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1. In The Name Of God

Avenging angels,
Songs of god, religious maniacs,
Believe the lies that they speak.
Or the flames will take your soul.
Hypnotized, living dead,
Under a cloak of fear.
His hand will strike down,
Those who turn to the night.

In the name of god,
Deception of the blind.
In the name of god,
The bane of mankind.
In the name of god,
Endless war and pain.
In the name of god,
The curse shall remain.

Evil seeds manifest,
In minds that think free.
Cast out those who will not follow,
Keep the beast at bay.
Countless lives have been
Destroyed, persecution, holy war.
Just fuel for the fire,
That burns for evermore.

Hide behind the holy mask,
Their own lusts satisfied.
Gorging on the riches.
Taken by deceit.
But they can't escape
The wings of death,
That take them to their lord.
An angry god casts them down,
Into flames eternal.

2. Demonic Attack

They thought he was the anti-christ,
For it was the time of his coming.
Evil was inside the boy,
You could see the devil in his eyes.
They would drive devil out,
They would follow the
Teachings of the lord.
They would deliver his soul from hell.
Withhold not correction from the child.
For if thou beatest him with
A rod he shall not die.
We shall deliver his soul from hell.

They took him to a darkened room,
To beat the devil out of him,
This violence was the only way, they said,
To make him well again.
But the boy could take no more,
The spasms racked his body,
And he did lay in death so still.
They said it was a demonic attack.

And so they laid him on the bed,
Left the room and locked the door.
They thought that life would soon return,
The good lord would not let him die.
Time passed and the flesh did rot.
One by one they were led away,
But still inside their twisted minds,
They could not accept the truth.

3. At The Edge Of Damnation

The priest looks so malicious,
The eastern sky the rising sun,
Claws outstretched to meet the morning.
Many will die before the day is done.
They are many,
They are evil,
They shall destroy
They will drag your soul
Down into hell.

People tell me I'll be alright,
Soon I will be well,
But I'm at the edge of damnation,
Looking into the mouth of hell.

Again I'm falling now I'm back here.
All around me I can see,
Bodies writhing, screaming, crying,
People dying in agony.
Demon army, desecrating,
Everything they see.
Black rats scuttle through
The debris of the slaughter,
Feasting on the flesh of humanity.

Death's black shadows drawing nearer,
They are upon me now.
I have tried so hard to get back home,
But I can't remember how.
Now I'm taken,
So fast downwards,
Please someone help me
They're dragging my soul down into hell.

People told me I'd be alright,
But I knew time would tell.
I am taken into damnation,
The very pits of hell.

4. Exorcist

By the virtue of the power vested in me,
In the name which is above every name,
In the power of the father,
And of the son,
And of the holy ghost,
I exorcise this influence...

Bow down to Satan,
He is the master,
He sensed your fear.
Cry out for help but...
Cry out for help but there's no-one to hear.

Exorcist from the child you tried to expel me,
Now scream out in terror,
Scream out in pain.
Exorcist now that I possess you,
To take your own life is the only way.
Exorcist, even god can't help you now,
Exorcist, can you hear my laughter
There's blood on your hands,
Look at what you've done,
Your wife and your daughter
You've killed and dismembered,
Now start to run.

Thrust the blade deeper,
Hear voices approaching
As you're twisting the knife.
Hear what they're saying
It's the act of a madman,
Who's taken his own life.

Exorcist from the child you tried to expel me,
Now scream out in terror,
Scream out in pain.
Exorcist now that I have left you,
Watch your own life's-blood ebbing away.

5. Leaving Your Life Behind

Reality will fade away like your memories,
Like the past.
Numbly kill your precious time,
Hours that should go so fast.
Fearful of the morning,
For pain is all that's there,
A demon is within you,
Created by despair.

The violence pounds like thunder;
In the turmoil of your mind,
Drifting into nothingness,
Leaving your life behind.

Clawing for the surface,
Every breath feels like your last,
The creature's staring at you,
All evil now unmasked.
The system lies before you,
You know now it's rotten to the core,
Pray for your deliverance.
It cannot be this way evermore.

Can't stop the destruction,
Cannot hold the anger in.
Escape into a nightmare,
As you see the end begin.
The horror eats into you,
The terror makes your senses reel,
It can barely be believed,
The coldness that you feel.

6. Dance Of The Dead

Drowning of the dead, drowning in the sea of life, as you fight against the tide
Spinning in a whirlpool, a lifetime flashes by
Take the road of despair, the path of destruction
Followed by the jackals, that tear at your flesh

Hear the voice command, it's hunger must be fed, line up to die
Join the Dance Of The Dead

Gaze into the mirror, see the empty eyes, feel the world closing in
The void comes ever nearer, feel the knife at your throat
It's edge cuts in deep, screaming for the pain to stop, while you live it never will
The noose in pulling tighter, life hangs by a thread, and now you can only give way
As you're choked into submission, so your will is broken, join the living dead
Parasites start to feed, on the life that seeps away

Hear the voice command, it's hunger must be fed, the tune of sorrow playing
Begin the Dance Of The Dead

7. For Evil Done

Raising up the foul carcass of war, try helding the lambs to the slaughter once more
The nearer you get, the harder to turn, if you will burn
Greed is the master, an evil desire, crushing the helpless, building the fire

Corroding the mind, corroding the will
Creating aggression, desire to kill
Smelling the hate in the city at night, fueling the anger, who has the right, punish defiance
There's no trial, there's no jury, but soon to taste death in the face of such fury

So talk of tomorrow, their turn to suffer will come, retribution, a cult for the scum
But when the axe is brought down on the neck of the beast
Who knows of the evil, that will be released

8. Sword Of Justice

We're sick of the scum, that lurk in the streets
If you commit crimes pray we never meet
The night has fallen, once again we ride to seek and destroy, from us you can't hide

Vigilant riders, hear our roaring bikes, mercy is not given, the Sword Of Justice strikes

The judges are weak, justice must be done, we are the new law, we forgive no one
Rapist and killers are crushed with our might
An eye for an eye, we know what is right
We search the back streets, there the vultures dwell, they shall be the victims, we will give them hell
We have lost loved ones, inside us burns hate, it's pointless running, you must face your fate

9. Forces Of Darkness

This night will realize your worst fears, bring to life your darkest dreams
Unholy power rising up, to meet your silent screams
If you let the ritual take it's course, light the candles, whisper the names
Soon you'll realize what it means, to take part in such a deadly game

Don't play with the Forces Of Darkness, it's something you can't understand
Invoke the power beyond and you'll be in it's command
Can't you see that you've been cast, in a fool's role
Don't play with the Forces Of Darkness, or you'll pay with your very soul

As the sacred words are spoken, the sacrifice of life is made
And blood falls down upon the altar, underneath the gleaming blade
And you who know so very little, will not realize before it's too late
Now very close you are to eternal damnation, how you are sealing your own fate

Don't you know, you fool, you'll lose your soul to Satan
You fool, you know, you're going to go to hell,
Don't you know, you fool, you'll lose your soul to Satan
You fool, you know, you're going to go to hell

Pure evil appears before you, roaring, terrifying to behold
Can't help but run from the place that's safe, to get away you forget all you've been told
And so you find you're at his mercy, summoned from the darkest depths of hell
Now to return but he'll take you with him, there'll be no one spared, this tale to tell

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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