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1. The Knife

Oceans mumble their songs to deaf ears of sands
Mountains guard their dominions until the end of time
Rivers carve hieroglyphs only read by the birds
Lion hunts antelope, hyenas fight over the corpse
Breed then kill or get killed, holy circle of life
Red sun rises again, chokes cold light of stars
I sharpen the knife

Wooden Handle
Bolster, heel
Edge of cold steel
Mirror mirror
Speak to to me

Now the painting is done, bored models dress up
German writer, Asian poet, both expect Nobel prize
New Picasso's sketch on sale, bids mostly from Japan
Hagia Sophia gets new roof, circus hires new clown
Ballerinas bleed but dance, famous composer gets bald
All music's already been played, critics are always right
And I sharpen the knife

Wooden handle
Bolster, heel
Edge of cold steel
Mirror mirror
Speak to me

News on breakfast television drown in a shit of lies
UN troops storm Kabul, or Cairo, or Baghdad
That war was wrong but this one is so right
Cure for cancer nearly there- perfect drug, decent price
White smoke covers Rome, habemus papam
Farmer in Montana breeds two-headed cows
I still sharpen the knife

Wooden handle
Bolster, heel
Edge of cold steel
Mirror mirror
Speak to me

2. United

You will never walk alone
Counted, trained, controlled
Being a cog in the machine
Being a grain of sand in the desert
Being a sheep in the herd
You breathe on command
You shit on command
You kneel on command

Born with no herd instinct, afraid of the crowd
Forced to follow the rules, to obey your laws
deserter in uniform, refugee on constant run
I'm not proud of victories, nor distraught with defeats
I refuse to take part in this conspiracy of lies
I take no orders from your idiot generals
How come motherfuckers that you always unite
For the wrong cases, under false flags?

Lo and behold! Admire the show
Lethal duel between me and the world
Where the world wins the battles
But I lose the war

I was the crippled Spartan child thrown over the cliff
I was the villain crucified at the right hand of Iscariot
I was the black albino torn to pieces by his own tribe
I was the woman that knew the herbs burnt at the stake

3. Carnival Is Forever

The music is too loud, you can't hear the clock
Conductor is missing and no one misses hum
Band of politicians, lawyers and false prophets
No one reads notes, yet everyone wants to lead

So you think you can dance?
Said hooded axman to the king
Monarch nods, the wheel turns
Head rolls through the ballroom
Dancers stumble, loose the rhythm
Dogs play with blood-stained crown
Fool looks noble in king's cloak
Cooks and crooks fight for the throne
It's still warm

Herr Fritzl invited his kids and their kids
They stay in shadow and sip champagne
Agoraphobic and somewhat pale
Telling bad jokes to relaxed Natascha

Rwandese waiters serve cold snacks
Nothing for vegans: it's all bones and blood
The night is bright as teh world burns
Or is it Theodore and his pyro toys

Elderly women hunt for soldier boys
Soldiers hunt for civilians, it's always fun
getting hard to breathe, it's either smoke or gas
Master of Ceremony smiles behind the mask.

4. Homo Sum

Homo sum and hate humanity
Despise the culture, spit on law
Mongrels, scorpions, snakes and men
Only species that bite their tails
Ever since Nero burnt Rome
All the good roads lead to hell
So learn how to live in the cage
Or die trying to avoid the fate

I'd sell my soul to the devil
Or anyone who would buy
If I had one

I've been a burden since day one
Stranger in the strange land
Blind to what you wanted me to see
Numb to what you wanted me to be
rather philophobic than philosopher
But one thing I know for sure
If I'd free myself from the world
The world wouldn't mind at all

If you want to make god laugh
Tell him about your plans
Erase empathy, abandon hope
Stand up

5. 404

Zero day. Successfully installed on this earth
The miracle of birth, the irony of fate
Enslaved by time, cause and effect
Armed with laughter, doubt and despair
Let me start the game

One needs deft fingers to survive
Sharp eye and pliant spine
No time to rethink your decisions
Just find the treasure, score high
Avoid bugs

Could the avatar in the mirror be me?
Blood on my hands and empty eyes
Still smiling, too mad to be scared
At this level I'd use the mercy of god
But where's god? He's 404

Don't be sorry it's not your fault
The malfunction is an integral part of the program

There's no save game, no hidden keys
And don't be a fool- for fair play reward
Crash data, fatal error. I'm done

Did I deserve to rest in green meadows
To drink sweet water from his peaceful streams
To stand by his side? To fulfill my needs?
Access denied

6. A View From A Hole

So what do you do for a living?
I dug holes
And what do you put in there?
I bury hopes

Born in the shadow of Babylon
I speak in tongues but don't understand a word
I know how to wield a sword
but never learned how to plough
I know how to build castles mountain high
That are bound to fall
I'm not a coward but I hide behind the words
I play my songs, winds carry them home

I know the science but the science doesn't know me
And every now and then I burn Rome
My children rule this world
But they're raised to fail

World owes you nothing
Promised you nothing
And nothingness swallows it all
Don't curse, don't run
Don't fight, don't fear
Grow up before you grow old

I really hoped that if I dig long enough
I'd find hell- fire, pain and death
But it's just mud and some plastic bags

7. Pest

It's raining birds
Seagulls, nightingales
They don't sing, they stink
Feathers glow in the dark

Black clouds thicken
Your shutters won't help
No one to answer your prayers
Lord of Flies sends his regards

What doesn't kill you makes you strive for death
What doesn't wound you makes you cut your wrists

Fear not the sickness that harms your body
This one will leave you in perfect shape
This is the virus that kills illusions
Fatal disease that opens the open cage

Be careful what you wish for
Pitiful knowledge junkies
Be careful what you pray for
Your sheep chasing the slaughter
You would have never thrown the dice
If you had learnt the rules before
But once you've started the game
Don't leave the table
Don't go home


There is no home
The war is on

8. Silence


Vogg ‒ Guitars
Heinrich ‒ Bass
Krimh ‒ Drums
Rafal Piotrowski ‒ Vocals

Thanks to Lobotomy, lamb-of-god_666 for sending these lyrics.

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