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1. Violent Aggression

The whole world suffers by hatred
Technology engineers for mass destruction
Victims of fear lead to extinction
Murderous minds obsessed by cruelty and pain

Lives lost without future
Trapped in lies humanity survives
Violence and hatred make you believe
The state of fear hits the society

Spreading the aggression
Feeling the evil in their flesh
The pleasure of watching as everything dies
No mercy, no respect

Violent aggression

Forces of evil bring destruction
Human bones cover the dirt
The men and their slaves creatte torture
Crshing the truth spilling the blood

2. Annihilation Of Masses

Victims of the holocaust living in the fear
Waiting the plague to spread
Chemical arms corrodes the earth
Toxic waste is everywhere

Massive attack command the world
Political forces oppress the weak
Victms of war, marching to the abyss
A last cry tries to escape

Annihilation of masses

A nation born with hatred in mind
Strapped down screaming out to die
Soldiers march where the bombs fall
Chaos leads the humanity down

3. Terminal Disease

My life is the experiment of desire
Everything now in the name o science
Nothing can stop the progress
Suffering feeding my pain

Now it's time to die...
Termina disease

My breath carries my legacy
Just only death to begin the plague
No drug will save of this poison
Sickness of evil, die by insanity

Cold wind, fear of deatg
All the living begin to die
Our lost future falling into decay
Machines now erase your mind

4. Enslaved By Cross

Faith breeds intolerance
Twisted minds closed to the reality
False speechs said every day
Polluting the society with an evil bastard

Enslaved by cross
Enslaved by fucking cross

The blood of the wine, the sacred lie
You choose to serve god
The sign of the cross is the sign of war
Deceiving a blind society

Domination - Blind faith
Illusion - Condemned by grace

Sacrifice - Before the name of god
Hypocrisy - Why do I have to believe
Srvants trapped by the fear of death
When a belief becomes insane
Choose your money or be saved
Die by your faith

5. Command To Kill

Running by damned shadows with ardent desire
Tonight they're coming to kill
Without areement, without pity, only treasure
Nobody will escape

Without contest you'll die
Violent and fast death
Feeling your fail breathing
The commnad will ready to kill

Command to kill

Walking by silent streets
Maniac forces wanting destruction
Soldiers sent of hell
Executing its sentence

Die! Slowly you're dying
Face of death more than insane
Kneel yourself and make your finishes prayers
Now nothing can save you

6. Killing The World

False preachers of hypocrisy
Spreading hatred and destruction
Condemning the human race, killing for religion
Time of suffering before the reality
Executing all nations

Killing the world

A system designed to mislead and lie
From the past to the future
Millions of people are blind
Like puppets following the leaders
The curse of racial pride
Fatal disease created by lies

Killing the world

While the world is destroyed
The hatred is a fuel to the engine
The only future is lost
In the war against the machines
Humanity pays with death
Nobody will be saved

7. Oppression Till Death

You will never want to feel the pain
The madness is coming in your way
With the cold knife and no place to run
The evil is what remains

Nothing escaped the oppression
The price is high for life
Arrested in the game of death
You will be next to die

You were born to survive
Till death!
You'll never escape alive

Oppression till death!

You can not hide the face of death
Covered with blodd, your body melts
Pleasure become a slow pain
Sadistic instruments used again

Look to the side, you are the target
Beneath my thirst for blood
Into the deeps of insanity
The slaughter has just begin

8. Lethal Disaster

The plague rebirth spreading the torment
Life in terrorist age
Without hope for tomorrow
Society incites decadence

Lethal disaster
Slowly till die
Lethal disaster
By destruction of humanity

Scattering disease infecting the world
Poison of cruelty dogmatic disgrace
Missiles to self-destruction
Scars of life bleeding again

Atomic bombs - Scattering pain
Hell on earth - Evil supremacy
Victim os science - Slaves of hate
Human decay - Marching to die

9. Thrash Or Be Thrashed

To begin the sonic massacre
Metal and blood together again
Crushing and smashing new trends
Only the strongest will remain

Thrash or be thrashed!
Violence is our way of life
Thrash or be thrashed!
My favorite pleasure will cause my death

Alcohol running in our veins
Headbangers hungry for thrash
Aggressive riffs like a kick in the face
Metal up your ass!

Thrash or be thrashed!
Violence is our way of life
Thrash or be thrashed!
My favorite pleasure will cause my death

Thrash or be thrashed!

Junior ‒ Bass
William ‒ Drums
Ramon ‒ Guitars
Thiago ‒ Vocals, Guitar

Thanks to ben_wrangle for sending these lyrics.

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