Dark Lyrics


1. The Abusement Park

Faithful to the firm for years
amongst the best of engineers
He diligently applied his trade
for well over a decade

His labour bargain sucked ass
as bad as nothing could surpass
It had been years since he had had a raise
because he was considered base

He went to his stone cold manager
a fucking bitch that makes you want to strangle her
to discuss his mediocre compensation
but instead he got contract termination

This was the thing he didn't expect
On a stake he wanted her to erect
Suddenly he had a much much better idea:
the park will be turned into carnage plaza

In his remain working time
Setting up his hideous crime

Nuts and bolts were screwed untight
Massive agony shall be ignite
Working hard to the climax
In trusses appear little cracks

Life dangerous the rods are now rusting
As a prelude to the mass child bashing

The high season has now arrived
In mangled bars and rods the kids will be gyved
According to his precise calculation
a happy day will turn into obliteration

It started with rollercoaster rampage
filled with youngsters under age
Buckling of beams due to sabotage
landing a half a mile away for a concrete massage

Almost simultaneously inside the haunted house
A skeleton with a sharp axe arose
When a cart filled with kindergarten kids came along
Swinging fast and repetitive, the place looked like a game of mahjong

Nuts and bolts were screwed untight
Massive agony has now been ignited
According to his precise calculation
a happy day has now turned into obliteration

2. Minor Defect

For want of care and sympathy
the child shall suffer horribly
Bruise its limbs or get it burned
in the nice hot bath for which it yearned

Let the dog chew on its feet
'till it looks like minced meat
Not the first time it gets harmed
and the doctor seems alarmed

Malignance and ignominy
for want of care and sympathy
Force it rotten food to digest
the lack of attention I detest

Push the pram off the stairs
with painful eyes to me it stares

People rushing to comfort me
The child's agony makes me happy

The child shall suffer horribly
I've got Munchhausen's By Proxy

3. Fetushistic Ektokleptomaniac

The consequence of my sick act

Fetushistic and sadistic
Deathtrimental inclination
Incited by infantastic
unrelenting aggravation

Important is to
pulverise the prenatals

Prone to prevent the birth of man
In the invitro laboratory
I steal as many as I can
At home things become pretty gory

Nothing beats a protein shake
like the one I'm going to make
I wet my palate when I think .. of the
scrambled fetus I'm about to drink

Gluttonously I gormandise the fresh fetal pulp
Chunky bits of what once was an animate being
My stomach hurts like hell of this feverish gulp
I feel my bowls fastly crumpling

Goddamned I spilled some mush over my shirt
Compelled to aggression as is with rabies
Suddenly I felt body fluid squirt
I have to drink more pre born babies

Wentle in this gore like a puppy
I am the happiest person that ever lived
My fetish crosses every boundary
I consider it a thrilling gift

4. Dystopian Anthropotagonism

Within fifty years from now
there is nothing left to eat
By forced cannibalism
this pathetic race will have to feed

Moral values now subsided
by the urge to survive
Hunting down each other
to prevent starvation

Enslaved by greed,lust and ignorance
they will pay the price
Centuries of destruction
of a place where they don't belong

Scavagers of their own environment
like locusts feeding on a crop
Multiplying with many every second
this expansion drift will never stop

Blessed by meekest present situation of having no natural enemies at all *
But soon this will change when genetic reconstruction will occur

Dystopian Anthropotagonism

The dawn of massive DNA deterioration
inside the human body
Creating grotesque abominations
as the result of their own life style
Giving through their material to the next generations
which holds the key to their own downfall

Dystopian Anthropotagonism

The dawn of massive DNA deterioration
synthetically survival
A disturbed mental-fysical equilibrium
as the result of their own life style
Flesh made robots marching onwards to their deaths

Concerned about nothing at all
mankind will soon face its fall
By forced cannibalism
this pathetic race will have to feed

[* Backing vocals by Manus]

5. Hysterical Hysterectomy

She was so pretty, a lust to see
And that she knew,
so she dressed to wake a mans' primal instinct
Defiance was her motive, just to drive them mad
When they thought that they could score,
she kicked them and pretended that she was assailed

But this night her luck had changed
Just when she had left the bar,
a dozen guys were waiting for her
Two of them stalked behind her and grabbed her at her arms and legs
She kicked and screamed
But it was in vain

Flinged in the trunk of a car
Panicked as a wild beast,
she cried out loud
Help me! please let me go!!
It became a bumpy ride,
but nothing in comparison with whats coming up
At the riverbank,
she was pulled out of her portable cage
They let her run and yelled
we're gonna have your fine ass multiplied in diameter with two!!

They pushed her head right into the sand
held her violently into the receiving position
Shoved up their tiny skirt and teared of her panties
A repetitive motion with a high frictioncoefficient followed
Similar with a two-cylinder engine without lubrication

A festering vaginal defect,
as a result of having forced sex with so many different man

She couldn't stand it anymore, this larvae created by so many men
Her fingernails were driven deep into her flesh,
this creature had to be removed instantly

6. Triggerhappy Childmolester

Gargling noises from the throat
as i squeeze its breath through its mouth
Veins are bursting inside its head

Triggerhappy childmolestor that is my name
I molest them so much faster than any skilled psychopath will do
so scream on my little child and i will do you too...

I break its nose and fingers first
Then I'll stab a screwdriver behind its kneecaps
just to make sure it won't run away anymore

Crawling like an insect
Mutilation is having its impact
Where are your parents right now?
I think they sleep forever in the bedroom

What's the effect of shotgunblast parallel with its spinalcord? *
will the particles all go through its head?
That sure is worth an serious examination
with masses the shotgun shells will fall

Inserting, loading, pulling the trigger
Its head is getting bigger and bigger
Suddenly erupting like a vulcano
splattering a grey-red mixture all over the wall
Created a suprascupular void
this kid shall never grow old

Small particles of it's skull penetrate my skin
emphasizing the excitement that I'm in
Unbelievable the mess created by such a small amount of scrapmetal
Concentration failure occurs by the sight of the tiny remains

More more we want more, pounding voices in my head
I can't sleep due to the swarm of flies above my bed
feasting on my little bedmate's body
Maybe it's about time to get rid of this stinking kid
otherwise I could be in deep deep shit

[* Backing vocals by Manus]

7. Fountain Of Youth

Being bullied as a child
in elementary school
by classmates with congenital disposition
During every break he was beaten into submission

After being buried alive in the sandpit
and his face got smeared with dog shit
The price for being set free,
were his marbles* and his lunch money

This enthralling agony
blunted him mentally
They moulded him into a monster
to become their worst enemy

Since that moment he is long forgotten
but this only works one way, his plans for them are rotten

His former classmates got spread out over society
all of them raising a family eventually
Making a study of their whereabouts and routines
for the sake of his upcoming misdemeans

Consulting his underworld friends
where to buy semtex for his sickening plans
At night time he prepares their children's schoolyard
to cause a rain of limbs and chunks of meat
to land before the parents feet

[* all of you US-nu-death-metal-fans, replace "marbles" by "bey blades"]

8. Wombraider

Once there was a docter so corrupted
inside his head things where a bit busted
By profession he was a gynaecologist
Unfortunately he also was a kind of a misogynist

He hated children too
saw them as a kind of goo
Thought it was his duty
to mismake them to prevail his self defined beauty

With the women he did nasty things
Cut off their fingers to steal their wedding rings
but that was not the worst to become of the story
His cutting tools will fulfill their part in pride and glory

He strapped them tight to the operation table
Instead of a scalpel he used a Japanese sable
An old one full of rust, dirty and blunt
Extracting the uteries from the womens' cunts

Preserved prematures hatched in glass jars
while the mothers kept in agony behind bars
A labyrinth of hoses connected to the unborn
the shrieks of death unfolds his deepest scorn

Awaiting a life of pain and misery
doomed to die before the age of three
Vicious experiments are done on the creatures
to enhance their grotesque features

A final and fatal infliction
by detrimental predilection
Tender pinkrose meat
is what mother now shall eat

Reluctant to consume the little pest
forcefeeding is what works best
Her final destiny is now at hand
both are reunited in the end

9. Baby Brutaliser

Carving up the young woman's belly
to rip out the unborn child
Almost fullgrown little baby
good enough to brutalise

Hacking up the tiny torso, piece of shit
Peeling it like an onion
Gobbling gutted feeble young
Draining snotted bowels
makes me almost choke

Dumped the little bugger
hollowed and disemboweled
somewhere in a dumpster
Going home, its mother is still there
she's so open to me,
I can read her like a medical handbook

I sew her shut with iron thread
and make out with her a couple of times

What a pity, nothing will be born
I think she is missing her breeding tools

Silently I sneak through the streets at night
on my way to the hospital and break into the maternity ward

The next day, the newspaper headlines scream:

Storing of infants in my cellar
Reeking like four months old
minced meat in the sun
Caressing my olfactory organ,
slowly melting my infested brains

Carving up the young woman's belly
to rip out the unborn child
Almost fullgrown little baby
good enough to brutalise

Brutalise, brutalise, brutalise


10. Down The Slide, Up The Plate

Lured inside the perpetrator's car
he took it homewards
Remote was his cottage,
not disturbed by priers

While serving in the army
he was traumatised for life
Being the punk bitch all the time
got it in the back at the infantry

He wants his revenge at society
to eradicate it at the root
A man with a mission he is
at home he will take care of this brood

After tending the vegetable garden
he's famished by a hard day's work
Tiny lacerations made on the infant's body
then rubbed in with spicy marinade
Stuffed an apple in its mouth preventing annoying whining

After several hours it looks savoury and swollen
Ramming a meat hook down its throat
Grappling at its guts in order to pull them out
Now its ready to be stuffed

Finely chopped onions, crushed garlic,
carrots and leek will do fine
And of corpse a glass red wine
A hint of lemon to top it off

Gas oven turned to setting 4,
pre-heated at 5. 30 minutes later...
Quite a feast!

He strengthens his grip
to remove a tasty spare-rib
The taste is sublime
and sends shivers down his spine

11. Found At The Playground

Relatives in crime
hanging out at the mall
Nothing useful to do
wasting time with pity crimes

Bored as hell
they got each other nothing to tell
A youngster came across
Assumed to be popular but that's his loss
Annoying these bastard cousins
"come here lad, we want to play with you"
and they took him to a remote construction place

Arriving there the little kid asked them
What game are we going to play
On their faces appeared a nasty grin
They said " It's called the long last molest
And you are not going to like it!"

Fist in face
Swollen black eyes
Hit him again
Brutal force applies

Limping away like a Sod
Kicked in the gut
Staggering on irons for reinforcement
Forcing him to shovel cement

Face down on the concrete
triggering a gushing nosebleed
Trailing over the sharp floors
Dazzed stumbling on all fours

Cut up shirt torn from his body
chafing, cutting and bruised
Until roastbeeflike raw and bloody
now the thugs are amused

Set up to be stamped down on a nail ridden board
the little bugger held fast on the rusted bent spikes
Choking on a carelessly discarded piece of cord
semi-suffocated, laughter accompanies his mercy cries

[Backing vocals by Marijn]

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