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1. Torn Self

Every one of us is lost against ourselves,
And pushing through the constant struggle of forward thought
This thing we call humanity
Has brought us down, and has us caught
Is this what I've become? A callous, uncaring soul
That allows the will of flesh to dominate and control
This is my counter attack
Starve the self, and empower the soul
This path I chose, once again made whole
Torn between self and soul
With first step forward
I've become a new creation
Free from self and thinking clearly
My soul chokes the last impurities from my flesh
And I'm given a second chance... but this time
I let myself die

2. Bastard Set Of Dreams

Take your schemes and your idle screams
To an audience who doesn't care what they mean
From what we've built, take what you need
To serve a bastard set of dreams
Sell your image, and market your heart
Capital gain, until it falls apart
A thousand open ears, and still not a word to say

3. Stand Your Ground

I know I'll never be good enough
And I don't care 'cause I'm never giving up
How does it feel when you can't hold your own?
How does it feel when desperation has left you alone?
It feels as if this burden is all I've ever known
And the weight pushing down on me continues to grow
I've live my life on my own terms
Gaining ground from everything I've learned
This is where we bury all that drags us down
This is where we break free to stand on our own ground

4. You've Already Died

Holding on to the past, while the future slips you by
The past, like the present, is just another lie
This is the only chance we will ever get
So make the most of it, live live with no regrets
Live life while you can, or life will pass you by
If you've already given in, then you've already died
You've already died
No turning back
No giving in

5. Villainy And Virtue

Villainy has many forms, but none so vile as virtue
The depth of your compassion is as shallow as your thoughts
As you claim the embrace of angels
Your intentions are too dark to speak
Like a wolf in sheep's clothing
You pretend to be part of the flock
And somehow you convinced us all
That you are something you're not
Those words and actions tear us all down
And you're not content 'til everyone around
Is with you in that hole you've dug by yourself
Die alone in that hole by yourself
This is where I draw the line
Sever all ties
With no regrets

6. Little Birds


7. Blood Of The Moon

Are we going to die? I think so.
Going nowhere fast, and if it's all we know
Tied up, beaten, tortured, with no place else to go
We've all been through this, some with scars to show
Driving forward, falling toward impending doom
Intoxicated by the blood of the moon
I've driven the final nain into my coffin
My head is killing me, reminding me
Of what I have done to myself
This is the end of life as we know it
Following the path chosen by our guide
A giant of a man, living two different lives
Not a moment's grace, this is where we draw the line
Face our fears or face the facts, this is where we die
We're on our own
But in this togeather
This is the end, prepare to die

8. Cross Section


9. Master Exploder

Cursed by everyone I have known
Lost control, now I'm alone
I hate this about myself
That you asked forgiveness
And I watched you burn
When every one of your promises falters and fails
As I know they would
I turn my back and go it alone, alone
When it seems it can't get worse
Burn it down, build it back
I will never see things the way you do
I cannot entertain the possibility of forgiveness
There is no way I can just forgive and forget
And for that I will be condemned and...

10. Epilogue

A virtuous mind dreams what a wicked man does

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