her mind
Once again i'm a prisoner in this castle,
forced into shadow away from the light
The blody tears still falling, as i sought
relief in recalling those ancient times
Still i dwell like a leech on the blood of
others, never will i claim whats mine
Oh yes! this is a story about ME and MY life!

I am the eternal, never will i be free
Those sunfilled landscapes are just a memory
That leaves me lonely

What should i do
Riding the winds of despair!

2. Upon The Highlands I Fought

Down from the hills, we came like wolves!
My blade sung for glory
Adrenaline coursing through my veins
My eyes shone bright in fury
Of the clans we numbered thousands
Our war-cry as one breath
Victory or death!

Throughout the battle my prowess grew
My steel tasted blood
Enemies cowered before me
And with my sword became as one
Until i felt a piercing in my chest
As my soul was claimed by death
Into nothingness!

Then i awoke
From a sleep of centuries
Nothing left
But some painful memories

The times i beheld with sword in hand are over
The times i walked the highlands are now gone
And now i long for those proud days more than

3. A Last Lament

Yes it's true, my life-story is one of a
Yet nothing can bring me back what was taken
For my heart is still burning with her flame
I hope i can still join her, whatever the pain
Why not? I was the one who forced her from me
I murdered myself a hundred times, you can see
the lines
Oh, when i realised what i had done to her
I thought of every way to undo the crime
That we could make it how it used to be
No! Why?

You cannot imagine how desperate i feel
This all seems so dream-like and unreal
Time1 What is time to someone in grief
I can't even shed tears, just this blank
Perhaps i cried once a century ago
Here i stand shadowed by the trees and the
midnight moon
Commiting this sad tale onto paper
And to tell you, please think of me!
Who created this pain I suffer inside?
Who condemned me!
To this immortality!!?

Reborn with no name
It can never be the same
No more peace for me
I give myself to eternity!

4. I Have Done As You Did

Yes, you bade me follow
And I made that choice
By my own oath beholden
I pledged my blood honour
I'll come into your kingdom
And feel the dark passion

I have done as you did

These sleepless nights
Cold sweat on the palms
My hair danced with
The wind through the window
One step until!
We meet again

I have done as you did

5. Lost Forever

It's raining outside!
Staining this black coat, but!
You wouldn't know!
A cold and Grey sky
Drowning all my tears but!
Your eyes are closed!

No! No!

Every minute seems like a lifetime
The past is slowly killing me!
Never will this leave my mind
I'm haunted by the memory!

No! No!

This is a bitter loss for me

6. The Awakened

Sorrow is the path i'm doomed to wander, in
this hunger for blood!
A cold unlife I never desired, for the endless
nights drag on!
The night! the night

At first i would not believe this was for
real, so i cut myself but no blood fell
All recollection of past life gone, the taste
and smell of the daylight world
Fear, fear

Last view of daylight!
I haunt the night!
In a coffin i hide!

"Come to feed my uncontrolled desire, my
precious beauty
I'll grant you a gift you'll not see in this
A walk through the labyrinth of eternity
Close your eyes, you'll soon awake in

Lies, lies!

One by one they died, all those who were my
Living in hell I call this, cursed with pain
and bitterness!

Can't look at the sun!
To darkness reborn!
For my life i mourn!

7. The Gothic Statue

Ancient and lifeless, like god's perfect idols
The statues looked down and unspeaking saw
The hypocrisy uttered within these four walls
Is this the palace of a just god at all?

For many were the wars we saw, many fought and
God's kingdom prospered upon those corpses
piled high
Giving sanctimony to slaughter, the churches
killed for christ
We saw that their religion was the hand that
held the knife

Now the altar is silent and claimed by the
This building crumbles from disuse and
The annals of infamy attest to the last great
Religion is a whore (and we the fools)!

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