Dark Lyrics


1. Wretched Earth

The curse of superiority can erase humanity
Thousands of lives wasted, millions of dreams faded
For the sake of dominance, for the bane of potency
Devastating is the truth, how many can die for the joy of a few
They claim to be gods, all sent from above
To rule over this earth
A damnation by blood
Power is nothing but a vicious disease
An authority planted with evil seeds
They dominate the thoughts, the omens to be followed
Countless souls have been lost, an end of false promises
Dismay and holocaust
Masquerading as the righteous
They claim to be gods, all sent from above
To rule over this earth, damnation by blood
Evil prospects are overtaking, astray directions lives-long forsaken
This wretched earth is on the path of demise
Damned from birth, filled with hate and despise
We have lost our way home
And we will never find it again

2. Mortality Salience

Escaping from the portrayals of our doom
To counterfeit the true visions of the universe
Outside of conciseness,
Repressing thoughts about death
Nature's finite duration, sets us towards annihilation
Illusions of taking control over material worlds
Through rituals they aim to transcend above
Supernatural paraphernalia, across invisible dimensions
In awareness of their insignificance,
Countering the crippling apprehensions
Absurd fantasies to push away our fears
Into the depths of the unconscious corners of mind
Suppress the terror through illusions of cosmic prominence
Journey started to symbolic immortality
In a continuous quest, away from reality
Building a world of narrow-focused strategies
By deceptive human means
Progressive future through cyclic pasts
Potency of survival is shriveling
Oblivious of our true origins we carry on
Changing life in unpredicted directions
A spot of intimating mortality
Between apprehension and reality

3. Undeniable Existence

A path set to be taken, since we first opened our eyes
A paradise was promised, yet it all turned to lies
As we faced the brutal reality, it felt impossible to perceive
Revelations arrived, despising existence is all I could see
Yet this existence we have not chosen, is consuming us alive
Dark is the way to Eden, and we struggle to survive
Victims of an imposed truth
We struggle to survive
We battle and strive
Witness our demise
Bleak fates, for we've been running in the same cycle
Decimated societies, lifeless creatures being recycled
Beyond alteration, we nurture the root of evil
Our blackest fears are embodied by our own deeds
Born in an obscure world, searching for answers in darkest of places
Yet the truth was hard to unearth, eternal hatred is all that is unveiled
The ugly truth is unveiled
Guilty though we're trapped in the loop of this endless machine.
At journey's end, the reality relieved as being obscene.
A dying future, an undying curse
Mankind dispersed,
Limitless enmity
An endless circle emerges of public hostility
An endless hostility
A hate-fueled state, and hate it creates!
A hate-fueled hate!

4. Psychopathic Science

Enslaved beings, forced to construct their own demise
As black birds fly, bringing death down from the skies
Tied up in chains, and locked within the walls of cells
Desperately waiting, for a bullet to leave this hell
Naked bodies deserted in the frost, an experiment to be seen
Psychopathic science, revealed the ugliest face of human beings
Dissected with eyes wide-open and a beating heart.
Seven-three-one remains a name to fear,
Mothers wept as sons split apart.
Create an epidemic, killing is systematic
Unknown offspring, left to decay
As subjects tortured everyday 

There hundreds of stories, thousands of dreams buried
Beneath the ruins, eaten by flames and swept away
Silencing the masses from witnessing their atrocity
Burning them alive, for the purpose of mere curiosity
The carcasses stench smell as they pile
Yet still the villains remain in constant denial
I now rule this empire, I will set you free
Deliver the knowledge, to the tyrant to be
My darkest thoughts have seen the light, I've been pretending to be blind
The deed is done, the triumph is mine!
The triumph is mine!
Your triumph is mine!

5. Passage to the Abyss

Slaughter evolved to a mean to be
Evil prevailed more than could be foreseen
Hatred and malevolence, the dominant natures
Carnage after carnage, feasts for the masters
We kill, for ephemeral possessions
We slay, in the name of discretion
Greed, the savage damnation
Dying, by our creations
Disfigured forms of existence, from cradle to grave
Sweeping away the eminence once known, with no soul left to save
No one left to save
"Greed has poisoned men's souls – has barricaded the world with hate – has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed."
"Millions of despairing men, women, and children – victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people."

"The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed – the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress, the hate of men will pass, and dictators die."
The world, on the edge of downfall, breaking down, making it's passage to the abyss
Our race, desperately crawls, reminiscing it's false ancient bliss
As Ereshkigal rise, summoned by the grievance from our own essence
Mankind declines, beyond the walls of logic and reason they transcend
Hypocrite realities, greed seeking societies
Wars for peace,
Slaughters to please
Destined to live in plague and decease
Only until the supremacy of their masters cease
To the blackest of times
To the deepest of the seas
The sun of humanity, forever disappears
Forever gone!
It's the point of no return
Dogmatic ideologies with nuclear capacities
Are we fighting this cancer or just silencing the pain?
"Brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfill that promise. They never will! Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people."
"Democracy, liberty and equality are words to fool the people. No nation can progress with such ideas. They stand in the way of action. Therefore, we totally abolish them."
"In the future, each man will serve the interest of the State with absolute obedience. Let him who refuses beware!"

6. Thus Passes the Glory of the World

For centuries that land have been ours, and it should be reclaimed
Our forefathers will be proud, since in ancient scripts it was claimed
The ancient wars won't be forgotten, as our ancestors watch from the sky
Let's make their killing our new desire, for our cause is just and theirs is a lie!
Their cause is a lie.
The dead speak of war, and they speak in regret
For there's no honor in innocent bloodshed
The last voice they heard, was the sound of battle cries
Thus passes the glory of the world by their demise
By their demise!
Behind every gleaming medal, lies a tale of million scars
I am the supreme lord, I'll kill whoever you are.
Willingly they battled, yet as numbers they have died
Silently they're throttled, below tombstones there's no pride
"You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us"

7. A Corrupt Race

Justice the strongest of nation's pillars corrodes
It causes the nature of mankind to be exposed
Guiding societies to a lasting degradation
Defying decencies by all standards of creation
Chasing a ghost in a journey of false truth
Share of the devil corrupting all the youth
Destroying everything on the way till nothing remains

Chasing a ghost in a journey of false truth
Share of the devil corrupting all the youth
Destroying everything on the way till nothing remains

Traitors of the trust that was once gained
Screams of the misfortuned die out in vain
Corrupt to the core, the everlasting stain
Deniers of blood that runs in their veins
Horrors of the unknown dominates the brains
Feeding their greed as the godly state's sustained

8. Serene Silence

9. Slaves of the Blind Mirror

Humans seen embodied, in the form of the divine
False deities followed, ever since the dawn of time
Holy masters and servant worlds
The ancient codes are re-enforced
The rules of existence now reversed
Human race in a state of disperse
They've owned your life for years to come
Slayers of dreams,
Destroyers of realms.
The days of eschaton are getting nearer
By forced slavery to the blind mirror!
There's no future in the eyes of the doomed
Programmed to obey then be entombed
The will to live in silence and terror
The greatest curse and we are it's bearers
Salvation can't arrive for those in thrall
For they've sworn oaths in the holiest halls
Everlasting suffering for keepers of chains
Promised heavens yet they die in vain
There's no future in the eyes of the doomed
Programmed to obey then be entombed
Staring deeply into the sun
Sightless to see,
Turned to no one
By forced slavery to the blind mirror!
"Our slave chains are long gone, but we still bind ourselves with invisible chains. You can't see them, you can't feel them, you can't hear them clank, but they do a better job of controlling us than the other kind ever could. And why? Because once a person believes he is inferior, you no longer have to chain him down; he will do the job himself."

10. In the Vicinity of Death

As the years go by, and the lines on the skin become clear
I long for the ages passed, a dead-end I couldn't forecast
The once harbored memories seem to fade out
Still the darkest of my thoughts I couldn't age without
Reversed is the order of nature
Roaming through the shades of yesterday
Slowly entering the fields of gray
In the vicinity of death,
The past I repent
Haunting failures,
More than the eyes could meet.
Roaming through the shades of yesterday
Slowly entering the fields of gray
In silence, I fade
Drowned in sorrow
The shadows, cascade
Evading hopes of tomorrow
I've roamed through the shades of the past days
And here I reside, in the fields of gray.
Death I embrace.

11. Faded Intellect

Bleak dreams of hatred,
Born amidst mankind's arrogance
Used and controlled,
The mind of a fool, languish
Never to trust,
One but your own
The intellect is faded, beyond return
Yearning for serenity,
The hearts of those untouched by your hate
Never to trust,
One but your own
The intellect is faded, beyond return
Rising from the depths of decay
Innocence torn, your plunder
Ripped from the womb,
The crown of grief adorns you
Desolate perceptions, in your brain grew
Infecting those around you, with greed
Acting based on desire,
Nothing but grievance
For the reaper of souls
Far detached from my dreams, this reality condemns me to fade away
To fade away
You view yourself as superior
But your nothing but a cretin
Insolent being
All of your acts,
Lead to nothing
But to die a meaningless death

12. Necropolis of the Damned

In the cemetery of the living, souls between the two realms strife
Residing in the underground, distant from all shapes of life
Awaiting a shed of morning light, a condition impossible to amend
Sentenced to slowly fade, dying towards an unknown end
Inhaling the last bits of air, in the desert's shivering cold
Dead yet still I breathe,
The years of lead now seem so old
Waking to days of night, internal battles cannot be sustained
An abnormal state of mind, driving the wise to be insane
Sadistically addressed with might, remote and out of sight
Applying the vicious cruelties of the inhuman rights
Away from all existence, far from human contact
Standing in awe at the edge of sanity
Cast away to a world so abstract
Years spent narrating the same tales, till there was no words left to say
In the afterlife outside the walls of my deep grave
Freed from the chains of the past, yet the darkness inside still resides
I have crossed the river of death, yet I still live on the other side

13. In the Grave

With every breath, you're closer to death
Deep beneath the soil, in a place of dread
Silent and dim as the seabed
You call yet no one hears but the dead
You shout but it fades in the darkness instead
Fear of the end is real, your hour of doom's unconcealed
In the depths of the howling void, away from human primacy
The voices of the dead pierce your ears, weakening your false supremacy.
Your body shivers, as your soul bleeds
You begin to enter the eternal sleep
The eternal sleep..
He ascends from hell, the ambassador of demise
The soul is beyond redemption, at any price
As the vultures roam in the sky, yearning to listen to your dying cries
You sense the last of your beats, while watching them fly
High they fly
Then you die.
Six feet down where nothing remains
Shackled below with the timeless chains
To devour your pale cold skin, now earthly worms rave
Torturing you forever in the grave
In your grave
Forever in the grave

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