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1. New Order (2014)

Destined to rot
In the trenches you will die
Born to suffer
Laying waste to the ground
Cities burning
Fire rains near
It is over
Devastation is here

Artillery fire
Breaching the lines
New found order
Soon to be set based on greed

Society crumbles
Crime rates soar
Words of wisdom
Matter no more
The victor is marching
Setting up new rules
Following the guidelines
Made for fools

Patrolling the streets
Guarding the order
Dissadisfaction toward power
A need to raise a resistance to fight

Ride the fire
Fight the false occupation
Raise a standard
Of will and bravery
Banish the intruders
Who scorch the land
Make a statement
Reinforce your stand

This war will be delt with
Casualties remain unknown

2. The Ardennes Offensive (Live)

Calling for the last reserves
For this great attack
No mercy will be given
Striking through the Ardennes
Once again with a formidable force
From the scattered remnants
Logistic miracle of some sort

Firmly depending on this
The last hope, even if desperate
Extreme fuel sortage
Along with exhausted men
Fed with propaganda
Expecting to create confusion
And neutralize the western front

It had to be under bad weather conditions
Only option was an surprise attack
Absolute Allied air superioty above
As the German planes just wouldn't be able to fly

Just too proud of letting it go
Even though the chances on Antwerp were abysmal
Heavy planning at last offers a solution
To mess up the Allied game
Drafted so long, firmly in secrecy

Beginning the offensive with great sensation
Ninety minutes of artillery strikes
The heavy winter storms are raging on
The roads are blocked, it's nobodies gain anymore

Heavy casualties on the rise
A cruesome realisation to the enemy lines
The initial success quickly goes sour
This advance is forced into an halt at Bastogne
The Battle Of The Bulge

3. The Aftermath (Live)

Screams of despair
Echoing beyond
The piles and mass graves
Of fallen men
Weeping in silence
Above the smoldering ruins
The unforseen terror
Withering defeat

The search for power
Endless wrangle
Never peace
A twisted illusion
Servants of war
Structured to death
Only in figures
Carrying out orders

Mobilizing masses
Against who oppose us
Blindly they follow
No matter what the price is
The remnants of joy
Now swept away with force
Tools of destruction
World covered in flames

"Never again shall this heinousness happen"
These words were told after the war
No matter the assertings, the conflicts shall occur
The greed of human nature
The feebleness, wars shall go on

4. Iniation & Operation Citadel (Live)

Eight thousand tanks clashing
In the Operation Zitadelle
A German offensive
To help retrieve the initiative in the east

The largest armoured battle
Campaing launched in 1943
After the crushing defeat of Stalingrad
Pin them down, once and for all

Planning on encirclement
But suprise factor was long lost
Good soviet intelligence
Preparations were bold

The line of defense
Built to slow the spearheads down
Anti-tank, vast minefields
With blitzkrieg Wehrmacht again marches forth

The northern operation is a failure
Germans fell short
In the southern face:
The battle of Prokhorovka rages on

Merciless outburst of lead
Steel rain from every direction
As motorized battalions collide
On Russian soil

When the stakes were high
Soon short of fuel, out of armor
As waffen-SS spearheads meet
The Russian superioty, T-34

Tide finally turns
The operation is called off
Axis fails to conquer
In the battle of Kursk

Matias Nastolin — Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Benjam Lahdenpää — Drums
Henri Hirvonen — Guitars
Sebastian Bergman — Bass

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