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1. Nightfall Guides Insomnia To Be An Everlasting Mental Torture, With This Being The Concequence

Carried away by the kiss of the night, heaven pitch black, the moon my only guide
My eyes gazing holes, mirror a timeless labyrinth, downstairs I go for a while
The most abominate memories arise, piercing through the night, no invitation applied
Mentally cursed this journey, paralyzed eyelids, pushed the pause-button of life
Riding the beast for such a long time, surreal madness, no sleep will ever arrive
Scarlet visions of my open pulse, liquid draining away, is this a dream to be told?
Chaotic and picturesque, voices strangled to death, without any emotion expressed
Where to find the beauty of sleep, is it for sale somebody say, killing my conciousness

Insomnia is my name
Raping your peace
Piercing you
I give you timeless thoughts
Cold and sweated limbs
Exhausted you'll awake
Memories painting torture
Walk like the dead

Hell on earth killing time, murder peace of mind, by daylight condemned to be blind
Returning every night, countless and deformed, the horror roaring inside
Jumping from the edge, no more nights appear, quietly and yet peaceful
Weakened and dead flesh, remains of utter punishment, peace at last.

2. We Have Uncovered A Question And Now We Must Unearth The Answer

Thrown through a window, naked they had to fall
Easy prey for knives to seize, screaming and applauding
Tongues tasting the odour, the eyes anaesthetized, witness
Barely motivating forward, the question to this dismayed answer
Bones that fathoming immensely, while crushing on the pavement
Aghast they gazed amongst us, not willing to answer at all
Chained and adhered by faith, scripted words to be obeyed
A trail of bloodied feathers left, resolving the knives quest
Machines spawning heavenly music, silently they stop smiling
Throw back your steaming laughter, and close that window forever

We cannot find the answer to this all, clouded our visions are
The blood mirrors many questions, unable to reveal the answer

Heavy the weight, carrying the soulless, holes to be emptied
Stabbing on and on, amusing the heartless, follow the blade

Stripped naked, winter welcomes them with a warm surface, questioning
The years have taken the young and the old, knives never asleep
Stop this madness from taking my sanity, the window is nearby
I see them coming on the stairway, the knives welcoming their bearing

3. To Diagnose The Fortunes Of Paranoia Consuming Consciousness And Sanity

Curtains fell from the night, divulging blasphemy, orifice wound
Amassing from the flames, raining from the blue, ashes remain
Immersed by intense heat, melting tissue burns, pale is my skin
Injected fuel penetrating my veins, boiling my brains, satisfactory diagnose

Dissever me, entomb me
Killing me, entomb me
Grass is growing here, smiling upon me, blackened soil remains
Glass pieces mirror, horrifying silhouettes, walls weeping silently
Ice stiffened my limbs, constrained emotions, isolating fear
Dismantling the core, swept away with ire, another sin ends Frankly seen
I don't care, no witness to tell, collecting a thousand memories
Paranoia takes me

4. Long I Feared That My Sins Would Return To Visit Me, And The Cost Is More Than I Bear

The night an overture that frightens my sentience
Blurred visions of the past taken the midnight train
Gas escaping from tubes hands straining to obscurity
No station we would stop by straight on to Nemesis

The fire cauterizing creating a sun into those very nights
Pictures remaining to visit the burden weighting so heavy
Birds witness the smell of the burning ones coming their way
I pray and pray but this midnight train is here to stay

Thousands have pledged for mercy at my knees in despair
A gunshot through their head I really couldn't care
The collection of tears would dowsing the candle forever
Mindless I stare at dusk another train to arrive soon

Half a century later surrounded by grieving voices in pain The barrel pointed to my head would be my last train..

5. Reasons To Open Your Eyelids And Awake The Apocalypse Iris Is Telling You

Staring the blind, they are surrounded by a view without electricity
Can't see the readings of God, not believing the world is telling them
Slashed their veins, they cannot tell what colour their blood is pouring from
I agree upon thee, that life without a view is a rape of light and vision

Their eyes had been taken, by surprise, with cruelty, and sadism
Incursion followed, with horrid pain, my hands couldn't stop,
I had to claim Carmine my flesh, I've taken their light,
I am the sadist, you're the walking night
Couldn't see my face, wondered why,
I behold all power, no one is innocent

Retribution for what I never could see...
Scattered they walk to bury their eyes...

Speaking voices spinning in my head claiming the views upon I fed
Those pictures collected from the innocent enfeebling my will to live
Deep down my journey facing the last of images passing by
The sadist betrayed me, all this cruelty to read here was just a lie...

Raped, my sanity
Life, taken from me

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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