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1. Pluto's Ovoid Orbit

[Music by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

2. Salus Deceived

[Music and Lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

It was invoked in my dreams.
Moreover, I desired it. My life-elixir;
it has been taken from me, to the very last pearl.
My iris, covered with a grey-shade;
darkens the light in my eyes.
A little sprinkle of light holds on to what we call life.
...Appearing to be the almost eradicated glow of firewood;
the source of ALL.
The fire that once shined so bright.
The light finally dead, welcoming an uprising smoke, heralding my
From here;
I'll start my travel.
Now, where is my Shangri-la, as you promised me?
Are you the angel saying that this is not my destiny?
Saying I should travel home, my body is waiting for me?
Continuing that path, be attended with disheartenment!
Endowed with a second life;
this angel granted me only misery.
I had to find my body again, embraced by dirt within the earth.
I awoke the fire inside to walk this God-forsaken earth again.
Invoking razor-blade dreams.
I'm bathing in blood, coloured....red.
Why me, why Tantalus is my destiny?
Being like Hydra, all of it is useless.
Redeemed from a thousand deaths;
I'm anchored to pain.
YOU my angel, are going to endure the Dianthus crown.

3. Odourless Alliance

[Music and Lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

Mothers orteria uterina, a foreseen tomb.
Agony awaits me.
With my eyelids closed, a darkened vault welcomes me.
A torturous garden unfolded, to the end of time.
I have learn to walk it, until I have grown immemorial.
Chained in this body, I'm gasping for air.
All that I'm breathing now, is the malodour of poisoned...disheartenment.
The nails in my heart; an invitation of pain.
It will make me fall apart, like a puzzle beyond repair!

4. Tantalised In This Labyrinth

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

As in a cellar;
I look upon four dark walls.
While the sun smiles to others, but me.
Waterdrops penetrate the ceiling;
giving back to me,
the semblance I used to have.
Madness... Dream or truth?
Fascinating it was;
yet I was given another impression.
Unlike this one.
Please give me a hand, because it was damnation who brought me here.
The bricks turn to dirt, as the ceiling seems to be a bed of holcus
You are stale...
Have you buried what we have sworn to each other?
I'm your blood.
And you, yes you... You are my thought!
Come and free me from this garden of pain.
Grab a shovel and dig me out!
Don't leave me here...

5. The Crimson Tides - Ocean Of Soliloquy Pt.II

[Music by Marco Kehren/Deinonychus, Lyrics by Shane Davison/winter 2000]

I was the serpent;
the fallen lover in this silent night.
The crimson tides wash upon me, wade in the oceans, truth believer.
I pained on bloodied hands and knees.
I received disease, tasted poison, died... and all for you!
Floating here in the devil eyes, no laughing, there's no nothing.
No longer need your sombre embrace, gracious eve.
Your decaying heart seems... Lifeless.
Now that the oceans are so calm and blue, I have forgotten you.
Magdalena, have you forgotten me?
I have tasted the razor-blade, been wasted;
played my part of the prostitute.
Danced at funerals, hide myself behind a veil of equivocation;
called out for you, you weren't there.
Walked into the cold waters to stop the bleeding,
held out my arm to be a witness, to find some belief,
but... nothing is the truth.
It was all emptiness in the hurt.
If I was to throw a single coin into the ocean, one single coin...
It would take FOREVER to reach you...

6. Selek From Menes

[Music and Lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

There's Me, I've fallen from grace.
An angel to be, but without wings.
Exhalting pain, as you belief.
But unlike your script...
Artemis is my name!
Die... Orion, you are no more...
gathered with the stars of the night.
Poisoned and gone.
I am your fear, walking around with pride.
Antares, red and luminous;
I'll make you crawl!
I am the occult, the mystical in man.
Unlike Orion, you can be saved from my pain.
But don't you ever bury, I'll always ascent from the dead.
My poison, still a menace, might be YOUR destruction.

7. A Misleading Scenario

[Music and Lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

"Hello", I said to my last life.
Buried my flesh;
withered and captured in the earth's vault.
The fragrance of my perfume doesn't matter anymore;
life is no more, it's useless this all.
Now, I'm Israfiel.
Walk through me...
The rain are my tears, soaking the earth...
Hollow are my eyes.
Judas said; " A heart never dies"...
Why I don't bleed inside anymore, is it really true that am I no more?
Pain vessels me to my seat, and you said;" I would die for you".
I have spoken all your words as you taught me, and I believed them all!
Now, all you did was say:" I would die for you".

8. The Obscure Process Of Metamorphous

[Music by Marco Kehren/Deinonychus, Lyrics by Shane Davison/winter 2000]

Everyday... everywhere, I see lifeless,
soulless corpses walking down cold lonely streets,
the methamphetamine dreams distort focus, their tongues;
the serpent speaks, obsidian.
A grey funeral hearse passes by, with the scent of lotus flowers burning,
a still mourners winters sky.
Dark nebula creeping up upon my spine,
it is like breathing liquid... with deaths passion, tasting like crimson wine.
Bruised lips. A heartless kiss. And a wave goodbye.

9. Arrival In Mesopotamia

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

Your visit came to me as a pleasant surprise.
What is it that you want from me?
I have died and been buried!
Your offer... being an endowment;
walking hand in hand.
Does this mean I'll rise again from this bone-collected earth?
I'll give you back what once was mine, you'll give me back what once was yours.
We shall see again, bleed again, walk again; regain the pain.
Let us go now, I'm so lonely up here...
My eyes are burned by the sun.
I start over where my life begun.
The world turns, there is night and day.
In Babylon we've been taught to pray.
I enjoy the falling rain, but who's carrying my burden of pain?
I want to go back in the earth again.
Close the window, and let the sun go home.
But now there's you: Nemesis.
Now I'm sitting here, indicting this all down.
Naked I am... for all those years.
My soma turned to dust; my bones, useless at all.
I'll rest in the arms of Morpheus.

10. Ancient Dreams

[Music and Lyrics by Leif Edling/CANDLEMASS]

[Published by Active records.]
[Original version available on CANDLEMASS' "Ancient Dreams"Lp/Cd 1988.]

Reach deep within where reality is hard to find
Search in the corners of the winding mazes of your mind
Seek out the treasures that open doors that some keep sealed
Believe in your dreams and a wonderworld will be revealed
Come to the boundless land somewhere inside your fantasies
Built by dreams and magic the secret place that none have seen

Chase the horizons, catch the illusion
Remember the child within
There's no tomorrow just sadness and sorrow
Hold on to the Ancient Dreams

Great kings and tyrants, unicorns and elflords
Devils and demons, dungeons and dragons
Phoenix is rising up from the ashes of the wind
Born into glory, then back to ashes once again
High flies the dragon, the ruler of the seven skies
Riding the winds, not knowing that he just can't die

See how the wizard cast his spell with maddened eyes
Using his magic to reach the heavenly skies
Witness the alchemist turning all his lead to gold
Try after try, begging that his fantasy will hold
See how the rainbow bends it shape into the sea
Follow the sign and your dreams will be reality

11. Ascension - The 40th Day After Easter

[Music and Lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

By the window you stand; palisaded and dressed in grief...
You where beloved in a heartfelt way.
Mourning a lengthening day, my eyes in tears.
A heart full of disbelief...
Forever gone...
Left in this place, while a sunbeam through the window alters my face.
No chance in taking my pain.
The seeds of the weeping willow are being sown inside of me.
A timeless mourn... day and night.
Outside the window, life is smiling at me.
It bids me out, wished it could ease the pain over... my lost life.
Why? I'm gonna travel the Tabor's back;
in hope to find my soul, above her head.
Jade are my feet from walking.
This, a forlorn quest.
Tabor is a myth like others.
Disillusioned I return homewards...
Lonely as I am.
Homewards the grass grows green, surrounded by flowers in bloom.
A consuming jaundice comes my way...
My heart is torn. At last, my spirit and I romance about the past.
We have been rejoined...!
Today, we'll walk over a bed of French rye,
for I have planted back the seeds of the weeping willow in the earth again.

We are together now....
No more dwelling in a burden of pain!

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