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1. The Living Doorway

Through the realms of time and space
Exists a portal of the mind
To return unto dimensions
Once inhabited by souls of divinity

Now through my grace
I dominate the will to reveal
Destinies of the others
Who once inhabit this world
Within my unconsciousness
I project the emerging unity of Energy
To absorb their experiences
And claim them mine

I hold the key
To my kingdom

And fulfill my greed, I rule as one

Visions intertwine
The immortal energies combine
Condemned eternally, to be forever


Transcending this immortal dimension
Into the darker realms of light.

Drifting forward
Endless knowledge
Thought and life.

And only I am the doorway to Re-existence.

2. Reflection Of Emotions

I was...
I am...
and will, forever be...

Reflections of time that once was
And time that will carry all on...

Parallels dimensions cross within me.

I reflect...

The eye opens wide my visions of omnipotence and understanding

Falling into and out of existence,
As light surrounds my soul.

I see the pain of innocence and the guilt of sin
Billions of aeon's joined together through me

To recreate matter
And bring forth solitude to my elite

Follow my light
And we will
All is as one.

To learn from the past
And give to the future
A perfect concept
Will bring your energies to me

Pain and pleasure redefined
Anger and forgiveness no longer disported
All questions answered
All symbols of life removed
To better serve my purpose.
And so I am.

Reflection of Emotion will
Manifest into the existence of my infinity...

Life after life.

3. Diminishing Between Worlds

Ascending I look down upon the lucid dream I leave behind the division of thought that evolved two suns echoing throughout all world fragments of life.

Separation of being from flesh I transcend back to thought.

The origin of all, Subconsciousness...
Ancient memories Re-emerge

To be lost again, to discover that I am Self
To see behind the shadows of illusion from within the earths.

I touch the heavens reflecting opposite thought

They speak to me, words of vast illusions, the inner and outer worlds, all mirroring creation

Containing all in existence, infinite worlds of relative energies

Intricate balance of oppositions, repeating patterns of complex detail

And self variation
And I am the essence

Engulfed in the light

Universe through unity, all memories diminished.

4. Dimensions Intertwine

Incanting oaths of desecration... to condemn
Summoning of the ancient powers... unto me
Invoking of the light creation... to deceive
Emptiness that once contained... nonexistence

I will thee

Essence of form
Evolves malevolence
Of my visions
Of my destiny

Creations of the uncreation

My mind projects
Neuro-electric impulses

Creation of time
Eternal life
Becomes mortal
Elements compress
Manifest within my dream

Parallel lines of unnatural power
Simbient balance of unstable forces
The phenomenon of god is created
Opposing powers come together... contradictions

Fusion of awareness begins
Evolution through deception

Spoken oaths of desecration
Mastering the ancient powers
I am the light of creation... to deceive

Stimulation of life's
Perpetual growth
Behold worlds anew
All turning upon a single axis
Countless worlds fold together
Paralleled within scale

Dimensions within dimensions
Time equals sizes and distances squared
Continual center of all worlds
Where I am the bride to the physical planes
Forever bound through -- the alchemies of will
Imprisoned in the hallucination of
Existence... a concept of my imagination

5. The Enigmatic Form


6. A Gathering Of Imaginations

Existence before this world life
Coherent forms of reason holds
Energies of life... awareness

Drawn by seduction
Drawn beyond intrigue,
Into the blind sphere
The orb of deceit

Absorbed into the concept eternal
Energies harnessed and transferred perpetually
Imaginations deceived in rapture

Infinite experiences
Infinite reflection of emotion

Inspiring my creations
Conscious though imprisoned

Within self...vanities,
The creation of mind

Manifest the living light
Mutation to entity...flesh
Flesh binds the image...for suffering

The creation of my living dream

Beings born to pain
To die in pain... time and again
All are lost forever in the illusion...unknowing

Fade into forever...

7. Through Alchemy Bound Eternal

Unbalance within the eternal existence
Across the planes of sightless vision
Evolves imagination
A dense hole containing the most solid of matter
Endless emptiness without a horizon
Reveals the vastness
Of the planes of time

And through my dreams
Combining the elements
Sealed by blood
Bound through eternity

Endless energies of the living
Summoned to be
I am the source of the magic's
I am never ending

Condemned to the everlasting
The spirit of this world is mine
Bestow my powers of the light

Harnessing of the energies brought fourth unto time
Condemned to my will

Lucid reality consciousness rendered unconscious
Into the physical form
Forever born into the dream
To suffer
For me

Submicroscopic evolution of substance
At the core the beginning is

I am the universe
I am the sacred key
I am the forced which binds thee eternal
I will forever be

8. ...and Time Begins

The eye is opening
Jupiter hangs - suspended like a tear
Shed upon the face of the times before us

Visions manifest right before my very eyes
I see thoughts

My inspirations empower one another
Bridging matter and spirit
The art of temperance - to bring about change
Before the sacred keys - are gone from us forever

I see beyond the black and silver sphere
About to complete it's cycle

Pieces-thousands upon thousands come together
I reflect upon the images, the symbols and their meaning
Retrograde - times to come - twilight - the passing of time, begins
Slowly forming ...structure

Finding warmth within it's darkness
I stare upon the moon - which has dilated in full
It's cycle again complete,
The message is shinning through transparent clouds

It's eprivesence highlights a halo of blood,
A warm wind blows
I prophesize - a will not mine
A curse from which mankind will never rise

I've come to understand -
The visions that are placed upon me

A perception of thought beyond the infinite
The vision I see torments me.

A testament of the age, man will witness creation change
Continuation - the first measurement of time
Begin the cycle new
Exposed- the light of other dimensions
Time is renewed.

Successful division of a single atom

...and so I see mans' prophecies were all lies,
Arrogantly he had lied to himself,
The ancient powers reclaim the earth
Ascending, I look down upon what use to be my body
...and I see Jupiter... as it bleeds from my eye

9. Await The Unending

Begin the end of time
Mankind destroyed the earth
My lungs taste the airs of time
Half-lives of the dying world
Return to barren rock
Oceans and seas vaporized

Radiation, uncreation, revelations
The rapture of souls

The kingdoms of man are erased
All life condemned
Under a burning sky
The fabric of dimensions-dissolve/absorb
Ages of dormancy
Earth reclaims dominion
Linear circle of time recreates life
Mankind evolves into new human races
...of war
Recreation of law

God faces its own mortality
The self inflicted disease
Completing the prophecy of death
From the souls condemned with its mind
Images of god
With wills reflecting it's
Selfish and self-righteous
Perpetual torment of perverted thoughts
Endured for more than a millennium
Fearing its death seeking human form
The return of the white Christ
Coinciding with the rebirth of awareness
Enter the eternal era
Of re-awakened comprehension
Begin the age of eternity
Futures are created constant
Memories distort
God relinquishes its reign vengeance
Re-integrate to light
Disembodied souls
The essences of the past earth's life
Released from within its mind
Duration of torment
Witness the mysteries
Beholder of the key
Destroy the arch of time
Evoking the secrets
To the ancient knowledge
Of reincarnation
Though frequencies shudder
In the wake of the histories
Of the futures
Of genesis

10. Essence Of Creation

Awakened from the dream
Face to face with my livid memories
Breaching the fabric of the creation
I see the age less form before me
A reflection of myself
I see my eyes and in them

The orb of light
Where the three points collide
Worlds upon worlds multiply
(within/outside) themselves
The point from which dimensions flow
Unity achieved through alchemy
Countless images of myself
Staring back (into/from in) my soul

Mind and soul merge
Evolve my conscious
Unity unparalleled through time
Through out all of the worlds I remain the chosen
I am the concept of god...creation
The light of deception is the nexus of time
The nexus of my creation
Eternal illusion
The gateway to the paradox...infinity
Evolved through imagination
I emerge
I emerge in my true form
Consciousness without self
Invoking life within
The portal of my dreams
I see the cycle
(I see/I am) the spectrum
(I see/I am) the circle unending
I am the light
The nexus
I am the though beyond (infinity/eternity)

11. The Morpheus Oracle (Outro)


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