Dark Lyrics


1. Lucky 38

prepare for the future.
take a seat and crank this shit (this is a carnival)
there's more to the story than a worthless, crying, bitch (carnival of hopelessness)
you're realizing everything we know you're not (watered down nothingness)
depression, lame obsessions, ruining your life one tear at a time.
i used to think deep down you had the strength (i couldn't have been more wrong)
to overcome your greatest fears (you've got no strength to speak of)
i am among the demons who test the world (creolizing modern life)
making sure you know that you're nothing but a number.
this is the turning point of a fate unsealed.
uprooted from home, delivered to hell.
this is the struggle of finding my place in the stars.
father of gestation, carry me through my rise.
so prepare for the future.

2. The Regulators

my soul is the eye of the storm.
their battered faces tell stories of better places.
because the scars i bear...
will make you want to turn and run forever.
now see, hell is real. i know because i tore it down.
we had made a deal, but he didn't hold his end of the bargain,
and there's a heaven too. i know because they threw me out,
and i was burned by my demons on the way down.

at the seventh plane of torment, despair staring down the throat
of destruction synthesized with never ending regret
gazing through a peephole, burning the iris, but it's visage prevents you from looking away
the few like me, the same side of the rusted coin,
will be the ones to put an end to your misery.
we are empyreal founders of apocalypse,
if you wont serve us, you'll serve the last of the world as soil.
this is far from a threat, but a promise,
help us help you win the battle, and be rewarded.
but if you try to cast your own shadow,
face the wrath of the Regulators.

3. Octobortion

demons of my past keep me awake at night.
they won't let me go, i'm too afraid to let them go.
monsters of shattered promise, archfiends of terrible deeds,
this is the life i just can't bear to live with.
do you remember?
spending countless hours, restlessly in love,
deep within each other's grasp
ignoring the treacherous world around us.
do you remember?
the day you ground my heart into nothing,
and sprinkled the ashes across my face?
and i alone became the big bad treacherous world.
cause i remember
destroying everything i came across
mutilating everyone in my crosshairs
misanthropy carnage, and no one left when the dust had settled.
demons of my past keep me awake at night.
they won't let me go, i'm too afraid to let them go.
at the summit of remorse i call out across the moonlit valley,
waiting for an echo so i can pretend that i am not alone.
at the peak of tragedy, i'm faced with the choice,
to spread wings of glory and fly away
or solder feathers of fire and hunt for prey.
and so my mind is made.
demons of my past keep me awake at night.
they won't let me go, i'm too afraid to let them go.
and so my mind is made.

4. Movin On Up The Nations Chain

the temple coruscates of voices, of the selfish and sullen. i can feel
them breathing down my neck, my blackened heart cant save me now. the
force at work is unbeknownst to me, but it’s crushing my chest and taking
over me. soon to desecrate and swallow survivors, this must be… this is
power, this is hatred in it’s truest form. broken down and coupled with
possession of the weak and the willing to suffer. survival rests upon the
shoulders of I. but echoes taunt me, silence haunts me and they’re getting
closer. wasting hours as i cower here, am i the last one left? the temple
coruscates of screams, of the dead and devoured. i can see the blood drip
from my blade, it seems my blackened heart has saved me now.

5. Brick Killed A Guy

our fate was sealed at the spark of time
yet, it is a fate unknown.
the more hidden the venom, the greater it is.
conscious minds in simulations of reality
hiding their gamma burns, covering their mouths
from spewing venomous fumes.
you know the solution is coming fast.
when will we reach the point of immortality?
when will we fear our own creations?
transcending biology through accelerating returns.

but that's then, and this is now.
and now, i smile. now i feel the sting of winter.
and now, i taste, the temperature of loneliness.
even though i seldom wish she was here, the devil will never let her go.
and come morning, she will only be a dream.

6. Walk In The Glow

i can't change what has happened to me,
but i can change what happens to you.
walk in the glow.
this world was created in six days,
so too, shall it be destroyed.
there are no middle grounds, we're from one realm to the next,
so said the breath of the rest i vex.
i was not reborn for revenge, i was
synthesized for extermination.
crushing kings but a dime a dozen,
a dozen roses, monoliths, graves that'll never fit.
burrowing into vaults,
commencing full assault,
the creatures are coming, and they sense pain
i left a hole in your heart, so let them reign.
i am the deity revenant,
deathless divinity.
the darkness is coming to conquer you.
without hope, let it choke and immerse you.
Head first into a lake of fire, Reborn into a cleansing fluorescence.
I now control every beat of your heart, every surge of fear in your brain.
Dynamite, turpentine, gas, kerosene, check, next comes nitroglycerin
going in without a master plan, hoping that you run, the chase is
so much, FUN. yeah the chase was fun but now you lie crying at my feet
the kerosense goes down your throat, you moan, and choke, and hope to be saved,
but guess what, your knight in shining armor is me, my methods are just anomalous, this is purification of your rotting soul inside.
If you don't like it you can stand up.
Come now, i beg of you to stand the fuck up.
Accept your doom with dignity,
accept the glow of sanctity.
this world had been created in six days,
so too, was it destroyed.
there were no middle grounds, we're from one soul to the next,
so said the breath of the rest we vex.
i was not made for glory, i was
manufactured for oblivion.
crushing worlds but a dime a dozen,
a dozen multiverses chewed up and spit back out.
burrowing into vaults,
commencing full assault,
the creatures are coming, and they sense pain
i left a void in your heart, so let them reign.
i am the deity revenant,
deathless divinity.
the darkness is coming to conquer you.
without hope, let it choke and immerse you.

7. The Subway

if this is dreaming then i hope i'm in a coma.
your eyes make the world disappear,
and when your here,
the voices in my head, i cannot hear.
for years the hand of salvation has
shoved me away, and now it carries me.
the winds of change wisp through my veins,
and you are the fate that i'm forced to face.
we need this, we need now,
so close your eyes and let me end the calamity.
this is no longer about trying,
not about immersion of error,
not about mistakes.
no matter how rough the seas of hate,
i will stand and laugh,
as i am swept away into your frail arms.
this is about the world i need,
the world of twilight butterflies,
the world of you.

8. Elmo St. Peters

i could never stay relevant in your eyes
you were always done and on to the next one,
but i never stopped trying...
tell me is it time?
we are broken descendants of love
but seldom did you accept your heritage.
and the progenitors weep with every heart you break.
you are my Mithridates,
complex and bittersweet.
come on baby it's time, to sew our names
back into the sky.
it wouldn't matter which path i take,
so long as you will follow closely behind.
a million distractions, a million roads.
despondency is ringing true
through my every crevice.
through my every reopened scar.
i'm an easy case, the only thing i need
is a signal that the mission was not in vain.
cause if not, your at a crossroads.
we've got a world to see, and your ticket's about to expire.

9. Iconoclast

good lord above.
I've got nothing of consternation anymore.
Months upon years, dwelling and failing to see whats in front of me.
A better question to ask...is if these fucking scars are real.
my veins are strychnine.
with burning windows in my eyes,
i crawl back inside my crestfallen chest and insist to exist.
i will never fucking change and this poses a problem for the ones who associate with this revenant.
i don't know where it comes from, all i know is where my malevolence travels.
i'm drained, insane, disdain, the pain - is the only force at work in me.
this has been a long time coming, here we go, flip the switch and step back.
it doesn't matter who hears this, it doesn't matter who interprets what in which way.
you will never dissect these words and think you know, what's going on in me.
this is simply a passage, a signal sent from the transistors up above
tales of an iconoclast heretic cynic dissident with all the answers but no will to share.

10. Twinrova

Drowning in the bay of nightmares,
bleeding the dreams of the moribund.
I am byzantine nothingness,
The silhouette king.
subordinate construct tombs,
for when you wrest the life from my chest.
and she said,
"i promise the moon that we'll make it back, and we will sleep safely tonight."
but what happens when we take a wrong turn and end up stranded?
stranded, nothing to see for miles. does this mean you lied?
or does this prove my ambivalence?
stranded, abandoned, lost.
because nothing you promised is here to keep me alive anymore.
stranded, abandoned, lost.

11. Nuclear Anomaly

I guess my time is up.
Tales of travesty will still ring
through frozen corridors.
And you're still a broken trophy.
divigation, of reality
coalescence of filth and contagion.
Antimatter Animating Voices.
They're telling me to run.
To run to nowhere.
Because wherever that is, is better than here.
You can watch me from hell,
living my dreams, living your every fantasy.
i promised to never give up on you,
now look at what relentlessness has brought.
It's good you're gone,
I can finally focus on being who you always stopped me from being.
I can be who you convinced me wasn't real.
I stole the script back and this is your final scene.
And you're still a broken trophy.

12. Metamora

Child of destiny descended from the sky
Discover who you are
Soak the thread of fate in the blood of the wicked
Grinning into the darkness this is defilement of earth and destruction of its people
Time is standing still around me and I am walking through alone
Show of hands who here knows the taste of flesh?
Raise em high who can tell me how it feels to kill?
Oh how I wish I could say this would all end soon, but
We are the Nematocera, we strike to infect and then pray that you die

13. Nematocera


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