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1. Amidst The Ruins

Decades have passed since the genesis
Genesis of the great Virvum harvest
Covert underground command centers have enabled use of satellites
Transmissions from space disabled
Technology with the use of pulse attacks
Cozen pods now litter the Earths sky
With remains of plans not known to us
Ornaments hung by an ancient alien breed for victory

Amidst the ruins of the Virvum
Obsessed concentration camps
The souls of the fallen speak from harvest burial grounds
Forever weeping
Articulating tales of sorrow and loneliness
Spirits condemned eternally
To exist between the underworld and this world

Herded and slaughtered for their cosmic force
Engulfing all the life force from the chosen host
The skeletal remains of former slaves
Are chained for eternity to the vacant alien thrones

The temple beacons remain emitting
Horrific horrid hypnotic frequencies
Calling to the unknown
The structures pulsate
In an infinite frequecntal loop
Resonating throughout the valleys of space
For an answered call

Immune to the frequencies of the beacons
An evolved mankind now immune
To the hypnotic trance set by the alien beings
Continue to build the new civilization, human tribes evade
Militias by trekking off the beaten path
Embracing all sanctuaries to harbor the remaining bodies
Rations are growing slim, cannibalism is mandatory
Chaos and anarchy erupt into rebellious gangs

Rogue tribes scavenge the wasteland
For survival
Harvest temple territories are persistently attacked

Battles persist on Earth
With no knowledge of the pending doom
Of the pending doom that still awaits from above

2. Entranced In Decades Of Psychedelic Sleep

On a starved planet with a slow dying race
An expedition to obtain Zeal has begun
Entranced in decades of psychedelic sleep
In the far reaches of space, a thirty year voyage has commenced

A forest of alien spores decorate the interior of the ship
Creating overlapping shelves of exotic foreign shrooms
Pods of slumber, mimic the layered strain

Each pod unique in design
Enveloped by terrestrial hieroglyphs
The scent of foreign fungus reeks pungent to
The human senses yet calms the alien soul

Not needed
To thrive
From within
The chilled
Damp chambers
To rise

Hallucinogens blanking the alien mind
Strains of bacteria bask in metamorphosis
Breeding hybrid strains, constantly strengthening
Melting minds into stasis

A canvas of intertwining rods of cells
Making residence of the stagnant air

Inhuman cyborg pilots the craft
And feeds the cells watching over them
Soon to grow into abominations
Advanced molecules unknown to man

The emperor
Preaches the
Scriptures of a
Foretold prophecy
As ancient
Shamans use
As tools to
Become one
With the Earths
Mighty powers

Foreign color stream
Their window to the planets
Perception stripped of all matter
Revealing the paths to vitality

3. Rise Of The Virvum Juggernaut

The sub-quarters of the craft
Harbors an alien juggernaut
Psilocybin has no effect in calming the beast
Thrashing around for decades
In the hull of the ship
The Scion of another world
The beast, a serpent enveloping its prey
Progeny of an alien

Spawn of
An altered
Hades forged in an abysmal alien
The heir of alien demi-gods revels
In obsession
Compelled inheritably to feed upon virvum
Forever drawn
to virvum
Forever in desire

Kept in a remissive state weak and frail
Infantile, nurtured in
The womb of the ship
Scraps of alien flesh rejected
Weak beings with defects
Are cast into the pit

The emperor finds amusement in the feeding
salivating with excitement as he lurks from above
Resembling the age of Roman coliseum carnage
Alien peons, the beast, virvum juggernaut
Ritual feeding takes place frequently
Monitored carefully, fed just enough to sustain life
Inadequate to obtain the strength to overtake
Absorbing foreign cells, consuming all vitality

Its' thirst for Virvum is left unquenched
Awaiting the taste of blood

Once on Earth Virvum will explode
Into fountains of a ever-changing foreign hue
A flourishing Eden of life forms awaits
Eventually absorbed

The juggernaut
To Consume
The Enemy
The ultimate
Weapon for
It's awaiting
In darkness
Staying hidden
Then Snatching
All forms of life
And growing Becoming
More powerful

The habitual life detector
Soon will rise from the void
Stewed down from the sky
Skattered about the doomed planet
Starved and unmerciful
Awareness begins to heighten
As the creature enormously grows
Cells continue to multiply

4. Celestial Serpents

Ancient beings withering
Rejuvenate through Virvum
Celestial serpents slithering
Through the ether of the universe
Enveloped by a wind of ether and a sea of stars

Archaic winds whisper in alien tongues
In an expedition guided by Zeal
Conducting a spacecraft in a forged
Symphony of sour notes

Metronomically in time
But manic in its' choice of notes

Somewhat resembling
A twisted bach of choral
Foreign scales shift
In their transition
Linear passages
Of ancient harmonics
Laying asymmetrical
Bending time

Melting nebulas
Paint abstract astral architecture

Ancestors of the sky
Create exotic knots
Out of cosmic strings
Weaving a web
From astral fabric
Patiently waiting
For the prey to take a step

Wormholes blossom
At their passing
A rift in space
Now unlocked
Ship and space
Juxtapose in embrace
A juxtaposition
Of life and nothingness

Intertwining at subluminal speeds
The theory of relativity is ever so present now

5. Caelum Hirundines Terra / The Sky Swallows The Earth


6. Xeno-Virus

Once upon Earth's skin
They unleash the Xeno Juggernaut
Perceiving the world
Stripping of all physical matter
Entranced by humanoid
By humanoid Virvum gestures
Following fountains of Virvum
Seduce the creature
Yearning for the
Omnipotent resource to the pending
Destruction of Earth
Exponentially growing in strength, power, and mass
As it consumes then absorbs its' prey

A living weapon bred to harvest humanoid energy
Overtaking everyone and everything in its' path
White blood cell generals
Recruit cellular armies attempting
To vanquish infection
Clashing with brute force against the Xeno-Virus

Creating microscopic waves of violence
Hordes of intruder organisms
Storm soft tissue front lines
No match for the viral onslaught
Humankind is overtaken
Xeno elements cavort in wedlock
Writhing in the bond
Assimilation is complete

Systematic in its overtaking
Digesting, absorbing, harvesting
Human soft tissue melts
Joined with alien flesh

Connecting, branding, imitating, the consumed
Overtaking the prey, conforming they become one

Gracefully blossoming
Into a mesmeric sculpture of carnage
Beauty in its purest form

An abstract painting of life and death
Merged in carnal embrace
Thunderous gutturals roll throughout
The valleys of the damned
Earth quivers from the victory
Structures burn before human eyes
Alien and human alike retreat
From destroyed harvest temples

Reduced to rubble at the hand of the beast
No escaping its' wrath
A human holocaust of bodies
Drained and discarded into shallow graves
No ceremony in death
The bravest of men are forgotten

7. Hollow Human Husks

The human race continues dwindling
Victim's reduced to hollow human husks
The obsessed juggernaut
Growing ever so massive
Enveloping by the hundreds
The remaining survivors
Into a labyrinth of dark tunnels
Twisting, knotting, and clotting

Burrowing deeper and deeper
Into the crust of the Earth
Out of reach from the known threat
The tribe descends farther and farther

Bestial vocals from above
Resonate and crescendo
Throughout the underground
Eroded mazes

Vibrations feed off one another
Growing in strength, size and power
Quaking the Earth

An avalanche of rock rains down
From the cavernous ceilings
Blocking all potential paths
Light morphs into darkness
And darkness to madness

The strong move as one
Relying on sound and touch
To lead the subterranean expedition

A crusade through
Through the stone labyrinth
Becomes a journey
Through the trenches of the brain
The sound of
Reverberated droplets
Birthed from stalactites
Mold into false commands

The psyche takes control of their bodies
Solo missions of the weak end in certain death
Carcasses left to rot basking in decay
Corpses of the insane are found along the path

Once settles
Fallen comrades keep their tribe sustained
Some perish by famine
Their bodies are picked clean of flesh

8. Portals To Canaan

In the wake of the apocalypse
Humans pray to be saved
Prayers for a rapture from this dying world
Alien radiation
Poisons the planet with extreme gastric force
The demise of Earth is imminent

In time the troposphere screams
The polar ice caps melt at a rapid rate

With an injured sky
Solar flares lick the Earths' skin
Sinister intentions ignite
In the demented mind of the sun

Eternal flame seals the eyelids of the past
All historical and religious scriptures are now destroyed

Hatreds and prejudices towards one another, eliminated
With all technology annulled
Mankind is no longer distracted
They have become in tune with the soul
And the use of Virvum

With mans history unwritten
They stand united
Thinking as one
Channels of energy are now perceived
Flowing ever so vibrant
The caves assist in their inner findings
Mankind is stronger than ever before

Telepathic transmissions mold into fluent telepathy
Communication at its peak
From their eyes
Holograms are projected of visions wished to express
Energy architects concentrate Virvum
Creating micro portals leading to unknown worlds

9. Orphans Of Sickness

[originally by Gorguts]

In the tombs of pain and innocence
Forever were buried
Souls of those who've never asked to be
Scornfully immolated

The art of transplantation
Has saved a lot of lives
By frauding a child's adoption
I will be saving mine

In the name of science
They've claimed being our saviors
Money is what keeps busy
These medical butchers
Soiled with blood all over their hands
They've just killed for a cuople of grand

Orphans of sickness were put to rest
Miserable adoption has torn their souls to shreds
Orphans of sickness now dwell in death
With nice tags on their organs, their existence will end

Children were dissected
By those sick, demented

In the tombs of pain and innocence
Forever were buried
Souls of those who've never asked to be
Scornfully immolated

To achieve my transplantation
I stole a lot of lives
Through the kindness of adoption
All those lives are now mine

Orphans of sickness were put to rest
Miserable adoption has torn their souls to shreds
Orphans of sickness now dwell in death
With nice tags on their organs, their existence will end

Erik Lindmark ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Mike Hamilton ‒ Drums
Craig Peters ‒ Guitars (lead), Vocals
Ivan Munguia ‒ Bass

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