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1. Waters Of Space

(In the wake of what's to come, more than one oracle in history point to a single date.
We are the last generation to exist before the war.
An ancient culture has predicted the date without any form of denial or doubt.)

Before the arrival of unmanifested worlds
Nothing exists but night and silence
In the unending vast yawning void
Gods are withdrawn in their supernal spheres
Space and time are mere abstractions
Matter is nonexistent in the
Absence of any organized
Time was not lying asleep in
Infinite Duration
The mighty winter and long cold night
Of nonbeing
Realm of the fire melts the distant masses
Forming vapor in the void
The rivers of lives will embody
Untouched worlds
No elements, no forms, no times
Yet to condense from primordial nebula
The dust of dead antecedent stars
The gaping abyss is alone
Overtones vibrate throughout sleeping shelves of space
Protosubstance becoming Orgalmer
From the giants flesh planets were born
Raging seas of his blood
From his bones mountains rise
Creative process of progressive manifestation
Marks the feeding of the tree of life
The three have connotation
Of power to control
Officiating at the rites of procreation
And bringing death by withdrawing consciousness
From the spheres of being
The rivers kingdoms pursue
Their courses of embodiment
Through the agents of creation and destruction
The souls past decides
Judgment of its inner God
Domains now form
Existence reveals
Energy which travels through
Waters of space
And its place in the many layered regions of the dead
As humans will be born
So the threat to us is formed
In infinite space breeds
A multiple of new seeds
In regions of the universe will live rancorous beings
Set to subjugate
The Vervum they will seek
For the power struggle to control destiny

2. Eradication Pods

Virvum of the human is the strongest of all beings
They will be hunted for this mighty source
Not having knowledge pf the ancient power
They are the youngest of all created beings
Although the youngest they are the strongest
Unknown alien life forms
Living millions of years longer than us
The Universal war will begin
With the signs from the skies
Since the Gods of human force
Has set their seeds on man
Evolving at a frantic pace
Conceiving gaining numbers globally
The Gods instill the art of war
Which must be practiced amongst each other
For thousands of years
The arts are redefined
Demigods and rulers set standards for all battles
Intelligence grows
So comes forth gears of war
Advancement in eradication grows rapidly
Bomb upon bomb the earth is pummeled
Invention of air and water travel excels
The art of combat
Delivering, heightened, amounts of casualties
Redefining the primitive ways of the past
Though keeping archaic fighting secrets
Mankind's zeal
Is felt through the stars
Triggering response
To harvest virvum from beyond
Ship upon ship
Head out to study and observe the planet
Cloaked invisible to our sight, unseen
The others decide
From planetary archives go forth
On full virvum harvest invasion
Humans in the next one hundred years
Will learn and advance faster than
Any time period before
Twentieth century marks the first
Space travel and intellectual growth in discovery
What was not thought possible
Now Verity
Visitors spies being present for thousands of years
See the advancement shift
Worldwide structural collapse
Is planned by the others
For the insertion of the virvum harvest
And mass collection temples
But first the seeds
Of eradication pods are planted
To alter the future

3. Unearthly Invent

Seeing the growth of the youngest race
And potency of its virvum
Strategic pod placement was induced
At precise times
To control reproduction
From as early as recorded scriptures
Pods were placed and watched
Controlling future consequence
Of rulers and nature
Of war and disease
Plaguing human outcome
To fulfill their needs
All engulf progression
Until cranial accuration
New advanced pods
Holding cautious knowledge of
Post alien weapons were placed on the Earth
Mainly during most of the
The century of the vital
The most relevant being instilled acceleration
Of nuclear technologies
Arming humans to destroy their own kind
During this century injecting deadly ideology plagues
Plagues the Earth
Driving many hungry for
Worldly power and dominance
Blind followers vote illogical politicians
Despite obvious threats
Their actions and policies
End the once known strength of the planet
Which held all into place
All the Earths incapacitating
Part of an
Unearthly invent
Planning, they're watching, patiently, they're waiting

4. Of What's To Come

Now unrest civility and
No more control
With secret societies
Everything's planned with precise calculations
Leading the humans to mass devastation
Majority of all countries
Progress in nuclear armed cognition
And forging its sinister strengths
Energy depletion for normal life
Is exhausted and leads to
Desperate governments set upon war
The others expect from the skies
Until proper invasion allowance
Now worried on what was once foreseen
The newest values become irrelevant
Throughout worldly meetings
All eyes of the world are clear
Sanctions must be carried out amongst the known threat
All set on global dominance
Pods start world war three
For control of energy
Pod one now complete
Their waiting for their defeats
Only matter of time
Of what's to come
Awaiting for us in the near future
Only we hold our fate
The battle among the stars will soon begin
East, west and its supporters
Unleash massive attacks
Being over armed as the pods planned
Eighty percent of the worlds' population dies
From initial strikes
Fallout consumes creation
Countless nights with no sun
Ash clouds block above
The future winds of the planet
Will bear the strong
The rest confined to the impending
Doom that is forthcoming
They will become since lost and are now
Embraced in the arms of ruin
We have decimated all we have built
Everything created erased
What we have done has been undone
Beyond the waste we'll come together

5. Virvum

There is an energy in this vast
Universe, which connects all living and matter
Infinitely known as virvum to all
It ties all, which is together
Since the waters of space flowed
It bleeds all which that is formed
Since the dawn of time
Ancient races of the galaxies
Millions of years old
Have found ways
To harvest this valuable source
Enabling them to bend distance for
Space travel far beyond
The temples will rise; the temples will rise
Mind altering psychic, psionic, arsenal weapons
Also are forged
Traveling through black holes of virvum
The temples will rise; the temples will rise
They are the youngest race
Of intellectual beings
Humans have the strongest concentrated
Amount of force
Running deep inside
Only one man
Equal hundreds of others
Mankind although the youngest
Race and not able to yet harness virvum
All around the world
The energy flows
Making life possible
They are the youngest race
Of intellectual beings
Humans have the strongest concentrated
Amount of force
Running deep inside
Only one man
Equals hundreds of others

6. Century Of The Vital

Observing the devise of Earths human weakness
The next stage of invasion initiates
Unknown spacecraft drops gears for
Planetary takeover across the regions
Pockets of survivors stay distant from the
Arriving enemy
Determined to take back
What once was theirs
Stalkers and psionic stealers
Patrol as virvum harvest temples are constructed
First in hardest hit post war regions
Preying on the weak and crippled
The survivors in disgust unite
For realization of what is happening
Stalkers and P.S. unit's patrol
Herding millions worldwide to temples
For the process
Known as entity blanking
It strips the body of which
All is connected
It's collected for numerous powers
Including bent space traveling
Worldly tapping, psyche weaponry and force control
Stripping the body of which all is connected
At the same time
Pockets of strength among us
Combine to fight the growing threat
During the century of the vital
Man will combine
Wisdom between them
To begin to overthrow
Of the intruders
In the protected walls day and night
Looking for ways to combat and compete with this enemy
These close days ahead
Will determine our survival

7. Harvest Temples

Harvest temples for the purpose of manipulation
They are spread throughout the planet at strategic sites
The temples have been used for thousands of years
By others and is only one of the
Mechanisms used for collection
For precious life energy
Herds of the captured
Led under mind control
Hit by P.S. units follow to the structures
Once inside
They're separated
By gender and age
Unfortunate are used for coerce breeding
Transported up to waiting ships
And taken far abroad
The lucky who struggle to fight
Are killed instantly
Some are transformed
After deformation into slaves
Of the host
The majority remaining
Life forces are drained
After stripped
The shells are burned and buried
Converted psionic stealers
Are released throughout
Searching for survivors
To gather more for harvesting
They are equipped with
Virvum armed weapons used for piercing the brain
Hypnotizing its victim
There are ways
To deflect
The infecting beam
Specific metals Negate
Its overpowering effects
The Cerebral hemispheres
Must be covered
For the protection against psionics
The Ones
Who are overcome and hit
By the mind grasping erudition
Cease all
Action immediately
The structures pulse
Calling out
Unearthly frequencies
To the awaiting captured
Vast in number
They stand
Staring motionless, lifeless
Waiting for instruction
Subdued hone in on
Temple beacons and march until finally reached
These morbid monstrosities engulf millions
Again and again
They will not stop until all life is gone
Terminating all of us for universal rule
Mass Destruction
Of these temples is key for mankind's existence
Survival and first victory in the universal war
If they continue to multiply and function
The entire race will be absorbed

8. Dawn Of The Next

Dawn of the next challenges lie ahead of us
They assumed the overtaking of our planet would be routine
Mankind's will possibly linked to being the youngest souls
Of the universe shows perseverance to overcome
Showing no fear
Against the invading foe
We'll fight to protect what's ours
Skeptics believers now
Their visiting
And making themselves
Known to us
Is our advantage
For new advancements
Enditing secrets for future space travel
Dissecting technology
For virvum harvesting
Harnessing life energies
Underestimating the humans will prove
To be their biggest mistake
The cozen pods
Have failed their mission
the race has not been quiescent
Inscrutable world reality
The Earth destined for demise
Space stations
Must be built
And outer stars
Planets and galaxies
Must be found for inhabitation
Our kismet depends on it
The race now comes
Together as one
The nefarious
Has opened our eyes
We're perdurable
Of its tasks
We will learn
The Arcanum of the others against them
Leaving us indelible
The glimpse at the horizon is aberrant
Mankind will never surrender
Therefore never be defeated
The accrued wisdom
Of ancient past must not be ignored as collective unconsciousness
Memory prepares us
There will be restlessness throughout Earth as the human race
Prepares intuitively for the coming of the next great
Catastrophe and following this human tragedy
Another mighty movement lies in wait which will bring renewal
In the form of a violent and visceral spontaneous morphology
The glimpse at the horizon is aberrant
The signs will be sought
And auguries looked for
Will we be prepared for what's to come
Mankind will never surrender
Therefore never be defeated

9. Infecting Them With Falsehood

Little do they now me
They call me a demon
Infecting women with poison
To get my hands on their precious money
Inviting to my castle
All who would be so naive

My names are plenty and so are my deeds
Donations of anatomical specimens
To rid myself of worries

My fortress was built weekly
To secure my secrecy
In my basement
Morgue and crematory

Acid baths and grinding machines
Enter my den and I will peel off your skin

Sell your bones
And do it again
Bring your children
Let me kill them
Sell your bones
And do it again
Bring your children
Let me kill them

My castle is full
Time to use the tunnels

To sneak on these people
That are soon to be history
To get my hands on their precious money

My fortress was built weekly
To secure my secrecy
In my basement
Morgue and crematory

Sell your bones
And do it again
Bring your children
Let me kill them
Sell your bones
And do it again
Bring your children
Let me kill them

Infecting women with poison
Inviting to my castle
All who be so naive

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