Dark Lyrics


1. You Died Before I Was Finished

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

Like a thorn defending a rose,it penertated my vein.Welcoming the pleasuredome
and everlasting beauty. Like children analysing a picture book, and so do I. The
footsteps printed in blue grass, are different today. Whilst you have changed in
the way you look at me. The view through an empty bottle makes sense. Time
stands still, even life does. The painting on the wall lives it's own life. As
the night seems to be everlasting, so do I. Born from a new and unknown womb, it
has coloured my life. The landscape on the painting moves, and I didn't ask for
it. Please don't make it stop, I hope this will never change.

2. Inspiring Vulnerable Thought

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

Inspired by your curves, I reached for my scalpel. Searching for any light to
expose your silhouette. Your tears could never cease your fear towards me. Be it
as it is, I'll just perforate your flesh. In my museum I've never been so
enthralled like this before. Absent-minded that I am, it made me do all this.
The bloodstains born to be a fantastic memorabilia. Life explodes in my face,
but you wouldn't hear. Your picture leaves my imagination, another solitary day
welcomes me. In the company of dawn I'll be in therapy. Send me a postcard! This
is destiny.

3. One Day

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

The view through an open window,
I die older than the world.
Did all this happen
in just one life? Tell me!

4. Building The Paradox

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

Wading through your blood, an immense pool of innocence. Your picture; it
remains for a lifetime. The sound of breaking porcelain echoed on and on! The
world turns around, another day to be born. You were so cruel to me, why?
Laughter inflates the air, I'm so happy; ever so thankful for your gift. No!
don't you ever try, you don't know who your dealing with. I'm much different
from you! Born out of flesh and blood. You are not like me, you're apathetic.
I'm sorry we've lost eachother. Even the world is crying. A broken mirror means
a bad omen! Not the broken vase at my feet!

5. This, Murder Of Crows

[Music written by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS Lyrics by Shane Davison]

Beyond these eyes, wade nightmares yet to come. My innocence is nothing but a
veil of equivocation. Only whores wear black, and offer red roses at funerals.
This opiate offered me serenity, when I was on my knees. Once it was so
beautiful. But like a dying lilac; the beauty soon turns black. I was lonely,
but I'm not alone anymore. My vein rivers of pollution, injected harmony. I no
longer need such a longing kiss from your parched lips. I can reach the stars
from here. Something I've never been offered before. And your desire wanes when
you have a universe to discover. And pleasures other to be had. I'm slowly dying
now, a pleasant death. I can see them coming; three birds flying across the
darkened sky, this! a murder of crows.

6. Balaam Wore Black

[Music written by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS Lyrics by Shane davison]

My words fell with such silence, as I watched the blood slowely weep from open
wounds. A still rose bled into a sunset, while the red dragon waited to consume
the midnight sky. A dead snake nailed to the wall, coiled and started to feast
upon himself. I'm paranoid! Insects were really angels in guise, and my lover;
she was a whore. I cry an ocean deep azure blue. One more injection to try to
forget you. Siddhartha, sits staring into the reflection in my eyes. As a sullen
funeral procession gathers. To dance around my dead heart. Like Lucifer; i fell
into the night. Venus star so bright in the mourns light. A laid faith in a
whores well. So warm was the caress, how could i resist; to take of one kiss.
Black devil; under your white sun of darkness i was lost. But now it's time to
ride the red dragon one more time!

7. The Hollow Cage Of My Ribs

[Music and lyrics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

The trees in the park are smiling at me. They try to tell me how wonderful life
can be. As innocent as the blue in the child's eye; the sun wakes all life
beyond. The purity of the blade wrote history inside of me. However, never
capable to resurrect me. All roots of life have abandoned me. The candle inside
of me, has blown out. My room becomes darker and darker! Never will I understand
why fish can't walk. Perhaps it's because I coudn't become part of MY life. The
trees in the park are smiling at me, they try to tell me how wonderful life can
be. As innocent as the blue in a child's eye; the sun wakes all life beyond.
However, I'll never understand why this happened to me. But as it is with every
story… There's always an end.

8. Why Is It That Angels Speak Such Evil?

[Music and lyics by Marco Kehren/DEINONYCHUS]

Walking over the seeds of tomorrow. No babies to be born today. The king's crown
shattered has left. Snow White is nothing but a cheap whore. Wake me! I stepped
into this picturesque landscape held by a frame. On the way back it told me to
leave my soul in the snow. My screams didn't help. Why are angels entitled to be
saviours? Today I'm married to misery, and we live long and happy! Wake me!

-Composed during September 1997 and Febuary 1998 by Marco Kehren
-All drumtracks written and composed by W.A. Sarginson
-All written misery by Marco Kehren, Winter 1998 except for
"This, Murder of Crows" and "Balaam Wore Black"
by Shane S. Davison, Spring 1998
-"Deinonychus" was spawned in Hopeless Sound Recordings
Holland, during May/August and September 1999
-Engineering by Indesjpeegelkieke
-Produced by Marco Kehren
-Masterplan by Christoph Dobberstein
Berlin, Germany, October 1999

Released by Ars Metalli on 1999

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