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1. My Religion Is Hate

2. Ironclad Declaration Of War

Demon engines blessed in virgin´s blood
Warmachines decorated with human guts
Godlike warriors from hell
Nihilistic brutes - Evil and fell

Siege battle - we will storm the walls
Siege battle - your fortress will fall
Enemies killed with bolter and sword
From the warp we come forth

We are iron warriors

Eternal war is my fate
My religion is hate
In the fires of hell I will roar
My god is called war
Iron within - Iron Without

3. Kneel Before The Dragon Gods

We fight against the hordes of evil
We are the bulwark against the devil
Our enemies are al demon thralls
Our fight will end when satan will fall

We are not alone - God is on our side
There is no place in Hell, where you can hide
Our armor is strong it will hold firm
We are unbreakable - You will burn

Your horde is 1000 strong
You think you will win, but you are wrong

We are the children of the stars
Born to fight the righteous wars
Defenders against the demon hordes
Kneel before the Dragon Gods

War on eden - See the forests burn
War on earth - A billion bodies torn
War in heaven - The angels will fall
War in Hell - Hear the end times´bell

4. Gorezilla

Roar kill kill kill
Night falls - The city goes to sleep
Out of the wilderness - comes the thunderbeast
Out for violence - to shred and slash
To feed on the pulp of the inhabitants slush

It will stomp on the city wall
Crush all the city´s mighty halls
Evil nightmares will turn real
A violent death you will feel

Brutal crusher-killer
Mighty Gorezilla
evil war-killer
Gore-obssed Gorezila

The king of beasts
The King of killers
Call him Gorezilla

The king of war
The king of killers
Call him Gorezilla

5. German Warmachine

The tank is grinding you down
The tank spares not even its own
The battlefield is its domain
All oppositions is in vain
Like a thunder beast it crushes the enemy
It will set the brutality free
Warriors of hell fall before the behemoth
The remains are left to rot

war-killer dreadnought engine
Super heavy german warmachine

Your frontline will crumble
Torwards the enemy the tank rumbles
On iron tracks grinding you down
even if it is all alone
Ironclad, unbreakable murder-engine
To red sludge it will crush
Your children
Kill, kill murder-device
Brutality comes, death will rise

War-killer dreadnought engine
Super heavy german warmachine

6. Murderbrute Minotaurs

Coming out of the forest of doom
Marching towards your settlement
In the morning gloom
Shrouded in the mists
Of the cold earth
Stalk into your homes -
Comes to your hearth

The mass murderers of the slaughter man
The killers of woman and children
Eat your offspring out of the cradle
Steal your woman and cross them cattle

Murderbrute minotaurs

The minotaurs of the slaughterman
We kill woman and children
We murder them for sport
Because we are a demon horde

We wear baroque metal armor
Armed with axes an horns
We love close combat, killing eye to eye
Watch you suffer, want to see you die

Murder stalker overfiends

7. Fuck Humanity

Fuck´em all
Kill´em all

Fuck this human cancer
Fuck all the people
Fuck the human evil
Let´s burn them in the fire of the devil

Hatred is my fuel for brutality
Hatred drives me to kill
Hatred at your society
Fuck humanity

Do not suffer the human to live

Dragonhordes out of hell
We roar, we kill, we main, we yell
We torture, we are demon-possessed
we murder, we are gore-obssessed
I hate humans

Main them on the slaughter fields of war
Fuck Humanity

We free the world of your taint
Because you are evil and insane
Your gods will not save you
Because we are the blood god crew

Your cities will fall
Your bodies will hang in our halls
An end as whimpering slave
Or as meat in death´s embrace

Gods and monsters
They are your doom

8. For The Emperor

A million worlds are under siege
A million worlds are at total war
Aliens and demons bring your doom
Aliens and demons are coming to get you

With faith and fire
With war machines
With bolter and chainswords
With the might of the legions

With a bilion tanks
With a thousand billion soldiers
With mighty starships
With the might of the legions

Burn them in atomic fire
Hear their death scream
10 billions burned to cinders
Like a madman´s dream


For the emperor…
The death of a world
Die for glory
There is only war
A galaxy of gore

9. King Of The Killing Zone

Mighty balgeroth is my lord
My god, my king, I fight in his horde
I am a war machine from hell
A titan of war, killing with fire and shell

I am armoured in biomechanic and black
Fed on my kin killed on the torture rack
Demon blood runs through my frame
A dragon heart pumps nuclear flames

Monsters of the dark legion
Fighting in hell´s hottest regions
The kings of the killing zone
The rules of the city of bone

Warbeast superkiller dreadnought

10. The Horror Of The Forest

You come into my world
You come to hunt, to kill for fun
You soot at my brothers and sisters
You shoot small children dead

Now is my time for revenge
Now is my time for a payback
I will find you
And put you down to death

Torture you before you die
Cut our your eyes Cut your guts
Broke bones will RIP out through your skin

Hunt - Kill

The hunter´s predator
Human life exterminator
I am collecting my harvest
I am the horror of the forest

Ich lauer dir auf in den schatten
Folge dir auf schritt und tritt
Leise schleiche ich mich an dich heran
Und schnell ganz schnell greife ich dir in den Nacken

Ich breche die Wirbelsäule , schneide due haut auf
Erfreue mich an deinem leid
Deine schreie sind Musik in meinen Ohren
Deine Knochen breche ich, stück für stück

-Reisse die Augen heraus-

Und dann, ganz langsam, hänge ich dich an den ältesten baum
Am waldesrand
Dass andere deiner art vor schrecken umkehren
Und dein wimmern diesen eine Warnung ist

11. Zombie Extermination Crusader

The carnage has made his move
A hundered thousand soldiers are removed
The butcher of bitches is on its way
His zombies will take your innocence away

The horde comes to the town
Rotten fly-ridden walking corpses
The walking dead alive
The time for slaughter is rife

They come to rape the sea
They come to slay the living
They come to bring the pain
They come to fuckin´ get you

Warriors walking through hell for all of us
We hope they will kill enough

Going to hell
Zombie killer
Zombie extermination crusader

You will get raped by zombies
You will get devoured in hell
You will get eaten sickly
Unless we kill them quickly

12. To Hell

Mr. Debauchery — Guitars, Vocals
Mr. Blood — Bass
Mr. Death — Drums
Mr. Kill — Guitars

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