Dark Lyrics


1. It Comes From The North

2. Son Of The Red Sand

Rise now for me
Trample the clay again
Spread your contaminant words on earth
Vomit your hate
Smother the miserable
Drown these lands into darkness

Burial grounds of the primordial centuries
Release your malicious lord
Untie the issue of sands

Breathers give me strength
To animate
Breeders give me lives
To immolate

We are the priests
Of the dismal decades
Praying for the one to rise
The father of plagues

I am the wrath of the red sands
I am the one to darken the skies
I am the one to wreck
I am the plagues on earth

The son of hate would never hear
Our noiseless voices
Mastered by itself only
The doubt devoured our wretched souls
Nothing could stop the creature
The only way was to
Abort the ritual then send
Him back to hell

We must end everything
Pronounce your last wish

Drown into darkness
Drown the world into darkness

3. Alive

Centuries of oblivion
Drowned in the darkest water
Would never smother the wrath we had inside

We are the ones that never die
We are unbreakable
We are the bringers of decades of despair
The will of ruin and spread
Our dismal winds will never end
We are alive

Walk with us or die
We are the decades of despair
Give us your strength and make us
Stronger than ever
Walk with us and follow
The path of no regrets
A legion of legend
That never fails

Centuries of oblivion
Would make us bold and stronger
A time of desolation
Has come for you

4. Defeated Kingdom

Poisonous and cursed

Memories of the old forgotten monarchy
Resonating through the frail columns of a citadel
Whispering and whispering the legend of the ancestors
Moaning and howling the complaints of hell

Memories of a glee forever disappeared
Children of kings and servants of these
statues of marble and stone hearts remains
A defeated kingdom in the garden of hell

Where ravens dare
Ruins of a century
Embraced by roots of infamy
Brambles shredding tapestries
Vestigial thrones and weathered bones
Hell's made of barks and souls of those
Who died in fear and wounds

Skin and roots interlaced
Crawling and festering on infertile lands
made of putridity and disgrace
Skin and roots intertwined
Swallowing all life poisoning all minds
A kingdom defeated

If every reminds of the past
Is glee and luxury
A time of pure prosperity
Where every man was living free
A dismal dawn blew everything
Replacing laugh by anxiety
A green hell flooding on the walls
Absorbing all their force

5. The Essence Of Life

Raise your hands for me

Centuries of sun
Have dried our lands
Our dream of heaven faded away
Every hope of life from clay
Died with our wasted years

A smothering sky brought desolation
Will of the lords we loved
Their death released the essence
Falling as the loudest divine lead

Run to the hills
And feel the essence of life
Live to never forget
How short life is
I was human scum thinking about giving up
Love, care, breathe, the essence of life

And betrayers like our gods was
Will suffer the loneliness
Of a forsaken divinity
Who could rule a world
Draining its force
And no one will let this
Holy crime happen again

Raise your hands for life
Walk with it, follow it

6. Opium Smoke


7. The Ritual

Sacred inception aligned to the sway
Allegiance to tranquility

Quenching the twinge and unbounding fantods
Illuminate skies with the solace above

There's a straining oblivion
From the rituals of dominion

The eternal desire of obtrusion
There's a straining oblivion
From the rituals of domination

8. Wrath Of The Fallen Gods

Automatons of astral machinery
Working in a silent dim
The tremors with the loudness
Of a thousand mountains

From every chasm and digging through the gorge
Comes shrieking the wrawl of the mount
Orders from above are enlivening the grounds
Awakening the beast from the fables

Beyond the fainting frustration
The lights of denial are fading aside
The swivet replaces the lack of limpidity
And the weep of the progeny sighs

War from the summit of stars
Surrending the forces obstructing the skylines
Feathers of deluges
A celestial wrath imbuing inside

Rise from the breathers
From the crawlers
Straining all morsels of subsisting cores
Conveying the whispers of a dismal close

Rise from achondrites
From the bawlder
Draining all parcels of subsisting ache
Bringing death and distress in it's wake

Howling winds lead it to the northern gates
Seal the cycle's flaw for ever more

Devastation through abhorrent misshapen
From the shallows of slough they march
To encounter and trample
The unholy forsaken and sinful forby

9. Tremors

A resonance whistling above
Startling and daunting the hail
Whispers of hail replicating to earth
A glacial imperil overlaying the lands
Loading and freezing the air

Tremors of skies
Smothering the soul of these lands
Raping the celestial ways
We fear all this covering
What the cloud's hiding
Hiding ourselves in our dusty lairs

Spiles made of ice obscuring the sun, overwhelming the skies
Attempt from the damned, to congeal all beings
Spiles made of ice obstructing the stars, penetrating the winds
Attempt from the damned, to puncture and subvert

And no one would dare to face
These civilizations fossilized
By climatic hands
Persistence will prevail

I am not the one to fear
The wrath of the fallen gods
I will never let go
And disappear in cold and coal

A never-ending storm
Is not enough to break down our minds
We will rise for hope

We are the progeny
Of hope and persistence
We are the descendants
Of strength and intenseness

10. An Eternal Eclipse

Astres of light disappeared
Unleashing violent darkness
Thrown into oblivion
Living of fertile lands
Were disowned by grace
All persisted in faith for light
A black veil covered the fields
Then every faith faded away

Where anything could rise or live
When earth suffered the last eclipse
For decades and decades
As the shadow falls
Upon the face of the earth
It stretches forth
Under the kingless crown
Beneath the veil a time before memory

Forsaken in blindness
With no mark to follow or trust and
Drowned into darkness
That smothers whispers of the wretched
All persisted in faith for light
Until a black veil covered fields
Then every faith faded away

As wise as serpents
Into the shadows of time
Stars give me strength
To seek my revenge
Astres of light eradicate these lands

11. I

Crawling through clay
Shattering old trees as twigs
Calling for immortality

Masters of living
Devourers of souls
Invocating ancestral rites

I command you for eternity
My words will transform life into decay

Already dreaming of imperial
Anthems for me
I will enslave this world made of scum
And I’ll reign from the skies as the blackest astre

I will smother all of you miserable weak
I will be the last king of your history
I will slay you all in intense suffering and
I will spread the plague that all of you fear

I am the child of unending frustration
Broken by life forsaken
By the one I believed and trusted
As those of the same blood
Now they all have to pay

I will break you all I swear
Have made of your life a burden
I will make of your life a hell on earth


Stars give me strength to take my revenge
Astres of light eradicate these lands

I am the father of plagues
I am the one to suffer the end

12. A Glittering Obscurity

Approach and dare to stare
The one I've become
I am the reflect you have
Always feared to face

I'm not the fame you lusted for
And for this life I wasted
Nothing remains
In my old man's hands

I am the deception of a life of sins and doubts
I killed my pain and swear I'll take this revenge
But all I'm now is sadly shame and neglect

I walked with the dead and
Dream of this odyssey
A time of pride and glee
Condemned to be buried in oblivion

Face your failure you scum of a man
Your efforts will be as useful as you are
A fallen dream forever sacrificed

I walked with the dead and
Dream of this odyssey
A time of pride and glee
Condemned to be buried in oblivion
We'll die alone but not for it
Please take my life and my soul
Never come again in oblivion

The purple child that I was
The illusion of a night
And now I'm just a remain of the past
I'm waiting at the gates
I can't do one more step

I am not the waste of a life
I will fight for a decent end

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