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1. Prologue


2. Memory

You're on your own this time
This time you're on your own
I can't believe
I let you do this to me (us)
Taken advantage of forced "I love you"
And broken goodbyes
Love is such a game to you
Lave is such a game
Everything I touch falls to pieces

3. Eternal Gates Of Hell

I said the final prayer too late
Approach those firey gates
Condemned to eternal wait
I paid my weight in silver and gold
And asked for it in writing
She looked at me with fearful eyes and said
...and then I saw the blood coming
The gates of hell open for me
And as far as my eyes could see
In carnage
Your demise

4. Like A Bullet

Like a bullet ripping through my life
Opening the gates to a river
Washing away your green disguises
That seem to control my life
The goal seems to be
Gaining everything for yourself
And in the end, you will have nothing
But yourself
I will tear everything about your cold blackened way
of life
Out of my heart
Only then will I Achieve
Satisfaction in my life
You don't control me anymore

5. Graven Image

Her eyes look down on me, upon my sorrow
As my soul lies on its death bed
Lost in regret, I Could not change
"I will stand strong in every way"
Nothing but a lie to myself, step by step
Closer to destruction
When I try to turn away from that image
I have failed those created in my own image
I have crumbled
I say in a small and frail voice, I say
I will not fall and under the pressure of her gaze, I
I will not crumble
I will not fall
This ethic must permeate every aspect of
my life, not just those that come with ease.
Rise above, regain control
Tear away from that image
This "one time" has become a habit
and will no longer be found within me
I say again, this time with much
conviction and sincerity
I will not Fall
I will not crumble

6. Words Ignored

I have really grown to hate you,
and everything you've come to stand for
I write these words in vain,
You won't read them
This pen would go to better use.
if I shoved it into your throat
and let you choke on
your blood-filled breaths
However we once called
each other friend,
So this pen continues to write words
that you ignore

7. Cost Of A Good Impression

I saw the fire that once stirred in your heart
Become extinguished by good intentions and impressions
You made your choice and
now you wish you could go back
You made you choice and now you can't go back
Everyday you commit suicide
Destroying your self worth
I refuse to feel sympathy
for your life, of not caring
and bad decisions
Now you feel the pain
You have cast upon yourself

8. Tu Se Morta

You are dead
You are dead my dearest
And I breathe
You have left me
You have left me forever more
Never to return and I remain
No, no, if my verses have any power
I will go confidently
To the deepest abysses
And having melted the heart of the king of shadows
I will return with you
To see the stars again
or if pitiless fate denies me this
I will remain with you
in the company of death
Farewell Sky
Farewell Sun
Farewell Earth

9. Doraematu


10. Preying On The Helpless

You took everything in a single action
Caring only for your instant gratification
You smashed their world and took
Everything away
Preying on the helpless, children
The consequences are reaped for your actions
The seed of destruction is sown
and I don't care what you plan to accomplish
and I won't allow you to hurt anymore
Your days are numbered
Preying on their lives,
Preying on their souls

11. The Balance Theory

Looking in as an outsider
I have seen you slip
Are you really happy,
or just trying to forget
Every joyful moment is reciprocated
by a desperate and lonely thought
Force it out of your mind,
shove it all inside
If we all changed to the lifestyle
You're suggesting, what would be the end result
Would we be perfect,
Plastic hiding our grief in a shell of a
conscience until it bursts at the seams
or would we be able to deny our frustration
entrance and live a perfect existence
Chemical cage, created around ourselves
There is a balance, negativity needs
to exist, pain needs to persist
otherwise the moments of joy
We experience would loose their relevance
The creation is just a veil covering your
Everything you know is a lie

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