Dark Lyrics


1. Life Beyond

At the intensive station
Pulled down window shades
The infirm beat of the heart
The recollection is coming fast
One funny weekend, one of these days
We drunk 'till we fell
This drinking-cup was very cheap
But you'll pay with death

Say goodbye to your friends
Say goodbye to all you love
This is a one way street you can't go back
This is the way it happens day by day
Say goodbye and die

Drugs today are nothing special
You say it opens your mind
But I see what really happens
You loose your job
You loose your friends
Out on the street you lay on the ground
They point the finger at you

The family left
The ability lost
Nobody cares
What's up to you
Say goodbye and die

Dealers don't care
All they want is money
Life and death
Is a foreign word
Dealers with hearts of stone
Dealers they let you fall
Drugs put you down
So say goodbye and die

2. Behind Closed Eyes

This is the world we live in, this is a place
Full of twisted minds, people with their eyes closed
Killing is just a game

War instruments of evil
War I can't believe
War killing brothers
War is killing me
This will never end
This is the way we live

Nothing will ever change, nothing will ever be
Better than yesterday, better than anytime
Killing is just a game

I am left in the night, trembling with fear
I have seen the future, and the future is here

War, blood, death, pain

Freedom that we search
Freedom that we need
Freedom that seams so near
Freedom is just a dream
Freedom that we see
Freedom is just a hologram

You can't feel
You can't touch
Just a dream

3. Towers In Darkness

To open your eyes
To see the world
To make you believe
What's happening here
To see the crimes
Just step outside
So open your eyes
And you will see

Help is what we need
What we get is a piece of cake
Black is the day
Without money you can't buy the blue sky
Pain is what you get
If you try to answer back
War is the end
If you think you are there, you're dead

We have elevators
We have terminators
We have Arnold Schwarzenegger
We have Batman, Superman, Spiderman
These are all heroes we want to be
To falsify the world we see

Tell me who can I trust in this world
Can I trust you or better not
Are the politicians right
Or should I better make my own world

Towers in darkness reach the sky
Towers in darkness beam hate
They are watching you, they know your face
They know when you laugh, they know when you cry

And I ask you something
How much is to much-enough is enough
And that's what I mean

Watch your steps
Run away
From this state of madness

4. Hidden Truth

Why don't you show yourself?
You always hide your face
You never tell the truth

Why are you playing so cool?
No one ever can reach you
Everyone wants to know

Hidden truth
Hidden truth

Why do you believe in lies?
Playing the hero, you never let go
False reactions, a perfect show

Why don't you free yourself?
Shut the door-let nobody in
Close your book-let no one read

5. Harlequin's Mask

One day she came into my life
Gave me her hand and set me on fire
Out of the flying-pan into the fire
She broke my heart and stole my desire
Is it true what I see or is it hard to believe
She is dancing with a friend of mine
Armed to the teeth I stand in between
Between ourself I shot him down

No more, no more you will play the fool with me
No more, no more oh you will see
No more, no more you'll be laughing over me
No more, no more you will fuck with me

I saw her again
On the sunny side she walked
I can't believe, how can it be
A blaze of light everywhere she go
She is the reason for the evil in myself
She is the evil but no one can see
One sweet smile and you are lost
She's a monster with a harlequins mask

I am free, I am free so bring me back
The time when I was myself
I am free, I am free so bring me back
My eyes that I can see

The eyes
That I see
Tears are falling
It's better I loose you
Before I get lost

6. Homo Sapiens Superior

Computer rules We are slaves
Atomic world Violence reigns
The rats eat the children, the children eat the rats
The human race is at an end

Trouble! Don't fall in doubt we got something new
Trouble! They came from above with super-powers

Snikt! in the night
You know what I mean
Use your feet
Because wolverine is on the way

What is that in the air
Can it be a plain? Nooo!
Can it be a bird? Nooo!
Oh, I see!

I can feel the breeze storm is coming down
With her mega body and her big tits
The reavers treat the world, there's no way out
Blaze of colour make them blind
Jubilee has done it right

Wolfsbane, Jean Grey, Nick Fury, Boom boom
Cannonball, sunspot, iceman, beast
All you evil watch your steps
Or you gonna burn in hell

7. Suicide Arena

Walk through the streets
See what we've done
To the world
Children are walking with guns in their hands
News day by day
Reports about death and pain
We just watch
And don't understand the reasons of war
Intrigue and pain
Love and hate
That we see on TV
Idols of evil showing us the way
Blind we imitate and don't see
How we became what we are
Evil Bad and Mad

Help before, before we destroy, before we die
Help we need, we need something that will help us out
Of this crazy evil

World we live in
Battle field with human corpses
That's the reason we hide underneath the cover
Skinheads dressed to kill
Fear makes our eyes locked
We don't see what we see, nothing will ever change
Human refuse, nuclear fission, ozone perforation, radiation
Plutonium, dioxines, mercury
All these things will destroy our world
But we use it and don't care

8. Deathrow


9. Reflected Mind

Standing at the abyss I disdain my life for the mistakes I made
Mad but it's true I lost my friends who had trust in me
Falling in a deep hole and there's noone around who will help me out
Hopes getting smaller but the trouble remains bigger & bigger

For all that don't give your life away
Stay cool and face your problems

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Black shadows surround my soul
Please, please help me now
And do it fast before I die

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Black shadows surround my soul
Should I stay, should I go
Tell me now or let me fall

Don't smash the mirror if the person you see isn't looking at you
The ability that you have is a big one so don't let it fall
My train passed the station and I can't find the emergency break
All that you do, all that you made
Will some day be paid so stay in tune

10. The Remembrance

I remember the funny days and the late nights
I remember our friendship it shouldn't end
I remember how we got lost in the music we made
I remember the nowhere-road that took us to the nowhereland

Is this a dream or what?
Is this the nightmare on Elmstreet?
I think this is the real reality
All in this is the end

I remember your faces which breaks my heart
I remember the lost time that will never come again
I remember I thought this would never happen to me
I remember and now it's standing in front of my door

You say that it's my fault - I say we are friends
You say "Fuck off" - get out of my way
Let us try it again - laughter is all I hear
This wall between us - will never break

It doesn't matter what we say
It doesn't matter what we do
Evil thoughts between our minds
Will never bring us back our friendship, our dreams
All this will never come again

In the night when you see me you pass me by
In the night you say "Go to hell"
In the pub, in the street, in the bus, in the church
Everywhere you see me "Go to hell"

Guitarists of Deathrow also appeared at album with members of Psychotic Waltz &
Dweezil Zappa in a band called End Amen on Institute of Art Records out of Germany.
(All songs written and composed by Deathrow)

Milo: Bass, vocals
Uwe Osterlehner: Guitars
Sven Flugge: Guitars
Markus Hahn: Drums

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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