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1. Evolve To Extinguish

The world fall in oppression
Ripped by the human imprudence
It's an endless process of self-destruction
The future of humanity is extinguish...

[solo Rick]

Entrust your life to technology
Living in the scorn of this earth
Paying to finance the growing progress
Feeding sickness and poverty

It's a bullet ride with no return
Our souls are gonna burn
We create the perfect sample of man
But we're headed straight to the end

Silent screams resound all around
Iron tears shed by artificial eyes
Old sensations come back
To rape our minds
We evolve to extinguish
Polluting our destiny

So unarmed, useless but fucking guilty
Slaves of a global power
No one future is sure
In the darkend dawn of new millennium

Breathing the poison that's in the air
Radiations spread their disease
The atmosphere burns
From the birth we will die

[solo Luigi]

Entrust your life to technology
Drowning ever more in the scorn of this earth


We're evolving to die!

2. Deranged Sanity

Kill to survive
Is the way of my life
A process that goes on
Without stop before the goal
The end justifies the means
So I do at my way
I've felt the suffering
But now I just make to suffer

Of terror and blood is the lunacy
That will bring down my sanity
My sanity

The strongers always go on
And all the rest no long
This is the reality of the world
Dark as if it were a curse
But nothing stops what I play
No one will change my ways
So I kill to survive
In this running of decline

No control!

[solo Christian]


Kill to survive
Is the way of my life
A process that goes on
Without stop before the goal
The end justifies the means.

3. The Last Defilement

Take a look around, get what you've found
Breaking all the rules that's was coming down
Seeking ever more, all is just like none
One by one the boundaries come to overthrown
There is no respect, no one can prevent
Leading on the human race towards a blackened end
Shout to revolution, seems the one solution
Set the world on fire for a total destruction

[solo Rick]

Lies and you will be rewarded
Spongers of society
Against every moral law
It's the rule of life
Put to die the world
Extreme demise
Against every moral law
The last defilement

[solo Luigi]

Feeding all needs, planting hate's seeds
Cared wounds return now to bleed
Grip the power tight, are you satisfied?
Fame it's a common sickness that devours mind
Growing misery, reveal the decay
Lies turned truth will not back the same again
No one opposition, victim of contradiction
Let the world to go through a sure termination


[solo Christian]

4. Buried By The Dark

My life I befog
In the darkness I will reborn
Buried in a silent and frozen twilight
Left to die alone and forgotten

Buried by the dark
In damned screams of pain

My eyes see no light
In the torment of solitude
Down to the core I wish stop for end
Leading myself to the blackened fuckin' death

Buried by the dark
In damned screams of pain
No light I can find in this life
Trapped in my interiority
I'm the first destructor of myself
Dying is the only way to free this hell

My soul is bleeding
Weak like the shine of a pale sun
So I close my eyes and let my life befog
'cause now in the darkness I'm reborn

Buried by the dark
In damned screams of pain.

5. Way To The Void

Trapped in a shell called life, freedom is an utopia
Speaking like a dumb and seeing like a blind, slave are the active minds

Towards the void
Far from the real
Towards the void
Reality hurts

People kill the emotions breeding standards without a sense
Limitations over imagination, full of hate to waste

Towards the void
Point of no return
Towards the void
Where you will be alone (with yourself)

An endless vertigo
Of desperation
You will never meet
Your destiny

[solo Christian]

Vanishing into the void so deep and wide is the last way out.

6. My Own War

Roaming alone in the dark
In search of light
Spirits resound the litany of death
Into my mind
I'm walking through the flames but now
I feel no pain
The sadness has taken control of myself
It tear me down...

Like a powerless general
Makes his soldiers die
One by one I choke my feelings
Powerless, my soul fall prey


Vomiting depressive words
The tearing screams of agony
My heart call revenge
My thirst wish blood

An existence in eternal conflict
Is too late to avoid

The visions of this reality burn my sight
I need to free my primordial instincts
Killing with no remorse and no control
No one fucking mercy in my own war.

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