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1. Strangled

The helpless feeling
Activates the instincts of fear
Ever increasing suspension
The awareness of death
Growing agony
Enduring asphyxication
Setting up the last prayers
Craving the torture to stop

The tension of the muscles
Begings to fade rapidly
In this desperate state
You're gasping for the final air
The last, the closing breath
Time begings to twist like hell
A second feels like infinity
Retribution's waiting there

Finally heart stops beating
Sweat pouring down the forehead
Sickening memories flash in front of your eyes
Thy final fate
Nothing left behind
You've killed them all
Deserved was your mortal share
Impending doom

2. The Aftermath

Screams of despair
Echoing beyond
The piles and mass graves
Of fallen men
Weeping in silence
Above the smoldering ruins
The unforseen terror
Withering defeat

The search for power
Endless wrangle
Never peace
A twisted illusion
Servants of war
Structured to death
Only in figures
Carrying out orders

Mobilizing masses
Against who oppose us
Blindly they follow
No matter what the price is
The remnants of joy
Now swept away with force
Tools of destruction
World covered in flames

"Never again shall this heinousness happen"
These words were told after the war
No matter the assertings, the conflicts shall occur
The greed of human nature
The feebleness, wars shall go on

3. As The Fire Burns

Comprehensive plannings
Preparing the assault
Contrived divisions, strike!
Purposes merged as one
(Purposes merged as one, one)

Setting the stage
Seeing to ammunition
Commencing an attack
The waves of "justice" will sweep

Securing resources
Over the landscapes
Government fundings
Rolling treads crush the sand
(As the rolling treads crush the sand)

"Preserving the peace"
Start of war
Over manufactured excuses
As fire burns

Devastation, On dead soil
As the fire burns

The ongoing operations
Ripping their soil apart
"Advancing forward"
Always searching something to gain

Facing guerilla warfare
Focusing howitzer fire
Prosperity lacking
Failure to come, soon to come

Prosperity lacking
On dead soil

"Secure the peace"
Start the war
Over manufactured excuses
"Preserve the peace"
As fire burns

As the fire burns, the fire will burn
"Securing the peace"

4. Annihilation


Cannons roaring
With a forceful sound
Flames blazing
All across the ground

Moving armies
From east to west
Strategic bommings
Never put to rest

Blasting howls
With resolution
As they march
Can you feel?

Immense campaings
Aided by led
To the bitter end

From the starboard side
Closing torpedoes
Blackened cloud arises
Sunken in the chilling sea

In the cockpit
Meeting resistance
A fiery ball of flame
Down to the certain death
"Now you're free"

(Now you're free
Down to the certain death)


Now as they say those things that mean nothing
Empty promises, propaganda machine handles it in all
Facing mortality, but loyality covers it in whole
It's the soldier's duty, blindly to follow

Down in the depths
Fear for their lives
Deep in the pits of no return
(Deep in the pits of no return)
The battle lives on

Closing armor
As tanks roll
Missiles flying
The countdown is on
(Missiles flying, the countdown is on)
Securing the existance

Jets fly (to die)
Formation leads to damnation
(In formation leading to damnation)
Preparing to crush

Battalions advance
Under the command


"The bombing runs started 4AM, and they caught us by suprise
Then the flames surrounded us like inferno, and all hell broke loose
Filled with misery and hatred, we watched as our homes began to burn down
This shouldn't be the way it ends, we had to promise to ourselves to keep being sane
The planes soared high as the second enemy raid approached us
This time we would be prepared to fight, and then we aligned to strike back"

"So close to being killed, without any regret
Remorse is for the weak"

Cannons roaring
Missiles fly
No fear of death, to terminate
Moving armies
Aided by lead
Preparing to crush
Offensive to the end, end

5. New Order

Destined to rot
In the trenches you will die
Born to suffer
Laying waste to the ground

Cities burning
Fire rains near
It is over
Devastation is here

Artillery fire
Breaching the lines
New found order
Soon to be set based on greed

Society crumbles
Crime rates soar
Words of wisdom
Matter no more

The victor is marching
Setting up new rules
Following the guidelines
Made for fools

(Made for fools
Following the guidelines)

Patrolling the streets
Guarding the order
Dissadisfaction toward power
A need to raise a resistance to fight

Ride the fire
Fight the false occupation
Raise a standard
Of will and bravery

Banish the intruders
Who scorch the land
Make a statement
Reinforce your stand

This war will be delt with
Casualties remain unknown


6. ...to Decay

Lust for power
Beneath the core of lies aiming for the kill
Through corruption and disorder
Seeking the path for the cause of annihilation

Lord of pestilence
Falsification of common belief and mistrust
Spreading morbid lies upon you
Proclaiming to offer peace and freedom

Expelling the regions
Of unified opposition to the cause
The profecies ordered to be told
Witness the propaganda and new rules

The flames will burn high
Above you, destruction holds the key to eternity
Perish and suffer
Controversies solved only by war

We will writhe

Brainwashed to obey
The so-called higher form
Shattering in pyres of our downfall
We're set to decay

Matias Nastolin ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Olli "Otu" Suurmunne ‒ Guitars

Thanks to decayingofficial for sending these lyrics.

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