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1. To Cross The Line

Crossing the line
Now involved in a conflict
To calculate arsenal and relocate
Strike without a warning
Exploit the occasion, interfere
Reverse the outcome

Throwing the best into the fray
Undermining obsolete tactics
Ignite well-oiled machine
Trigger an onslaught
To protect own needs

The science of domination
Regionally based reasoning underlined

2. From Shield To Storm

Launching a new phase
Which marks a shift as
The desert shield is now over
Destroy the enemy radar
Guided strikes with maximum effect

The fields of fire
Annihilating resistance
At an early hour
Communications are down

Swarming now above the desert
With ease rendering the outdated foe useless
Advanced warfare, correct sighting
Laser guided modern precision

Defying the odds
Invading, a lack of common sense
With even worse timing
All alone, having only the option to dig in
Assumptions have been proven wrong

Total disarray
Low on morale
Many surrender
Without a fight

Forced into retreat
Totally devastated
Scorched earth
A major defeat

3. Nothing Is Free

In search of a region
A territorial dispute
There’s a need to recapture
Without knowing the cost

Invasion force
To capture the key targets
A coordinated blow
The goal has been reached

Mission successful
As the ruler has been switched

A quick response
To an undeclared war
Gathering an elite force
The glory must be restored

The plan was successful
As the ruler was finally switched
But the destination is in the horizon
At dawn comes the strike

Face the facts
As nothing comes for free
Impending action
A conflict is now in sight

With a clear advantage
Bases situated nearby
Still unable to fully defend
Against superior arms
All in vain

Face the facts
As nothing comes for free
Can't take everything for granted
Now just lay down the arms

4. The End Justifies The Means

Desperation begins to mount
It's high time, take the needed action
The source of income is again threatened
Much better to secure the supply
There's no standing aside

Distributing peace and order
The end justifies the means

Taking care of the needs
Fueling up industries
For the sake of common good
Declaring great success in a rightful way
This is new found unity
A pile of ashes and dust

Distributing peace and order
The end justifies the means

It's a modern perception of freedom
To wage war in distant locations
Always seeking for peace and order
As the end always justifies the means

5. Decadence

Hungry for power
Ridden with a disease
Spewing lies, a necessity to divide
Depending on control, causing detest
Authoritarian by nature

Thriving on money and deceit
Being as corrupt as one can get

Living in a safe zone
Free word is denied
Spreading conflicts across the region
For one's own good

Thriving on war, money and deceit
Being as corrupt as one is able to get
Paying tribute to one's own benefits
Doing favors
While getting rid of the rest

Thriving on war and deceit
Being as corrupt as one is able to get

6. A Crucial Factor

A sudden change of power
Volatile situation is worsening
Causing friction
The system is rigged

A covert operation
Object to destabilize
They incite foreign interference
To receive help from overseas

Soon finding common ground
Arming up the revel factions
Downing aircraft with modern arms
Surprise the foe

A crucial factor
Expand structure
Funneling more funds
It's called attrition
Force them out

A goal is reached
Yet neglect will cause disorder

7. The First Objective

Enter, being the first to charge
Careful plans in motion
Area softened but unswept
Mines have been laid
Setting foot on hostile ground
The sand hinders the movement
A quiet moment now ensues
The invasion has begun

Entrenching is out of question
Landing force is in total disarray
Barbed wire and obstacles
Pinned down in heavy fire

Looking for a cover in a quick manner
As the defensive guns blaze
More troops are pouring in
Wave after wave
Objective is to push through
Beachhead must be obtained
Clear the surroundings
Just to get through

The first step in a greater plan
The landing, if successful
Push the enemy back
A beachhead provides the groundwork
Next, unleash the logistics
And aim for the heartland

8. Futile Effort

Sent on a mission
The standard has been met
Pain and misery are awaiting
A steady advance
Through a cruel terrain
Paving the way
With a daring stand

Across the field
Proceeding in a strict formation
Retaining a steady pace
Over the top
Let another wave enter in
There's no chance of turning back

Shelled away
A field ridden with barbwire
Centered on the sanctity of war

The slaughter begins
At easy targets on open ground
Defenses have sustained the shelling
Gunned down
No option to answer back
After great plans devastation prevails

Looking at the result
No further adjustments
Not a single meter gained

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