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1. I Ruler Of Paradise In Black

Born for a destiny that has yet to come
I saech for the holy son
He, who denied my god from the almighty throne
His empire shall be forever gone
In my search for the disgusting nazarene child
Many sliver-tears shall be cried

You... disgusting nazarene
Ah! Hide! Hide!
My hate to you is eternal
Bleed, bleed, bleed

Thou who tried to bring me down by Megiddo's
Thy blood shall be coloured black
Finally, when i find that nazarene childsfuck
of god
His blood will spill, lying torn, torn, torn
Then the heavenly skies of the saints will
turn black
See the child hung on his neck

Now... Ruler of the dark
Hail! Hail!
Crush the golden gates
Forever, forever, forever...

Silvertears were cried...

2. The Final Affliction Of Xafan

A hurricane approaching fantastic and
In the horizon the ultimate thunder
proclaiming it's reign
Continual flashes perpetual ligthnings
The arrival of the grandsin, revealed in
The satanic power unmasking the lies of the
Instauring the kingdom of darkness, the truth
of pain…

Amazing gift, lord satan!
In the eye of the typhoon, thunder is
Diabolical rituals of destruction and dark
A living nightmare with with a tenebrous
Billions of bloody drops falling upon the
crushed buildings
Under the gothic ruins, the cadavers of

Sculptures of angels crumbling from the
religious monuments
Menacing gargoyles remain upon the cursed
These worrying presences applauding the razor
In romanesque churches, hundreds of believers
For the dissapearance, without succes, of this
nocturnal evi
Because the tunnel vaults are burying their
desperate plans

Beyond all the basilicas, campaniles, churches
and cathedrals
Dominating the flamboyant, the romanesque, and
the perpendicular
Announcing the coming of another blackened era
Sustained by the ancient power of Goetia
Penetrating the sacred ornament, and the
desecrated churches
It's the ultimate force of the blasphemous
prince of evil

And i am the prince des tenebres, illuminated
by the power of Xafan!

I am the Vortex
I am the Beast
I am the Disease
I am the bloody Axe
I am the sadistic Sex
I am the dark Abyss
I am the Fear
I am the occult Hex…

And now you are mine...

3. A Shining Blaze Over Darkland

Look at the wastelands of tomorrow
...What a beautiful sight
The sand turned into black stone
...The sea turned to ice
Sunlight covered by eternal shadows
That the light of the moon has raised
The everlasting entity forever praised
... Oh... my Lord i will be blessed

On the land of glory
Where the wiseman speaks
All unholy powers come together
Mankind shall bleed
In their deepest sleep
Their souls will be raped
Seas of happines turned to tears
Heaven forever cries
In the forest of darkland
We worship the demonic blaze
Darkland the unholy place
We praise...

Always feed the burning flame
In the sky is emblazoned your name
On the ground the angel feathers lie
A monument to their helpless cries

Merciless, heaven no more
Those who resist
Look upon the mighty blacksword
Burned as offerings
We need the purest souls
Souls to feed the reborn one
Ruler of darkland
In who exists all demonic power
Growing every hour
The unpure holocaust
Goes on and on
We praise…

You ruler of almighty Darkland
You and darkness are one hand
The blaze stands for you
All the gods must bow!

4. Under The Autumn Tree

It was on a late rainy night, many years ago
I was born under the autumn tree of November
My hans were so little and my eyes so small
Years have passed by and still i do not know
What happened, what became of that infant
That laid in a cradle of October leaves

As i look inside my inner cosmos, and open the
…To my soul i can see the battle that rages
Look at the flowers that died, the feeble
Of this sick humanity that wants to take my
Then there was that voice in the land of
Who told me that i am the pillar of a new era

The more i wrote, the more i read, the more i
Every piece of my dreamland became that much
From that day forward, i knew who i was...

Stand for me...
Bow for me...
Bleed for me...
Pray for me...

I still remember the pain
The wounds…still remain
I crowned myself immortal
My path to glory shall be endless

I rule the dead...
I rule my life...
I rule your life...
I rule over the red...

As the night swallowed my soul
I felt the power i behold
No one stands up to me anymore
I gave my hand in a salute to death...

5. Here Lies My Kingdom

Phantasmagoric hill of sadness
Beyond the toxic black clouds
A magnificent castle in flamboyant style
A monstrous mass of of ashlar and ice
With splendid gigantic aedicules
Framed with phallic columns and
Mysterious blind arcading, with
Misericordian decorated frescoes
A sanctuary for ceremonial unholyness
An invitation to the realm of darkness

I am alone in my dark castle
Standing in the dep catacombs
Searching for new inspiration amongst
This cryptic sanctuary of meditation
The gathering place of raddled bats
Watching through the rose-window, feeling
The presence of a menacing air, possessing
A voluptuous face, enters the black chamber
The tenebrous architectural rules of
It's in the end of ancient time of Saltire

Turning back to the perpendicular tabernacle
For celebration with an unblessed sacrament
The deep atmosphere is as ever, nightmarish
The dreams are beginning in the asembly of
Coven members, the essence of my own mind
The hatred, proceeding into the ambulatory
Solitude in castle of horrors
Solitude under the trefoils
A mysanthropic life in a mysanthropic silence

6. My Travels Through The Midnight Sky

Breathing my last breath, as i lay stabbed on
the floor
The last ceremony of the priest will help me
no more
As they wrapped me in black, and put me into a
I knew for sure… I would return!

You fuckers, you're going to pay for what
you've done to me
Now i dwell thoughout the night… a reason for
The window stood open, as i slipped into your
That morning after, your soul dissapeared… You
were so cold

For candles burned all around, there was a
dinner for two
Someone else sat in my place, with my loved
one in front
As i looked into their deeply horrified and
stone-cold eyes
I knew for sure… They would die!

Yes oh yes, I touched their scared flesh,
their remorse couldn't
Help them no more… their souls left with me
into the night
As the last tears were cried… as i became one
with the earth
I finally could rest… 'til i returned on my
path through the night
My travels throught the midnight sky…

7. Red Is My Blood… Cold Is My Heart

So empty inside, like a life that ends
A sun that goes down, never shines again
Heart ripped out, stone cold hole left
Sleeping forever, the only choice i have
No more dreams, all faith is lost forever

The pain in my soul… seems so endless
Waiting for everlasting salvation
All is gone...

See the leaves come down, so begins the end
Look at the sky-shine with the wintermoon
Frost has set in, and all feels so cold
Depression inside reaches the highest
I am going to lay down and rest… Darkness

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