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1. One Mans Hell Is Another Mans Heaven

Mumbling in the corner
shaking as afraid of something
awaiting for the arrival
of what he had seen
a sickening mind
trying something ravenous
feeding his senses
with screams and sights

Once a wiseman
a thinker of sorts
made new morals
and took a turn
tried to cleanse the whole world
from the dirt
never cared about heaven
or the holy light

No control - No regrets

2. Without Pain

The perfect world you seek
is just a decision away
to pull the trigger
or to carve the flesh to the bone

I will not try to help
nor to stop you
surrender to your faith
give up the false hope

Being nothing
life means nothing
wishing for everything
that you thought was real

This wont end
without sound or pain
no one will know
your end - the end

Find pleasure
underneath the skin
a newfound pleasure underneath the skin

The perfect world
just got blown away
where is your hope
where is your place
We are all but bone
And we're all scarred

3. Whitecoatparanoia

My walls are padded
stripped down I lie
the lights are on
whole day long
feel so sick
going blind
can't hurt myself
though so eager to bleed

These walls seem to bleed

I want to pound my head
against my knees
peel of my skin
or rip it off
my brain is crippled
can't feel a thing
smother me, under heavy weights

White coat paranoia

4. As Reluctance Grows

The venom inside
flowing through worn out veins
dripping through the cracks
crippled thoughts erased
destined to crawl
underneath the putrid surface

I am free - To kill all

Spreading all around
through the skin
from below
a sickening breed
ready for the kill
won't ever stop
won't ever be cured

5. Treacherous Breed

Arrogant misanthropic
the man all alone
cattle in panic

Quench his thirst
drink the water
rape his daughters
fuck the world

Modernman - Neanderthal
Modernman - Murderer

Treacherous, a wicked whore
through the silver screen

6. Silent City Deathcount

A sudden blow
couldn't defend yourself
a mindless attack
on defenseless prey
the chosen one
to take the suffering
a punch of reality
in your face

Gagged and bound
just one more victim
wrapped in plastic
counting the seconds
seconds turn into days
now feeling like weeks
no one cares
and you're still dead

Counting his kills
just one more victim
wrapped in plastic

Your head is one more trophy
on his concrete walls
the stench of your body
that disgusting smell
he ripped the flesh right through

7. Consumed

but growing immensly
more than a man
ripping apart the core - the soil
manufacturing manslaughter

In the chambers of your beliefs
your children starve
there in the chambers of your beliefs
your god cries out

Do you as the insect you are
feel any regret
can you feel the neon worm
eat through your body

And god shall start to weep
in the chambers of the serpent
while serpents hiss
in the halls of the million dead

8. The House Of The Silent And Friendly

"Skulls stripped of hair and skin
stashed on the shelves
-and in the fridge-

a pail full of hacked of hands
a torso in the kitchen sink
ripped open from the neck to groin

A jar containing a pickled penis
a severed penis lying on the sink
another severed penis in a lobster pot in the fridge
two 50 gallon garbage cans filled with rotting torsos"

9. The Flesh Is The Cage

I punctured my lungs
dont want to breathe
this poisoned air

I crippled myself
dont want to take
another step
on this poisoned ground

I burned I burned:. Once again
just to feel that I was alive

The flesh and the cage
are still the same
equal nothing

Cut the dotted line
do what you've been told
always and ever, obey
take the easiest route
never dare to thread
(another path)
always and ever
living in restriction

Still not satisfied
with it all
destined to tremble and fall
mankind loosing grip
only because the restrictions

Thanks to nazgrathall for sending these lyrics.

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