Dark Lyrics


1. Truthful Profession

It’s not my fault there is no one to blame
I’m driven by my own hunger
A perfect world where there is no turning back
And nothing to reach for when all turns black

Mourning and suffering are well known feelings
There’s a history with me in denial
A work in progress yeah a fucking cliché
Leave not for tomorrow what you do today

Let go your mind is free
Yet this is hunting me

Take this life, throw it away, this night is here to stay
Do as you please while I’m still on my knees, I try to recall but it’s all forgotten
Take this life, throw it away, it’s as clear as the brightest day
A rescue mission on the edge of destruction, a smiling face in the arms of seduction

As I still linger on to find the source of solution
I’m struck by a sort of confusion
Another mind who will answer my questions
Another life with a truthful profession


Take this life, throw it away…

2. Tilted Lifestyle

A gun pointing at me, yet the will to live is gone
A road to disaster. I’ve broken all my laws

Now I can sit back, sit back and just relax.
Become a storyteller, a way to find all ways

Crossing the line of death
This path will reveal itself
A reckless behaviour will tell me no more
My light is forever gone

They say that all that comes up will be shot down immediately
My plan is based on this agreement, 3 2 1 and face your extinction
Boom, your life will be flushed out
Fire, I can feel it inside
I need a break to take care of my interests
Fill my days with a lot of lonely pleasures
A ticket to the train that is bound for total madness

Please help me, I long for my own answers
Will my soul be forgiven?
Or will it be crushed like a bug on a concrete wall

I’ve read the final chapter. I’ve seen it all end well
But there’s a risk to take, a fallen goal will tell

Crossing the line of death…


They say that all that comes up…

3. Concrete Conflict

A trial by fire, I want to fly higher to smell the burning smoke.
I drift towards freedom, a dream to believe in, I am the first in line.

Hatred, the feeling is fresh. I feast upon your burning flesh.
Touch me and I`ll rip you apart, slaughter your soul and fucking eat your heart.

A tale of thousand lies is told as lightning hits me in the head.
I load my guns and fall in line.
I prepare myself for...

War, a time to feast.
A humble request makes me bleed like the rivers flow.
Friends in need. I wait as the days all go on as it’s all too…

…late to remember how it all once was.
How we were fighting for a different cause.
All that is left is now a rotting land.
A fallen dream as I get dirt on my hand.

I can’t help but thinking there’s a problem to solve.
A solution that will greet us all.
Come take a stand as you follow my trail.
All in despair shall know that we are Deals Death.

Hatred, the feeling’s still pure. Grab an axe it’s time to secure.
Open a hatch and throw a bomb inside.
Oh, later you can cry about all who died.

Wishful thinking, it’s hard to stop drinking, a leash to cut in half.
Now think of what you’ve done.
Established world peace and killed everyone.

A tale of thousand lies…

War, a time to feast…

4. Fallen World

Something came out to rule the wicked world of men.
Something that will fill you with hate.

All this time I can’t believe we didn’t see it.
But it has come to be.

Control their anger, control their hate.
It’s the law that comes with wicked men.
Forever trapped in this hellhole of theirs.

You just woke up in a world without forgiveness.
A master plan at its peak.
We must fight, we must learn the liars truth.
And steal the right to speak.

Open your mind and let the thoughts of evil come this way.
Let them run right through your heart …you can’t deny…

A passageway to all the dreams that you hold dear.
Now go my child, get rid of all that stupid fear.

Control their anger…

You just woke up…

5. Internal Demons

All that is evil come forward it’s time
A call to which we`ll answer
All who was born in the depths of this hell
Arise from your grave
The tale has been told a few times in the past
A power of which we feed of
A slumbering force in the core of this world will soon see the day

Rise! Reign!
My internal demons

The power of darkness sweeps over the world
This war will last forever
There is no return, there is no escape
Come join my side
In the blink of an eye I can teach you to fight
Serving my point of interest
A gun in your hand but one thought in your head.
Fight until your dead

One shot, one kill
You all are under our will
Forget yourself
You’re nothing but a shell

No fear can conquer us and no tear runs down our chin, hell yeah
We`ll fight until the end of time with a fire in our eyes

Our blood is thicker than yours and we do not feel regret
Come clean and say what you want, we will still be at the top

As the blitzkrieg continues a weapon is born
The one and only demon
People will fall like the ants that they are
By the anger of his fist

The plan is complete yeah the goal has been reached.
We`ve earned the celebration
A flawless idea that was made into truth
And awakened all our dreams.

One shot, one kill
You all are under our will
Forget yourself
You’re nothing but a shell


Rise! Reign!
My internal demons

6. Bad Habit

Leave me alone I don’t want your offer.
Go take care of someone else.
Preach your salvation to the young.
A strange behavior I need what is wanted a lifetime of hunger.
I can’t get out I am stuck.

Take what you need, I surrender I’m beaten, a first class victory.
Just take my hand and give me peace.
As morning comes, the urge is to strong my life is forgotten.
Truth or dare? I want none.

The sigs of destruction is near, a feeling of wanting.
The rescue is all in your head. Try to forget.

Smoke, Its powers consume you. A worst case scenario is formed by the heat.
It’s almost complete, just sit back and watch how you suffer defeat.

What to say I’m down in the gutter, I’ve fallen way behind.
The genius head does not comply.
A lonely pleasure, a way to release all the shit that has filled me.
I’m off to get another round.


Smoke, Its powers…

7. Live Your Death

Walk in the night, forget about the riot
We`re a dying breed
The light has left us forsaken, there’s not a chance

Let go, come into the shadows.
A perfect match.
Soon you`ll see what powers possess us.
You will make heads roll (come and join us)

You are an ant through a looking glass

All these lies in my head they all make me sick.
A trust made worthy is but gone.
All I know is that nothing stays inside, it all gets out.
Remember these words and live your death to the fullest

Let it all go, let it turn over
They are just bugs in our master plan
One day this thought will be well known
Even by those penguin motherfuckers

The power from a driven soul is ten times stronger
Than all the weapons in this world
Find your way in this haze of betrayal
One day you`ll die


All these lies…

8. Human Destroyer

Don’t say my name, I cannot fall into light.
A useless leftover tearing apart.
All that you worked for destroyed. Fuck you!

Don’t say my name, a choice you can stand up against.
A feeling of wanting is heading your way.
All I can say is good luck.

Cause I don’t give a fuck where you set your feet, where you go to sleep.
It’s all just disgrace to smudge your name.

A human destroyer

Tell me the way, the way to salvation.
Still I have strength left to fuck up your day.
A crucial component is here.

Watch as I blow up your soul. I’m out of control.
I don’t give a shit about your god damn hunger.

Try to rid me of my enemy. A risk to be taken.
A force to dark to deny see for yourself what a souls power can do.
Its horrible insides. A plan that is yet to be complete.
A human destroyer

Now it is time. Wage war on the weakened.
A purpose to live by, a wishful design.
A fucking empire. Hell yeah!

Do say my name. Your boss stands before you.
A judge full of hatred is looking at you.
It’s time that you pay for your sins.

And I don’t give a fuck where you set your feet, where you go to sleep.
Its all just disgrace to smudge your name.

Try to rid me of my enemy...

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