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1. For God And Government

Land of the brave, home of the free, in god we trust, in liberty, justice prevails.
But lies are still told as we watch our world grow old so we keep our eyes on the skies and pray every day for our lives and the lives of those already taken.
Our world is forsaken,
Helpless cries while millions die for god and government,
Helpless cries while millions die for god and government! murderers among us,
No one is safe, no remores for the life that they take!
Turn your backs to god and government,
And you've sealed our fate.
The great tribulation awaits and that'll be your final mistake!
God and government, god and government,
Millions die and who's to blame for god and government!
Watch religion go up in flames for god and government.
Innocent die they die in vain for god and government,
Killing in the name of god and government.

2. Spit It Out

So go ahead and talk about me,
It only fuels my fire,
You won't take this home from me!
This is my one desire,
They think they know about the time that's been spent,
Life that I lead, tears that I shed,
You won't take this from me,
I'll never give in!
We chose to rise above the lies,
The ignorance and the hypocrisy,
I'll never give in! I haven't lost faith, you won't take this from me!
Where has it gone, where did I go wrong,
I've got to stop blaming myself, why do I blambe myself?
People will talk and say what they want, this is my life, do what I like!
This is our life, let's do what feels right!
That's right, 3-4-5-6-7 lates.
You can laugh and talk behind my back, it only fuels my fire,
Go ahead and laugh,
Stab me in the back,
This is my one desire!

3. As One We Stand

We rise to fight, as one we stand tonight!
This is, this is our scene! it's what we breath,
It's our reality, you'll never understand the way that we feel...
Nothing to you but we hold it so dear,
To live and breathe it truly is a way of life,
A way to deal with life's pain and strife.
Good times hanging out with all my friends,
Times like these we thought they'd never end... they never will,
If you stay young at heart.
The only way is if we let if fall apart,
But I can't because I know every friday night it's HARDCORE,
GOOD FRIENDS GOOD TIMES! and every Saturday night you know it's hardcore stagedives,
High fives!!!

4. The Time Is Now

Here I go again, was this all for nothing, there my mind goes again,
I lost it all for nothing!!!
How much longer must we wait to try and make the great escape?
Turned my back to this world of lies,
Opened my mind and that was opened my eyes,
The time is now and we are here!
You're wasting time when there's no time to waste...
Full speed ahead!
Life's in your face and when you open your eyes you've got to realize your search is over now...
The time is now and we are here! Here I go again, here I go again!
Was this all for noghitn?
There my mind goes again,
I lost it all for nothing.
You're wasting time when there's no time to waste full speed ahead, right in your face!

5. Watch Your Mouth

Closet racist,
What's it like to live a lie,
Put on a front when your rep is on the line,
Your mind is shut and I know you're weak inside,
Well guess what punk,
You're running out of time!
There's nothing I can do that you won't bring upon yourself,
It must be hard enough to live WITH YOURSELF!
And all the lies you can't look half the people you know IN THE EYES.
Watch your mouth,
At the wrong place,
Wrong time,
You're no friend of mine!
Please stop wasting my time,
I hope you realize and one day open your eyes,
Your brand of hate is a waste of time,
Until you wise up,
You're no friend of mine!

6. Still Alone

We're still alone but that's OK,
We got our friends and family!
Jails institutions and death by my count there's just one left!
The triple crown of tragedy my birthright and destiny,
Our destiny is at the end of a rop!
The bottom of a glass or a bag of dope,
Nowhere to turn when you're shit out of luck!
Still alone and I'm still fucked... fuck you!
Slave to addiction for years and years hid from my life,
Hid from my fears, fucking broke, alone locked down...
My life is better when you're not around!
Watch me struggle as my life fades and try to learn from my mistakes,
So those who turned their back on me won't get to share in my victory!
Still alive wishing I was dead
Too many years fucked in the head!
Still alive wishing I was dead
When will this misery end?

7. Bombs Will Fly

I don't give a fuck if I die today,
I live life my own way!
Lived each day like it was my last,
Lived in the moment
Fuck my future, fuck my past!

Now we're at war, bombs will fly,
Nations lie thousands more die
I've seen war today,
If we live in fear we're already dead...
Live free or die, with no regrets
If they come like a thief in the night,
Fight for your freedom, fight for your life!

Intimidation is a game for the weak
We back our words, we will defeat
No rest until you pay the fucking price
Your life for the thousands you chose to sacrifice.
If we live in fear, we're already dead!

8. Live In The Moment

We will, live life, for ourselves and no one else!

Good times, hard times, it's all the same to me as time flies by.
My life through my eyes, it's just a game that I keep playing
Roll with the punches that's how life goes
Live life day by day, and go with the flow

Don't dwell on the future, it's out of my hands
What's done is done, forget about my past
Live in the moment, and live with no regrets
Do what feels right because life is just a test, your life is just a test!

Pass or fail it's all the same
We're all headed to an early grave
And that's just the price we pay!
So enjoy yourself today
Don't dwell on the future
It's out of my hands!

9. Known All Along

I thought I saw it in your eyes I didn't realize who would've guessed it maybe I should hav e known all along! how could I miss it, am I so fucking blind, the same way I missed it when I was just a child, I've seen the life that it takes, pain that it gives, life that it drains, when will you learn something's got to change, I wish I could change it for you, you've got to make those changes yourself. I wish I could help youyou've got to help yourself. I have you all that I got there's nothing left to give! if I could give you my life I would but first you've got to find the will to live

10. Broke And Bummed Out

Day late and a dollar short
It's just the same shit on a different day
Too late for me to restart
So I rise and face a brand new day
Do what I got to do to get myself by
That's just the way I was raised
Appreciate everything I've got and pray for better days

When I was broke and bummed out
You helped me
When I was losing my mind
You saved me
I'd do the sam e for you
Brother believe me!
I'd fucking die for you!
Brother believe me
You're just as much a part of my family

As time goes on good times unfold
It doesn't matter if we're getting too old
Because hardcore is what we're all about
Drinking smoking weed and fucking hanging out
Same shit on a different day with friends by my side everything's ok and I wouldn't have it any other way! no way!

I'd rather die than have no friends brothers under the skin, for life.
We're brothers until the end
I'd probably be dead already if it wasn't for my friends
They helped me up when I was down and I'll be grateful until the end!

Thank you - my friends
These memores will never end

11. Bombshell

[Operation Ivy Cover]

12. Last To Know

This world is ignorant, We're digging our own graves, They only tell us what they want, but we're the ones who pay the price! All the lies and the bullshit, it's gotta stop, too little too late, we find out the bomb's already dropped. We're buried to our necks in lies... we're still holding on, now we're trying to dig ourselves out, we've only just begun... when something really happens we'll be the last to know because they don't give a fuck about you or me! We'll be the fist to go, we want some answers, we want a little truth, because we don't know who to trust anymore... we want some living proof

13. Path I Choose

Tired and pissed
Had enough of this bullshit but it's
Too easy to quit my friend
So I smile and deal with it

Tired of being broke
People thinking of my life as a joke
This is the path I chose
Where itleasds nobody knows
It's made me stronger as time pushes on
I still grow older but my heard carries on

We'll carry on until the end of the road
No destination we go with the flow
I learned to live life and take it as it comes
Right around the corner your number could be up!

And if tonight is the night
I'll have lived a full life
And if tonight is the night
Everything will be all right!

Tired and pissed
Had enough of this bullshit but it's
Too easy to quit my friend
So I smile and deal with it!

Feels like I'm downing
Everyday's a fight to keep my
Head above the water and save my own life!

14. No Farewell

Hardcore is here to stay
With us to our dying days
And the kids will have their say ONCE AGAIN

Hardcore is our way
To deal with our misery
And the kids will have their say ONCE AGAIN!

Hardcore ito the bitter end
That story never ends and the kids will have their say ONCE AGAIN!

Hardcore in my veins
You know our life is pain
And the kids will have their say ONCE AGAIN!

We live for hardcore!
Memories will never fade
With us to our dying days
This is the life we made
This is our saving grace
The story never ends
Hardcore to the bitter end
If you don't live it
Get the fuck out of my face!!

We've got nothing in common anyway
A phase for some but this is my saving grace
If you don't like it get the fuck out of our place

And there will be no farewell
I hope I live to tell...

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