Dark Lyrics


1. Revived

I've gone to see hell
and now I've come back
I fought with the devil
and broken our pact.
All the lives I had
I've not spent them all
I have more things to do
before darkness falls.
I can't stop my march
'cause I have to fulfill
the mission in Hell
that has blessed my Will.
The cold hand of death
still digs inside me
I was killed for my sins
but now my soul is free.

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Nothing to forgive
No one to trust.

Now i'm here again
in need of ressurection
Now i want to change
and find a new direction.
I died to forget
The pain I felt inside
my fight goes on again
but still I know I'll have to die
I'll die!
I know I have to die
but then I'll be revived!

All of my life
has gone in a flash
All of my dreams
were turned into ash.
Walking the path
of my last existance
I can shed my thoughts
maintaining a distance.

I'm coming back!
I'm coming back!
I'm coming back
and I'll fight to survive!

2. The Crimson Shrine

Light, drive out my night
Thrills - of a loosing life

Screaming aloud at the moon of the woods
I'm running free throgh the fields and
the groves
I am awake in the grip of the snake
strong as a lion and sharp as an
asp - to reach
the Crimson Shrine

Come - over the sea
Come, with hoofs of steel

Roaming as Bacchus, with faims and with pards
With vergins and demons as lovers and guards
I'm here to wait for the sign of your eye
ready to ride in the might of god Pan - to reach
the Crimson Shrine

Thrill with lissome lust of the light
O man! My man!
Come with Apollo in bridal dress
Come with Artemis, silken shod
And wash thy white thigh,beutiful God
Dip the purple of passionate prayer
In the crimson shrine, the scarlet snare
In the might of god Pan

Trembling with ardour in the lust of the light
I hurry forward in the heat of the night
I'm seeking your love to perfect my life
you'll be my goddess, you'll be my bride
We, united in the Crimson Shrine

3. The Darkest Night

There's something you should never have seen
There's something you should never have known
You shouldn't have been in that place
Tonight you should have stayed at home

Now it's too late to beg for mercy
and it's too late for turning back
There's no one here now that can save you
You only have to run away

Now you're in his view
He'll start hunting you

You better run
You better hide
Can you survive
The darkest night?

You can't escape
You cannot hide
Can you survive
The darkest night?

There's no place where you can find shelter
and there's no one that you can trust
The killer now will come to catch you
you'll feel his fury and all his lust

The slayer now is getting closer
and all your hopes will fade away
you're left alone in the blind darkness
you only have to scream and prey

4. Dionysus

You bring the wine of love from the gold barrels of the sun
You spread all pleasures of this life and joy to everyone

We will dance with you through enchanted hills and moonlight woods
Our joyful chants will praise aloud your name all along the route

The rocks and trees are yours and everything that's on the hill
You lead us all forever with the power of your will
We'll light the stars and burn the ground with the red flames of hell
You'll guide us through the night to your party and never dwell

With you we'll finally lift the mask of matter and start to see
So we can free our senses in delight and ecstasy

We'll be free to run into the
night from star to star
so we will see the things
of life for what they
really are

Dionysus ...
No limits and no boundries

Dionysus ...
We're wed, we're strong, we're rebels, we are one

Dionysus ...
A life with no apologies

Dionysus ...
We're wild, we're free, we'll never be, we'll never be alone!

5. Eaters

Sinners, pigs, miscreants,
thiefs and impures
This is the plague spreader
who's speaking to you

Join the holy family
of the new cult of blood
Die and be revived
in the name of the Lord

Once you used to be
only grubs without soul
Now your heart is clean
for the kingdom of God
Wash away your sins
and thank god for his love
He will arm your hands
with the fire that glows

We're the plague spreaders
The new church bad preachers
The hunters, the seekrs
The killers, the human eaters

Worship the new Lord
who is waiting for you
And this wicked world
will be saved from hell

Spread the holy plague
with your blood and your bite
And life will return
from the dead of the night

And the futher said to his son
"life will generate from death"
and he gave his son the weapon to distribute life
"Here you are, oh son, kill for life!"

We're the blood dreankers
The ultimate beaters
The purificators
The avengers, the human eaters

6. Star In Sight

Your head in darkness,
Your foots into the mud
Yo're full of questions,
Your body is racked with pain
Your wretched fate has killed all your hopes
You are enslaved, you're crawling in the dark

You're just confused, you wondering in dream
You're scared to die and you can't find a way
You've left behind the science and the false gods
And now you falling, and now you falling down

If life is just turturing you
If hope of love has gone
If you have lost the strength to fight
You search your Star in Sight

Your agony is unnecessary
The empty sky will spread in vain your sod
A feeble fog of thoughts and humn flesh
Will celebrate your insatiable wish

Do what thou wilt because we all are stars
Lions of light, the beasts whose law is love
Pan is alive and will break all the bounds
It's time to change, it's time to change your life

So spread your wings and fly away
Fly high and touch the sun
All what began will never end
You search your Star in Sight

7. Ogre's Lullaby

Sleep pretty baby don't cry
Sleep baby of mine, close your eyes
Sleep and stop screaming all night
Surrender to slumber don't fight

Nowhere to run to, and no place to hide
Try to calm down, 'cause now you are mine
There is nothing to do, so cease with your whine
Close your wet eyes, sweet baby, goodnight

Trust in me if you don't want to die
Try to love me and you'll see the sky
The days of sadness will soon pass by
Now I'll sing for you this lullaby

Stifle your tantrum, don't kick and don't bite
Stop with your screams, little baby, be quet
There is nothing to do, so cease with your whine
Close your wet eyes, sweet baby, goodnight

8. Santa Muerte

You'll protect my life and my soul.
You'll give me the strength to fight.

You will bless my hand and my gun.
You'll help me to kill my foes.

Deth, dear to my heart, please.
Save me from all this desease.

You'll make me overcome my fears.
No more troubles, pains and tears.

Sweet lady of the night, wish me a Buena Suerte.
Grant me your grace, I beg you, Santa Muerte.
Listen to my prayer because mi fe es Fuerte.
My life is for you. I invoke you, Santa Muerte.

White daughter, my Holy Death.
Keep evil away from my path.

Dark lady I want to ask you.
To make all my dreams come true.

I'll be the blessed - I'll have a Buena Suerte.
Under your spell - Santa Muerte.
I have no fear - My faith Es Fuerte.
Give me your love - Santa Muerte.

9. The Devil's Graal

In the silence of deserted hills
In the whisper of the winter night
From the darkness of the empty time
To the early shafts of morning light

You where out to pass another pleasant night
But soon you realized you're just the chosen one
Love turns to pain, tears turns to blood
The hunt is on, you start to run

I'm the bloody hand
Of an ancient rite
And this is your last goodbye
There's a voice that screams
In my twisted mind
It won't live me until you die

Don't stop your run, don't turn around
Don't cry, don't scream, don't make a sound
Fight for your life with all your might
Cause Satan's wanting you tonight
It's your blood that I'll drink
From the Devil's Graal

I watch the sacred fluid spilling
From your wounds
I gave you a night of joy before I
Let you fall
It is too late to change the wicked
Hands of doom
You only have to obey to the reaper's

I'm the boogie-man of this ruthless night
And I'll tear your soul apart
I'll carve my mark in your trembling flesh
Then you'll feel my deadly bite

Don't stop your run, don't turn around
Don't cry, don't scream, don't make a sound
Fight for your life with all your might
Cause Satan's wanting you tonight
It's your flesh that I'll eat - from
The Devil's Graal

10. The Song Of Adoration

I am the lord of thebes
The harbringer of the god of war
I can see throgh the veiled sky

I invoke the words of Truth
For thouse who are living in the light
To reach the place where the stars shine

I great your presence, God
Show me the power of your breath
Open the ways of my true Will

My other spirit runs through
To stir me or soothe me in your might
So that your flame can
Burn me inside

Oh, Lord
Your light is mine
Its rays consume my soul
I am the one, the prophet of your Law
I beat my chest, I weave my spell
Show me the splendour of your love

I've made a secret door
To reach the house between the stars
So that your sheen may live in me

Recieve my adoration
Oh, winged snake who made the Sun
Your rays will shine upon your throne

11. Precognition

I stay awake all night
I can't sleep, I can't fight
The hell in my mind
My obsession
Is it nightmare or dream
It's not what it seems
I steel hear a scream
In my mind

I'm caught in a state of deep frustration
I hear a voice like a dark oration
Inside my mind like a premonition
A scary sound that comes from
The depth of Hell!

Reality is deforming,
I've lost my time cognition
All I see is distorted,
I'm in a wrong dimension

I have a bad precognition
In my mind
Something evil that comes out
I have like a premonition
That drives me mad
Something I can't control
Something that sucks my soul
A state of alteration.

I still hear the scream
I'm clouded, I'm ill
The hell that I fill
Is growing
There's nothing I can do
I don't know what is true
It's like passing through
A mirror!

My time is running backwards
Fragments of other lives
I have to cross the last door
I'm ready for my rebirth.

12. Bad Luck

"It's true! I bring Bad Luck to the idiots who deserve it!"

I was born on friday thirteen
In the darkest night ever seen
I've got a bad, bad reputation
I have a nasty desposition

I'm son of a seventh son
So you think i'm the cursed one
Black cats fear to cross my path
Superstitions make me laugh

If you don't like all the things that I do
I don't care, to hell I'll send you
If you believe I bring you Bad Luck
Stay away from me and shut up

If misfortune on you struck
I don't give a fuck
'Cause you losers suck
And deserve your Bad Luck

You're always scratchin' at the eight ball
While you're heading for a fall
Just another crack in the mirror
Seven year jinx gettin' nearer
Take a step under the ladder
And your future will look sadder
It's not because you spilled the salt
'Cause your Bad Luck is all your fault

You deserve my hate
So you deserve your fate

Steve Sylvester ‒ Vocals (lead)
Freddy Delirio ‒ Keyboards
Glenn Strange ‒ Bass
Al De Noble ‒ Guitars
Bozo Wolff ‒ Drums

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