Dark Lyrics


1. Life Taker

I laid with pigs and drank their swill
Should have been the killer not to be killed
Had me on my knees and fingers dug deep
Knife against my throat
Slowly drawn back
You watched me die
Walked me to the altar of sacrifice
Promised me forever after
It was all just a lie
...just a lie

When your vagina should have dripped with honey
It was just a chalice filled with my own blood and semen
You were witness to the fall look at the monster I have become
Fucking was an act of stigmatization
Two languid souls of desperation naked flesh
Two haters entwined
Eyes blind and hands bind
Zero three one five
Look at the monster I have become
I am not the punisher
I am the punished and undone
Lover of violence
This dance we dreamed
The shit I have had to eat
Just me another lover
Crawl up into you to be with those pigs
If that was all you wanted
Then why restrain
Why chain and detain
You could have let me taken my last breath
The noose tied
Here comes the little death

Enjoy this
These are my last words
I am that monster I have become
This is my hate for you in tongue
The serpent won't forget you
Life taker he can smell you... dripping
Your wet with being the faithless
Whilst I kill myself
But I survive
You cannot have my future


Taker of my life

2. For This I Silence You

Raping the light before my eyes
No sense of awareness
Everything dies
From dawn to the end of all times
Dreams faded to dust
From above,
All seems so cold
There is nothing
Stop screaming
No one listens

I've seen this coming
The craving to take is god-like
Bitter flavor
Crowning this moment forever
Crowning this moment forever

Please let me go I want to live
There is no need... no need for this

Stories are about to be told
Mine ends here for no reason
You're eyes are wide open
The screams statued alike... alike

For this, I live
This is the reason
This is the reason
This is the reason
For this I silence you

3. The Weak Have Taken The Earth

Falling down
No one there to catch you
The voices in my head I hear
Stay to oppress


Now I come into your life
Swallow me deep inside
Silence the old
I'm feeding your pain
Instead of going away
I took blood lust with me
You were given to me
You were my last resort

I weaken your body and infest your mind
I was told to heal
You can't change what I am
The evil in your head forever to enslave
Many died by my hand

You made me do this
You made me do this!

Now I come into your life
Swallow me deep inside
Silence the old
I'm feeding your pain
Instead of going away
I took blood lust with me

A vicious circle
Trapped inside my head
My heart is bleeding my soul scourged
The sound, ear deafening
As I fall onto the ground
Finally I leave

Death take my hand

4. Buried Under The Frangipanis

Buried under the frangipanis
Your child is hidden
His beautiful smile was taken into wickedness
My taste for the vile and pain
Has devoured his innocence
Breathtaking the sunset on his last day of suffering
Bleeding into the sunrise
For him, there is no tomorrow
How hollow his mother's sobs and pitied sorrows
Heightened was my pleasure
Enlightened I have become


With his stillness
I grew even colder

In a hundred lashes I watched him bleed
Bended over my knee, he did plea
He called for you, mother
Then darkness knows my heart
I cut him apart, butchered into a thousand pieces
And on my plate, I ate his innocent soul
My desire was sate

(Mother, his future desired of a wife and loving family)

His dreams, I fucking shattered
In my sickness for lust, flesh and blood
My little adventure is all for me to keep... silence
All of your tears won't bring back your sunshine
...back from the grave
God now has him all to himself

5. Dead Horse

Where there once was a love and a beautiful dream
On my knees, bleeding, crippled and high on morphine
Motherfucking amphetamine is taking me away from me
Slave to tears, the grief and your never-ending melancholy
I am singing a tune of the devil, but really there was an angel
Inside I was hiding by getting high all the fucking time
I was a poem to death
The funeral hearse was a horse drawn cart, and the horses are dying
And Satan sat at side mocking me and whispered:
"Your time is up"
"You belong to me my fucking demon"
And he said unto me
And I fell

There was a horrible realization I was and am all alone
It was loathsome to be blinded
Lost and all but forgotten
Fucking you was no satisfaction the mind was only open to escaping
It was putrefaction
You sacrificed and for fornication
You a perceived crown
Made pure by deceit
Legs opened, smell of lust and decomposing lovers
Your wish to be with another
...has fucked me... has fucked me

6. Dusk

Earth weeps as tears
Red from the sky
Falling upon unhallowed ground
The suffering went silence
As no screams are to be heard
Many prayers left to be unanswered
We have been forsaken
Stabbed and strangled remembering only sheer terror and pain
Where is that savior
The one shining so bright
Releasing us from this endless agony
All around is the eye of ignorance and denial looking the other way

No anniversaries for you are forgotten
There is no place to say your prayers
Deep below you are buried
Never to be free

(As we mourn into eternity we dwell
You with your eyes closed
We will come and get you
For you are damned)

7. There Is No Eden

The mere moment of suffering and pain means nothing to me
I was born taken my heart by sadistic intent
Amongst many, I am the invincible and silent
You won't see a star shining and weeping to you
The wolf in my eyes is sleeping and feeding on hatred
A smile like being a peaceful fa├žade
No matter what I am the erupting volcano speeding your death
Bury my sin in God's hands for I am innocent

I will stop your sunrise and nightfall
God told me so, this is what I feel
Waking up, this world is still the same
My hunger silenced for a moment

Seeded in my infant dreams
The serpent wide awake
Empathy, my alienated brother fallen from grace
The voice speaking my mind, leading my will
In Hades you'll mourn no star to be seen
Torture your mind and sodomizing your flesh
Over and over again
A cycle never ending to the end of days
The serpent forever to stay
There is no Eden
Collecting your screams and cherish the still image in your eyes

I will stop your sunrise and nightfall
God told me so, this is what I feel
Waking up, this world is still the same
My hunger silenced for a moment

Taken your life
Buried deep
Cemented with blood
I wake up day after day with your memories now to be mine... mine
God looks the other way
Nobody seems to care... seems to care
For I am the end
I am the end

For I am the end
I am the end

8. Silhouette

Witness to an atrocity
I have sewn stench of death and decomposing
Was to eat a 1000 sins
I am the eater of sin
Black birds pick at my flesh
Cleaning meat from bone
You laying in arms of naked flesh and needles

And maggots like you still are here to receive the forgiveness of your sorry lord
What is more evil:
The edge that is filled with heroin or blood or?
It is the sons and daughters of a generation dying
When your time has come

Why just to fly and fall
How will she feel tomorrow
When her only daughter
Was fucked gutted and taped in silence
Her eyes fixated on yours
In her last moments, she watched you
Watching in haze of drugged fueled orgy

Your hollow and dazed eyes
You walked your baby into the act that had to follow
Be sure my child of light, you are forgiven
I am taking you into darkness

Thanks to tombless1986 for sending these lyrics.

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