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1. Initiation


2. Operation Citadel

Eight thousand tanks clashing
In the Operation Zitadelle
A German offensive
To help retrieve the initiative in the east

The largest armoured battle
Campaing launched in 1943
After the crushing defeat of Stalingrad
Pin them down, once and for all

Planning on encirclement
But suprise factor was long lost
Good soviet intelligence
Preparations were bold

The line of defense
Built to slow the spearheads down
Anti-tank, vast minefields
With blitzkrieg Wehrmacht again marches forth

The northern operation is a failure
Germans fell short
In the southern face:
The battle of Prokhorovka rages on

Merciless outburst of lead
Steel rain from every direction
As motorized battalions collide
On Russian soil

When the stakes were high
Soon short of fuel, out of armor
As waffen-SS spearheads meet
The Russian superioty, T-34

Tide finally turns
The operation is called off
Axis fails to conquer
In the battle of Kursk

3. From The Cradle To The Grave

Old hierarchy long gone
New ideology holds the power
Executed are those once in rule
Constitution is rewritten, other parties in denial

Confliction in theories
Contrasts seen, now waging war
No matter with any politics
Driven by greed, leading to casualties

From the cradle to the grave

Perishing in battle
Brutally agonized
Believing all words
The leaders say
Being guided to death

The human body
So fragile and weak
When exposed to pain, and suffer
Paralysed, wounded or be dead

Extreme right-wing or the radical left
Political message differs,
Forms to an hostility

Now awoken to a conflict
Of imagination based ideologies
Where the other side seen as plain infidels

Cities now ruined, millions meet their graves
Later on judging it all
It's tragic how hallow things can be

Placed deep into the history
Another conflict, relates to it's time

4. Artillery Barrage

Mounting an offensive
The target's acquired
Merchants of destruction
Everything will be burnt

The target is acquired
And everything will be burnt

Offering no mercy
Calculations are done
No plans of turning back
The howitzers howl endlessly

Immensive power
Cracking the ground
All guns blazing,
Taste the artillery barrage

Victims of surprise attack
Of concentrated force
Aiming for domination
Striking the ground

Hear the sounds, which are
Pounding in the air
As shockwaves rattle
Feel the artillery barrage

The voice of thunder,
On the receiving end
Mixed with fear
Thick smoke, shells away

Explosions offer no mercy
Destructive force
Shockwaves pound the ground
Striking with no remorse

Immensive power
Cracking the ground
All guns blazing,
Endure the sound
No remorse for the victims
Victims of the artillery barrage

5. Battle Of The Somme

Receiving orders
Down from the high command
With plans to move forward
Once again in this mess they call war

Final words were shed
In this hell, this battlefield
Machine guns will not fail
As the bullet rain hits the flesh

Endless casualties
Over one million dead
Obsolete tactics blended with
Modern armament

In the battle of Somme
The indecisive event
Once a morbid mess

Blood spilled everywhere
Thousands of men now lay dead
First battle to introduce tanks
An unforgiving hell
Fighting for the fatherland
Desperately making a stand
Trench warfare supreme
All the divisions clash

Indecisive result
Nobody in benefit
Five months of bloodbath
The fierce fighting for the Somme

The startup of the encounter
First day of July, unbelieveable carnage toward the brits
Exit the trench when the order is whistled
Few seconds to live, machine gun torrents mow you to bits
The failures on the tactical side
Human wave assault, the death toll will mount
Unprepared for the misery - just a mad waste of human lives

What's the price for a mile?
Is there any substance behind bravery and honour?
To enter the no man's land
Or to die in the distress of those trench lines
Unable to reach the objectives
Set by the old men around the stuffed tables
Experiencing the hell, horrors of war
Depending on luck, not on reason

6. Conclusion

Feel the rope tieing around your neck
No more luck, this will be the end
All the things accomplished
Now withered and vaporized
From ashes to ashes
From dust to dust
Now just losing control
And watching as it falls apart

Not once in a lifetime
The opportunity nobody had
Offered salvation
Through a upsetting revolution

Losing grip, the end - it draws near
Turning insane, increasing fear
Paranoia and hopelessness
The nation razed to the ground

Staring the papers
Trapped inside
Should I let go?
Who can be trusted?

The final blow
Full society collapse
The foundations shake
Tyranny cripples down
Useless appointments
Before the overclass
Elite, organized groups
Now just meaningless, meaningless

Once strenght in numbers
Grimly deceased
Rulers are gone
Enemy at the gates
Hopeless people
In ongoing chaos
What can be done
The options are non-existant, they are gone

The occupier
The celebrated victory
World renowned salvation
In the general people's eyes
One tyranny has fallen
While the other grew stronger
The worldwide balance
Not greatly improved

Feel the rope tieing around your neck
No more luck, this will be the end
All the things accomplished
Now withered and vaporized
From ashes to ashes
From dust to dust
Now just losing control
And watching as it falls apart

7. On The Path Of Subjugation

Frozen bodies
Lines of destroyed tanks
Cold and relentless
Weather unforgiving
Fierce winter warfare against
Operant guerilla movements
Charging the Mannerheim line
With a three to one force ratio

During the phoney war, 1939
Others stay far away
Waiting for the imminent to happen
Stalin's orders
Written in the secret pact,
The spheres of influence
Allowing the Soviet advance

Alleged shellings
The excuse of Mainila
Given as a reason to conduct the campaign
And to spread the thought, to annex the land
Preparations for a parade
Bad failure, embarrassment

Forty degrees below zero
One shot, instant freeze
Alligned to head forward
To heed the generals' inexperienced pleas

Affected by the Great Purge
Encircled to an massive extent
Never ending areas of forests and snow
Failing to subjugate, major surprise for Kreml

Frozen bodies
Lines of destroyed tanks
Cold and relentless
Weather unforgiving
Fierce winter warfare against
Operant guerilla movements
Charging the Mannerheim line
Experience the Winter War

8. The Hell Of Verdun

Cold calculations
With plans to bleed the French army white
Forcing to a defensive stance
Launch the indelible insanity

War of attrition
Colossal borbarment strike will begin
Erich von Falkenhayn
The architecht of it all

Solid preperations on the German side
Vast amounts of weaponry and equipment
Artillery in form
Naval guns, thousands of cannons - big berthas in use
Howitzers lined up, millions of shells in store
Railways built before, everything geared up
For the first nine hours of immensive fire

Starting it like never witnessed before
Expecting to move at a rapid rate

Harsh, muddy soil
Shelled to shambles
Unexpected resistance
The French are defending it at all costs

Capturing Fort Douaumont
"Without a shot"
Closing the village
In heavy snowfall
"They shall not pass"
Supplying through the sacred way
Arriving to the meat grinder
Into the hell of Verdun
To the hell Of Verdun

Initial plans of this operation Gericht
Not so fulfilled, resulting in a mess
Trying to reach all the forts, strongpoints of Verdun
The resistance was strong, losses turn out to be high

Poison gasses spread over,
Flamethrowers annihilate
Going over the top
The rats are eating the rotting corpses
The stench of death is overbearing
Soldiers exhausted, grinded to the muddy soil
The stench of death is overbearing

French finally succeed at repelling
Pushing those Prussian scums back
They're now struggling for Le Mort-Homme
Battling over hill 304

War of attrition
Desperation, on village Fleaury
Eventually charging for fort Souville
Catastrophic bloodshed
Resulting in useless battle
Mincing machine of Verdun
Determination to hold ground
At any cost, misfortune for one
Misfortune for one

Started it like never seen before, then
Slaughtered witlessly in this great abattoir
Laying in their muddy graves

9. Public Enlightenment

Feed on the information
Lines of data sent straight to your brain
Reading it so blindly, a necessity to gather knowledge
Follow the news, and all the papers you hold trustful
Hear the politicians speak and adopt to their vision so true

The public's opinion is fragile
Always controlled by the machinery hidden so well
Behind the curtains of the so-called free, unbiased media
Which the interest groups aim to heavily dictate

From a child to adult, environment guides the direction
Shaping the starting point, later just to be enhanced

They say that you live in a world without any worries
Where everything is going to a right direction, no matter what

Pictures, articles, video footage, the truth
All they have to offer is that one, narrow-minded view

Limiting information
Propaganda, public enlightenment
A constant stream of different agendas

The people's opinion is fragile
Always controlled by the machinery hidden
Behind the curtains of the so-called free and unbiased media
Which the interest groups aim heavily to dictate, deceit

10. The Rising Sun

Rising to arms
An glorified existence
The empire of the rising sun
Above all, the choices were set
To expansion
"All the world under one roof"

Expanding the territory
To boost the industrial strenght
Gaining more influence
And seeking space from the near west

The conqueror of the seas
Their mighty fleet
Full control of the Pacific Sea
Seems at first unstoppable force
Devastation in Pearl Harbour
Astonishing the Allied corps

"May the sacred one lead
Respect the divine"

Destined to rule the whole world
By the sacred emperor
The descedant of the sun goddess
Entitled to dominate

Seized the occasion
First rapid area control
Then plans to defend
To wipe out the US force
"Greater East Asia war"
Conflict in multiple theaters
Invading China
A puppet state on the way

Staking a claim to the sea
A race for the superioty
Two fleets engage
Offering an flying assault

Kamikaze squadrons
Soldiers willing to sacrifice

To the bitter end, for the greater cause

Truculent crusaders
Gruesome jungle affrays
No surrender in sight
The enemy is too weak

To the bitter end, for the greater cause
Old traditions will not ever expire
Once designed for domination
After all the sun will always ascend
The rising sun

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