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1. Intro

2. Pangaea

Do you remember the day I said I’d write you love songs? well instead your recieving this. So sit down shut the fuck up and listen, Curstin, here’s your parting gift.
Your a lying conniving deceiving slut, I should've left my heart with Sam. Since you know your gonna be alone in the end, I cared enough to write this song, so fucking listen again.
finding my semen in you would be like playing wheres waldo in a crowd of freddy kreugers.

3. No, It's A Cardigan, But Thanks For Noticing

a cosmic cloud of dust approaches, a hypercane is on the horizon. catastrophe from which we wont recover, so kill me. pull the trigger.
all your cities are piles of ash, all your waters are tainted with blood. this is a threnody to those who will not be missed.
none of you prepared for the new world order. you ignored your remorse and neglected the hysteria. and now your skies are shrouded with strychnine, as you’re regurgitating the atmospheric poison.
all your antidotes are irradiated. all your wounds will go unhealed. anything and everything is dying around you, and i am the Revenant.

4. Hands Like A Disco

Our names were written in the sky,
And the angels proclaimed love.
And i will not let fate decide,
Which ever path we walk.
Give me the chance to show you the world.
Let's keep this roller-coaster going,
I wont let this be the End.
Tell me that you'll be here tomorrow.
I need you, dream of you, breathe you
Don't say that this the end.
This can't be the end.
(cuz you got one chance, and one chance only,
to stay on my good side.)
I don't advise you to bite off more than you,
Can fit in your mouth.
Mr. Gein won't have shit on me, and believe,
I'll fashion you into a fucking lampshade.
We're all, Bastard children of a vile and putrid world.

5. Ahzrukhal

This is my supertask of computation,
Before the final singularity.
The Seas will run dry, and souls will wither.
This is the final eclipse- for i have fallen away.
The sun has left the main sequence.
Through the dark, I acheive, total domination.
You will feel the new inflationary epoch.
Entropy Production will cease and so shall we.
Alpha particle emission leaves the stellar cold spheres.
I am the universe - victim to human carelessness.

6. Glowing One

Walking in grass filled with leprosy, we must resist the liquid anniversary.
This isnt what i wanted life to be, but you stole the script, and re-wrote the final scene.
You were never there, you never cared, i can smell your fear, and i am coming for you.
you bloviate of hate and pain, but your a fake- succumb unto my reign,
of doom and death and Neferius, Pain? now you will feel true pain.
just as a cloud dissapates and vanishes, those who travel to Sheol, will not return.
I struggle to pull myself back up, but you stepped on my fingers and watched me fall.
I hope you arent scared yet, my plague is ever growing,
we cant destroy tomorrow, unless we DEFILE today.

7. Obscurans

My corrupted veins contract
As the temple's of sorrow fall
Going down this road will surely kill me.
The sunlight fades, as if it
Were ever there at all.
Let us burrow back to our dark haven.
kick in the door with ease
shut all the windows
run upstairs
find you under the bed
drag you by your feet
empty my shotgun
remove the family portrait
and hang you on the wall.
my corrupted veins contract
as the ashes of the temple scatter
I wait for Death and my departure.
The night has unleashed a monster
Who's here to stay.
This has become the New Haven.

8. Cryomancer

i want to see you cry bitch.
everything you ever loved is bullshit, i never cared, i never fucking cared.
you should have listened to the people you fucked behind my back (theyre right) i'm a monster
and dont you think of ever showing your face here again, or ill rip it off and feed it to the hounds.
i could never emphasize how much i just wish you were fucking skinned alive.
and im glad the world is ending, no longer will i be plagued by the thought of you.
i will finally breathe again, with my soul at rest.
quit your fucking bitching, once the skin is gone you wont feel anymore.
this is for the good of the world, so quit your fucking complaining.
you are the subject of my elegy, you are the topic of my eulogy.
you are the ashes scattered across this shit wasteland.
hell will welcome you with open arms.

9. A Bribe For The Ferryman

Hope is the worst of evils,
for it prolongs the torment of man.
Molten steel through your esophagus,
You must have misread the policy.
We demand loyalty,
And we don't negotiate.
You made a wrong turn,
Into my line-of-sight.
Sadly, im the only one who
will waste my breath on you.
So take in my wrath slowly.
I am an architect of doom
fulminated quisling through and through
This is the day of Judgement.
I swear im not insane,
I'm just starving.
I am not insane,
He who does not punish evil commands it to be done.

10. Noctivigant

This is my final confession, so pay the fuck attention, this is most definately about you. im not sorry for the bitch i stabbed, or burning down her house. you can not make this situation any motherfucking better.
the cards have been dealt so make your fucking move bitch.
in fact, i paid for you to hear this by robbing dead people. too bad no one will ever hear this, another criminal walks away. consider yourself next in line, consider yourself, six feet under.

11. Outro

12. Wild Wasteland

Atomic fire pains over decades past.The dry and merciless winters wide and
vast.Warheads constantly scope the earth.Endless armiesof slaves forged from
hell,that i have created .Contaminate disease,degrade,desecrate,violate
midnight cries in pain.The distant screams of the city below echo all through
the valley.Little do they know,less can they grasp,There beloved child is
they're destructor.Atomic fire pains over decades to come.Endless summer has
come,At long last.Warheads continue scorching the earth.Everlasting slaves
fabricated from the lie,That you all have synthesized.And now i roam this Wild
Wasteand,come all,come roam this Wild Wasteland.Come and live among the gods.

Thanks to portega2014 for sending track #12 lyrics.

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