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1. In Fear Of Closing The Eyes

In fear of closing the eyes
cause my dreams are not from this world
so crazy so dark so unreal
somewhere between life and death I wander around in this endless darkness
like in a desert without an oasis
like a worm trying to dig itself into iron
in fear of closing the eyes
never want to dream again never want to suffer again
no way out of this underworld
but I can still see traces of the walls
the walls between the good and the bad
so perhaps it's not too late
give me your hand please help me
take me out
please help me
take me out
I can still see the traces of the walls between you and me
show me the way

2. Fire

Sometimes the words of other people not having the same outlook on life are like bees
having one sting you is not a real problem
but when thousands sting you your attitude is exposed to danger
but just like a bee-sting these words can insult you just once
and sooner or later you will send every attack back to them
so they have to expect to get their fingers burned if they want to play with fire

3. The Circumstance Of Recognizing You Are Wrong

Arrogance seems to be the only cure from the unwised actions of our so-called peaceful fellows
convenience makes them blind stone cold facts are ignored
everyone even I seems to be part of this lie
what's the solution
ok. just cling to your comforts and pass over changes in silence
you can call me arrogant but first ask yourself am I responsible for your blindness
there's no sense in preaching one's ideals and there's no sense in setting rules of a more peaceful living
arrogance seems to be the only cure

4. Citocran

Wie weit entfremdet muss man sein um seine augen zu verschließen
zu schweigen und hinzunehmen was geschieht
infiziert vom virus der bequemlichkeit vegetierst du dahin in einer auf dem fundament names lügen aufgebauten welt
worin liegt der sinn zu schweigen und hinzunehmen was geschieht
worin liegt der sinn

5. Find Your Own Light

I raise my eyes towards heaven and try to reach the sun
cause having caught one sunbeam it´s warmth will resurrect me
but suddenly clouds appear
clouds cover the sun
my world is cold again
my heart is cold again
my body is frozen again
with every day you leave me standing in the cold
I build up a warmth deep in my heart
and sooner or later the day will come on which I create my own sun
my heart my sun will be shining all day without sunrise or sunset an eternal light
and you shall never be able to sleep nights
I take a look inside myself and try to reach for my own sun
sunbeams deep inside me and now their warmth can resurrect me
my sun in all its splendour from the bottom of my heart will cast some light on your track
but can you find your own way back
now it's up to you not to get lost

6. To Be In Love

To be in love means jumping into hot water and freezing to death
depression embrace my soul
frustration tears my heart
too stupid to feel the warmth that you gave this place
the loneliness I feel becomes overwhelming
you're disappearing from my life
it drives me into despair
to be in love means jumping into hot water and freezing to death

7. A Song Full Of Abhorrence In A World Without Feelings...

Romeo an Juliet
a non existing fairy tale in a world where no one seems to have a heart
a big fashion show with unprincipled dollies and self-important midgets
isn't it perverted that these wretched figures play a main part in our world
so look at all these beauties and try not to vomit
and instead of hating themselves they start with self admiration
so the real beauties die out while the dummies increase

8. A World Without Feelings

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