Dark Lyrics


1. Abortion Retrieval

Searching... through garbage dumpsters
to find the remains
of the unwanted future
to enact my sick pleasures upon

Holding their little bodies
with both hands I grasp
pole projector in unformed skull
shall it be rammed

Abortion retrieval
unborn sodomy
abortion retrieval
cannibal scavengry

Thrusting upon it in a blind mad rage
feverishly close to blowing my gauge
screaming at the top of my lungs
I have only just begun

As blood and cum leaks from its head
I fall to knees on garbage and dead
Primitive in my own self-review
upon this aborted child I chew

Devoured until nothing is left
I begin to search through this mess
throwing trash out onto the street
as I search for another to fuck and eat

2. Empty Shell Relief

Naked and cold is their flesh
warm and thick is my cum
in the bodies of the dead
joy is all I find
gripping the dead in arms
embracing the body
the ejaculation of my cock
I love to watch it seep through the rot
the smell of flesh is my salvation
eating the cunt with tongue and teeth
rotting corpses they bring relief
empty shell relief
horrid sadistic belief
shooting my load into her brain
watching the maggots drain
empty shell relief
male organ sheath
living just to do my deed

3. Dead Corpse

Sadistic pure is the pain
to kill you and fuck your rotten body
drill a hole in the top your skull
fuck your brains right out
my swollen cock is loaded and ready
to shoot warm thick blood infested cum
oozes out her maggot ridden skull

4. No Excuse

Raped and victimized her screams ran
through my mind
I still see the look in her eyes the way she cried
it made me realize that it was too late to stop
she fought at first then I just hit with closed fist
silent she became as I did what I did
the only sound was that of quiet sobbing
I could only see... the hate inside of me
all the rage I had to release
didn't care... what she thought
only wanted... to be free
the scenes still runs through
I can smell her perfume and taste the essence of fear
feel the beating of her heart the eyes closed oh so tight
I left her there to her tears and the terror of the moment
the pain I inflicted never goes away
no signs of forced sex few cuts and bruises easy to conceal the ordeal
so young... she blamed herself
so ashamed... of what she felt
no escaping... from the pain
nightmares... until that fatal day
I could only see... the hate inside of me
all the rage... I had to release
didn't care... what she thought

5. Death Is The Love Drug

Choking the life from my victims
the color fades from their face
the eyes glaze over to pale white
the body goes limp and then stiff
bound and gagged and tied
to her own bed
whimpering little bitch
I hit with closed fist
head falls back to reveal the throat
titght my hands seek to end her life
late night under twilight
my boot to her ribs
gasping for air she looks at me
so I took my fist to her face
with blood dripping from her mouth
she goes to speak
but her life force I'll choke out
and each and every one
yes I did love them all
not one did love me
so kill them was right you see
because death is the love drug

6. Diane

Lost... alone... confused
disillusioned down inside
as the chloroform wears off
not knowing what to do
only that you want to survive
starts to... realize... the sick... truth
surround by wood and earth
choking on your last breath
struggling to be free
as useless as you know it is
you will die here... alone
fear... terror... disbelief...
it consumes you
mind turns inward to once life
past memories of it
loneliness invades the soul
turning this coffen into home
buried alive and soon to die
too naive to see
what lies behind a man's sick eyes
sweet sweet Diane
is now never to know what love would
have truly brought

7. Frozen

I kill and I fuck
then I freeze so I can fuck
frozen bodies in my truck
waiting there until I fuck
another whore of the streets
another whore will be my sheath
cold body I make warm
with my cum in her ass
stiff and hard the pole projector
waiting to tear open the flesh
necrophiliac fucking on his corpse
in the back of his 18-wheeled temple
dead bodies hang among the cargo
silently awaiting the warmness
of my touch
my salvation the beating and the raping
the snapping of their necks
another city of another state
another fucking bitch
I'll take advantage
cold steel of meat hook through flesh
swaying back and forth
as frost takes to
I'll continue to kill and fuck
I'll continue to freeze them all
until they catch me
but they can't they never will
even when I leave their thawed bodies
by the roadside

8. Salvational Rot

I miss the feel of rotting flesh
its cold form rotting with maggots
leaking yellow-green cream ooze
and that stench which burns the lungs
I've been imprisoned for the pleasures
in which I have
classified a suicidal necrophiliac
so they keep me in this sedated state
drugs supposed to cure this disease
erase the thoughts from my mind
but my desire runs too deep
too deep for them to push aside
white walls illuminated by a single 60-watt bulb
this is madness by my captors
by my captors
can't they see they're killing me
by keeping me from my freedom
I know of no other salvation
but the embrace of rot
don't think I'll survive another day
being restrained from the real thing
memories only last so long
before the essence of them is gone
pole projector needs to pulse inside of it
have to release its seed of life
only way to suppress its rage
being thrust 'til it warms
the decomposing flesh
can't they see they're killing me
by keeping me from my freedom
I know of no other salvation
but the embraces of rot

9. The Feasting

Stalking the night searching for a meal
craving the taste of human flesh
as the blood flows from the body
my eyes open wide with delight
as her screams increase
my excitement I could not
no longer keep inside
feasting on her flesh
she moves to strike me
biting down harder
the thought devloves away
tender and warm
the body lies still
motionless it awaits
what I fulfill
colder as it grows as I feast on her
primitive in my ways as I tear through
the chest opens with ease
exposed to the cold night air
her entrails start to steam
taking them from her corpse
they glisten in the moon light
I say a word of praise

10. Majestic Black

Have I lost the mystal essence
Have I fallen from unholy grace
I call to the mother with no reply
carve into my flesh the symbols of Kadilean...
and I still await
here I sit surrounded by the darkness of night
trying hard to remember what was once inside
it seems I have forgotten from where my soul came
I can no longer see the Majestic Black
I search through my mind
trying to reestablish a piece of my faith
but everything I know has lost all meaning
and been distorted by time
now it appears to be to me
that my soul is nothing more
but that of mortal man
although I know it must
I at a time was once an extension
of the black
what must I do to rejoin my kind
here I sit surrounded by darkness
staring deep into open flame
entering a trance which brings me
beyond the movement of the planes
holding at my wrist
the release of this prison
with the blood of this body I shall
recreate the soul within
so that I may now return to the Majestic black

"The Hated Mother holds Jales in eternal torment,
while the Mystics of Kadilean revel in the streams of essence
with this now the passing of the last phase
brings the opening of the Sixth Sect
the black shall flow through time and space
once again making the two one
until we are all one under the black burning sun."

11. Ceremonial Rites

Here on the altar of Gwestia
a sacrifice unto her
the sacred stone cursed dagger
in which the incantations are past read
request unto the hated mother
to release Jales from his torment
may the blood of this innocent one
fill the obsidian goblet
ceremonial rites... ritual of black life
vow to the beast of desire
ceremonial rites... ritual of black life
forever to indulge in
the pleasures of flesh
with the innocent Kaa
intertwined with darkness
the sweet taste of blood turns so sour
red liquid of life a thick black vapor
rising from the goblet to be taken
centuries turn through the milleniums
opening the gates that bind us down
expansion into a darker form of life
no longer held by the prison of flesh

12. Kidnap Victim #12: Razorblade Artwork

It's not that I hold some hatred for women
it's just that I can't deny what's inside of me
I need to release the pain within
and their screams relieve my suffering
but only for a short while
not quite long enough to satisfy
their fear is no longer sufficient
I seek the essnce of life... blood
I carve with the mind before I cut the flesh
I see what I do not as mutilation
but as artwork with a razorblade
secured down to her own bed
by duct taped arms and legs
slowly I cut the flesh
listening to her scream
crying about the pain
can't she see whimpering
does not affect me
this pain you shall like...
this pain that you feel
this pain you shall like...
I'll show you now
consuming her the drug of choice
the round flat tablet of pleasure
the horror of resturctured reality coming leaving no trace of fear
with razor in thumb I returned to enact my only known pleasure
slowly and gently pull it along her warm sweaty flesh
she no longer sees what I'm doing as any sort of pain
with the course of steel and the rising of blood
draws her close to ecstasy
she begs for more and pleas for my sex inside of her
the mind has lost all sequence of fear...
now she must die

13. Burn In Hell

[originally by Twisted Sister]

[Introduction - Eddie ]

Welcome to the abandoned land
Come on in child, take my hand
Here there's no work or play, only one bill to pay
There's just five words to say as you go down, down, down
You're gonna burn in hell
Oh, burn in hell

You can't believe all the things I've done wrong in my life
Without even trying I've lived on the edge of a knife
Well, I've played with fire, but I don't want to get myself burned
To thine own self be true, so I think that it's time for a turn
Before I burn in hell
Oh, burn in hell

Take a good look in your heart, tell me what do you see
It's black and it's dark, now is that how you want it to be?
It's up to you, what you do will decide your own fate
Make your choice now for tomorrow may be far too late
And then you'll burn in hell

Hear no evil, don't you
See no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Lay no evil down on me (you're gonna burn in hell)
Speak no evil, don't you
Think no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Play with evil, 'cause I'm free

[Solo - left: Eddie, right: Jay Jay ]

Hear no evil, don't you
See no evil, don't you
Lay no evil down on me (you're gonna burn in hell)
Speak no evil, don't you
Think no evil, don't you
Play with evil, 'cause I'm free (you're gonna burn in hell)

Hear no evil, don't you
See no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Lay no evil down on me (you're gonna burn in hell)
Speak no evil, don't you
Think no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Play with evil, 'cause I'm free

You're gonna burn in hell

Hear no evil, don't you
See no evil, don't you (oh, burn in hell)
Lay no evil down on me

Brendon Bigelow ‒ Bass
Mark Perry ‒ Drums
Brian Morrison ‒ Guitars
Lee Ribera ‒ Guitars
Chuck Salvo ‒ Vocals

Thanks to red.tiamath for sending these lyrics.

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